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Cigar Butt Week 3

Cigar Butts Week Three


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that spotting Ole Miss 17 points and turning the ball over more than Auburn will not be overcome. St. Saban over -coached himself, and the team. By replacing Coker with Cooper as the starting QB because he wanted to give the Rebels a different 220look and something to worry about was not smart. The Tide turned the ball over five times, including fumbling the opening kickoff! When Coker was put in, he played very well, leading Bama to almost a come from behind victory. Ole Miss played Great! QB Kelly appears to be the missing piece that the Rebels needed. The Rebels had zero, count ‘em, zero turnovers. They also had the most unbelievable, luckiest play of the season! Geez! The Mississippi defense, aka Land Sharks, was disruptive on almost every play. The Rebels are now in a position to do something they have never done, win the SEC West and go to the SEC Championship game. Hotty Toddy, Ole Miss!

Georgia, in their red jerseys, did what General Cornwallis couldn’t do with his redcoats against the Gamecocks, and that was to march all over South Carolina. The Bulldogs were unstoppable. They ran the ball very well, they passed very well. If UGA can’t carry this momentum all the way to the SEC Championship game against a weak SEC-East they should be flogged. After three games this is the best team in the whole SEC – except, maybe for Ole Miss, LSU, A&M… . South Carolina has a lot of work to do, they played with a back-up QB who was in way over his head. After losing to Kentucky and now Georgia, USC-S needs a good win to salvage something of their season. When do they play Tennessee? Spurrier likes to beat UT.

LSU has the most basic offense in the NCAA. Snap ball, hand it off to Fournette. He had a monster game, rushing for 228 yards and three TDs. Auburn, who turned the ball over plenty, must be something in the Alabama weather, could not stop the running game of LSU. Fournette was angry, he responded to last week’s Auburn trash talk by busting over would-be tacklers, crashed through the line and outrunning everyone else on the field. The Tigers, Swamp Variety, like Fournette, because, without him, they would have very little offense. They can’t pass effectively, in fact, they can’t count on their passing game at all. Auburn is embarrassed and exposed. QB Johnson can say he has the support of his teammates all he wants, and that the interceptions don’t bother him, but the fact is that he is not a good Division-I QB. All that hype about the Tigers being a championship team because Muschamp took over the defense looks pretty wilted now. He might make the defense good someday, but not in 2015.

Florida State went to New England where they were supposed to receive their comeuppance from the Boston College Eagles, but something happened on the way to the party. The Noles won, 14-0.

CSF Pick results: This week 2-2, – For the season, 9-4


Not sure what Arkansas is going to do with coach Bielema. It appears he went to the Texas High School Football convention and said if a college didn’t play with a fullback, He’d kick their ass, and if they had to throw the ball 70 times a game, he’d kick their butts. Coach Kingsbury of Texas Tech reminded him of those words as the Red Raiders kicked Arkansas to the curb, 35-24. Loudmouth Bielema has become an embarrassment for the Razorbacks. Two weeks in a row where he’s had to have his foot removed from his mouth.

Stanford, defeated by Northwestern, went to the city of Angels and burst USC’s bubble. Where did this Cardinal team come from?

Missouri, ranked 22nd, will fall out of the top 25 after beating UConn, 9-6. Army beat UConn.

A&M played Allen at QB and whipped Nevada, 44-27. A&M vs. Ole Miss is going to be a fantastic game!

Michigan State, who, once again is being overlooked, shot down Air Force.

Northwestern won the Academic bowl against Duke 19-10.

Ohio State is still number one even after beating Northern Illinois, 20-13. I would have voted for Michigan State.

Oklahoma State had no problems with UT-San Antonio.

Notre Dame throttled Georgia Tech, 30-22

TCU stormed past SMU, 56-37, but it was a game far longer than the Horned Frogs wanted.

BYU’s last minute miracles were absent as UCLA won, 24-23.

Texas missed a tying extra point against Cal to fall, 45-44. Tough way to lose.

Miami allowed Nebraska to come back after being down by 24, but the Hurricanes prevailed in overtime. Coach Al Golden is glad.

University of Colorado is now the Colorado State Champions as they beat Colorado State University. That’s an awkward sentence.

Florida downed the Kentucky Wildcats for the zillionth time, 14-9

Virginia Tech thumped Purdue, 51-24. At Purdue.

Virginia struggled against William and Mary, but won, 35-29

K-State needed three overtimes to defeat Louisiana Tech, 39-33.

Memphis came from behind to beat Bowling Green, 44-41. Probably the best un-watched game of the weekend.



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