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Rivalry Weekend Part Deux

Rivalry Weekend Part Deux
No need to talk about it, let’s get straight to it!
123Iron Bowl- Alabama vs Auburn– When speaking of a Rivalry where the two teams actually hate each other, this is the game that comes to mind. The Tigers, Alabama variety, were picked to win the SEC West, remember? That is not going to happen this year. The wheels have come off for the War Eagle bandwagon. They’ve only won two games of significance, Texas A&M and Kentucky. Really, Kentucky? Yep. Alabama wants to stomp Auburn on their way to another National Championship trophy. The Tide, since losing to Ole Miss, has established itself as one of the premier teams in the nation. Darth Henry is leading the Heisman race and the Sith Empire (Crimson Tide Defense) continues to smother opposing offenses. BUT! They have to win the Iron Bowl, no excuses, no overlooking it, they have to beat Auburn. If they don’t, the Death Star explodes. The Daughter, the A&M fan, has already been accepted to Alabama, just in case the Aggies turn down her application. This might be the last Iron Bowl I don’t see in person. Hee! Hee! Roll Tide!

The Game- Ohio State vs. Michigan– From the start of the year we’ve wanted to see what a Jim Harbaugh Wolverine team could do against 139Ohio State. Many thought this would be the game to end OSU’s undefeated streak, (CSF picked Michigan State from the start, just saying. Actually, I’m bragging, and reminding yall of the accuracy of CSF predictions). My, how things have changed. OSU stumbled, players mouthed-off, and the Wolverines are looking for blood. The Buckeyes can still make the playoffs should they win and MSU loses to Penn State. Both these teams remember their final plays against Michigan State this year. Let’s be honest, Ohio State is staggering, and Michigan would love to plant their Maize and Blue boot on the back of the Buckeye necks. Wolverines tear apart the Buckeyes. Or, maybe not.

IMG_7776Bedlam- Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State– the Cowboys need to recover from their loss to Baylor. Oklahoma needs to win to be crowned Big 12, that only has ten teams, champion (or, through some unfathomable machinations of the Big-12, that only has 10 teams, Committee, Co-champions) and they need to win big so that they’re allowed into the big dance of the playoffs. Right now OU has all the momentum, but Stillwater is a very tough place to win. OSU could play spoiler, they won’t, but they might! Boomer Sooner wins. (Editor’s Note: Nah! How about them Cowboys! Pokes stick it to Stoops and his smug sneer!)

Egg Bowl- Ole Miss vs Mississippi State– Last year the Rebels ruined the Bulldogs season by upsetting them and stealing the Magnolia State214 spot light. This year both teams have underperformed at times, but they still have good records. The Landsharks will be the difference, MSU has had trouble against good defenses. Hotty Toddy, Gosh Almighty! Rebels Win.

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate- Georgia vs. Georgia Tech– only in the South would you have a game where they don’t beat around the bush and throw political correctness out the window. They call it like it is, they hate each other. Georgia needs to win to possibly save Coach Richt’s job. Tech has fallen way down the rabbit hole, so they need this game. The Dawgs have a lot more than they’re given credit for. Bark! And loose the Dawgs of War! Georgia Wins.

421The Crosstown Rivalry- UCLA vs. USC– In this game both teams wear their home jerseys. How is that not cool? The Trojans have had yet another turbulent year, head coach fired, again, assistant coach picks the team back up, again, and makes them respectable. This is becoming a Pat Hayden norm. UCLA has struggled with their Freshman QB Chosen Rosen. Both teams want the PAC-12 South Title. Winner gets Stanford. Hard to pick this one, cause when USC is good, they are very, very good, and when they are bad (against Notre Dame), they are horrid. UCLA has been steady, good, but not great. Going to go with the Bruins, but willing to change jerseys as fast as The Daughter does in the A&M-Alabama games.

The Palmetto Bowl- Clemson vs. South Carolina– If Coach Spurrier were still the coach of the Gamecocks, I’d bet good money they’d upset172 the Tigers, South Carolina variety. But, alas, he is not and there are no good quotes to get under Coach Dabo’s skin. What a shame. Clemson is number one in the nation, undefeated, and South Carolina got beat by the Citadel. No brainer, Clemson wins. Unless USC-S performs unexpectedly fantastically. Pipe Dream.

IMG_7828Commonwealth Challenge- Virginia Tech vs Virginia– VA Tech is losing their coach after this game, Virginia is more than likely losing their coach, too. Each one would love to win this game. UVA beat Duke last week and looks to beat the Hokies. Cavaliers win. Cause we haven’t picked an upset yet.

Notre Dame vs. Stanford– This game doesn’t have a cool name but they do play for the Legends Trophy. Stanford, when they are playing their game, is impossible to stop. When they’re not, they lose. Notre Dame is highly overrated, again, as usual, and being considered for a playoff spot. Since this game is on the Farm, Stanford will expose the Irish and it won’t be pretty. Look for Christian McCaffrey to have a stellar game. Cardinal wins.

Florida State vs. Florida- The Florida Cup is up for grabs, and, after the way the Dead Fish Gators played last week it’s looking like the Seminoles will run rampant over the Gators. In the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my Friend!” The Gators (not ‘Alligators’. Did you know that?) were overlooking their less-than-highly-regarded opponent and were caught sunning on the banks of the Swamp. That game should serve as a wake-up call. The Gators will hand Florida State is third loss. (Editor’s Note: Here I am again. Noles are gonna slaughter lethargic Gators).

North Carolina vs. NC State– The Tar Heels are already in the ACC championship game, their only loss was the first game of the season, to a well-regarded and Spurrier-coached South Carolina team. They look like the only team in the ACC that can beat Clemson, but first they have to get by the Wolfpack. NC State might not be having a great year, but be very careful NC State has ruined many a team’s season. Still picking UNC.

Penn State vs. Michigan State– This isn’t a rival game, but there is great importance hinging on the outcome. The Spartans have to win to play Iowa in the championship game. Penn State wants to play spoiler cause they’ve got nothing better to do. Spartans win, but it’ll be close.

Texas A&M vs. LSU– this might not be a big rivalry, but they don’t like each, not at all. LSU is on a three game skid and A&M has been off and on all season. The Tigers’ QB play is typical Miles tradition – sorry. This fact alone could cost him his job, with a fat fifteen million dollar going-away gift. Beats a gold watch. A&M can’t stop the run. Unfortunately for The Daughter, LSU is my pick, BUT we’re all pulling for the Aggies!

Short Smokes:
Louisville vs. Kentucky – this matchup draws more attention in Basketball season, but this is football and the Cardinals win.
Southern Miss flies over LA Tech
Memphis attacks SMU and feasts on Mustang meat
Iowa State freezes-up against West “By Golly” Virginia. Won’t help keep WVU coach’s job, and Cyclones’ HC has been gone almost a week.
Indiana adds to the train wreck that is Purdue.
Rutgers ends Maryland’s suffering by turning the Terps on their carapace. (look it up)
Duke recovers against Wake Forest
Boston College still has a coach, Syracuse doesn’t, Eagles win
Colorado could upset Utah, hopefully they will.
BYU tackles Utah State. BYU beats Utah State.
Wisconsin digs up the Gophers of Minnesota
Vanderbilt will upset Tennessee. (How’s that for picking an upset?)
K-State better not lose to Kansas.
Colorado State invades Fresno State and wins
Arizona State sticks the trident in California.
Air Force is going to have its hands full with New Mexico
309North Alabama will host Tuskegee University in the second round of the Division II playoffs. This will make the second time they have ever met. UNA won the first time and the Lions will Roar to victory again. ROAR LIONS!
If this weekend doesn’t raise your heart beat and cause you to be excited, you are either dead or a baseball fan, which is very close to being dead. (Final Editor’s Note: CSF writer hates baseball, and he doesn’t like fishing, either. Weird)

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