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Week 13- Thanksgiving Day Game

Week 13

Thanksgiving Editon

Ole Miss vs Mississippi State- The Egg Bowl – There is only one college football game on Thanksgiving. There should be at least two, but we’ll have to wait until next year for the Texas A&M vs Texas rivalry to pick back up. Last year in the egg bowl Ole Miss was slowly moving along when suddenly in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs scored three times, taking away a sure victory from the Rebs. In that contest the Bulldogs blitzed the Rebels on just about every play and the offensive line was just not able to pick up the blitz. This type of play was spearheaded by then Defensive Coordinator Zach Arnett who became the Head Coach for 2023 and is now out of a job. What the Bulldogs will do this year is just about anyone’s guess. However, the continual blitz did slow down the high power, fast paced offense of Mississippi. This year the Lane Kiffin coached team sits in second place of the SEC West division only losing to Alabama and Georgia. Mississippi State had a tune up game against Southern Miss where they broke a three game losing streak as they tried to get back to an even knell. To say the Bulldogs have had a tough year would be an understatement, nothing seemed to go their way. The Rebels on the other hand fell just short of where they wanted to be, and the main reason for that was of course the defense. DC Golden who came over from Alabama was supposed to strengthen that side of the ball, but he’s never been known to actually do that, he talks it up a lot, just never does it. Against Mississippi State there should be little trouble, the entire MSU team seems a bit, unstable would be the best way to say it. Which actually could help the Bulldogs, DC Golden plays a very conservative style of defense, the secondary allows receivers to stay in front of them where they catch the ball and are immediately tackled, but it does move the ball forward. With the Dogs not really knowing what they’re going to do, this will confuse Golden even more, to where he is worse than normal at adapting. Miss St won’t win this game as they have nothing that is going to stop the Ole Miss offense, but they will make it close, not only is it a rival game but because they’ll be able to confuse the Rebel defense.

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