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Week 10 Preview

Week 10 Preview

After suffering through Week 9, and it was suffering, at least, for me. A small storm with some wicked wind came through and knocked out all the power in town. So, during the Alabama vs Arkansas game, I was sitting in candle-light, with a blank TV and having to rely on the world’s greatest dad to call me every time there was a score. Luckily, Alabama scored often. Whew, I was worried about Mac Jones, but he proved that my worries were futile, at least, against Arkansas. K-State manhandled Oklahoma and knocked the Sooners off their number #5 perch. It wasn’t the chaos of Wisconsin beating Ohio State that I was hoping for but it is chaos, after a fashion. On that note, Michigan beat Notre Dame in a monsoon. On ESPN College GameDay, Lee Corso said that UM, “Found themselves a football team in the second half against Penn State.” Now, one game against the Irish isn’t enough to say the Wolverines are a good team, but Coach Corso does see things others miss, from time to time. We move on to Week 10! Alabama and LSU are both off, preparing for each other and allowing more time for Tua’s “Tightrope” to heal, and Clemson might as well be off, they’ve played only one real game all season, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be exciting games to see.  So, let’s get it going, …

West Virginia vs Baylor –  This game will be contested on Halloween night, so beware! Always, on All-Hallows Eve, something strange and unusual happens. As of right now, Baylor is sitting at 7-0 and the only undefeated team in the Big 12 that only has ten teams is strange enough. Not sure anyone actually saw this coming. Oh my cousin Carol Robin might try and say she knew it all along, she’s a Baylor grad, but, yeah, she’d be lying. No one saw this. Which leads me to, “what is going on with Baylor?” Head Coach Matt Rhule is teaching a very basic principle to his players, which is, mistake-free football. Don’t turn the ball over, always go back to the football, and the team that plays better wins. This message is so simple its brilliant. Against WVU the Bears will be playing against another strong quarterback in Austin Kendall, who has 11 TD tosses against 7 INTS. But the biggest challenge will be the Mountaineer defense. I know a defense taking center stage for the Big 12 that only has ten teams, is a bit Strange, but it’s Halloween. It is strange enough for Baylor. WVU’s “D” likes to shift from three down linemen to four, without changing personal, and they do this throughout the game. It helps disguise their coverages and who’s actually rushing. Creating chaos and confusion is why they do this. They are a young team, so it’s not causing the havoc across the board they were hoping for, but it has proven to be very effective in some games. The Bears have mostly relied upon quick strikes for their scores, but this is something HC Rhule wants to get away from, as he feels it is wearing down his defense and affecting their third down efficiency on offense. Coach Rhule is right. This will be the only national televised college game of the night, so let’s see how Baylor does when the spotlight is squarely upon them.

The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party! I know we’re not supposed to say that anymore, because it’s not politically correct, but insert a rotary-threaded fastener (screw) them, it’s the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party! Ever since the Notre Dame game, UGA has been less that what we thought they were. They’ve struggled, they lost to South Carolina, they’re not setting the woods on fire against anyone. Not exactly sure what is causing the discombobulation, and, obviously, the coaching staff hasn’t figured it out, either. The Dawgs are struggling, and that’s putting it mildly. Furthermore, it’s not just one aspect of their game, this drop is across the board. Against Florida this week, it would be wise to get it back together. Nothing would please the Coach Dan Mullin and the Gators more than to knock off Georgia, who has beaten Florida the last two years. UF is having a much better year since they lost their starting QB. They got tripped up at LSU, but few are the teams this year who wouldn’t stumble in Baton Rouge. These reptilian amphibians have been playing remarkably good football. It is my opinion that losing their starting QB has been the main reason they are playing so well. The Florida offense is well balanced, especially with the running game clicking along. It takes a lot of the pressure off their inexperienced QB. The strength of the Gators, though, just might be their defense. There have been times where they played like they were the best in the nation, whereas at other times they have been back on their heels getting pushed around. They need to demonstrate consistency on the stopping side of the ledger. The Georgia Bulldogs came into the season with maybe the strongest projected offense is all the land. But it has not been the case. QB Fromm has struggled, he has not been the pinpoint passer he has demonstrated he can be, and the running game has been conspicuous by its absence. The defense, thankfully, has been up to Georgian par. It has pulled the team out of the fire more than once this season. It looks like it’s going to be up to the big mighty “D” to carry the load and stop that Florida offense, if they can. No one is going to confuse this rivalry with the Iron Bowl, or Army vs Navy, but it is a rivalry. Both teams already have an SEC loss. If the Dawgs lose, they’ll have two SEC East losses. Undoubtedly, this will knock them right out of the SEC Championship picture. Florida lost to LSU, a West team, but they can’t afford to lose to this game, either, if they want that all expense paid trip to Atlanta. Isn’t it great when two rivals match up and everything actually is on the line for both teams? Win, and it practically guarantees a trip to Atlanta;- lose, and, well, the Citrus Bowl is nice, too. Given Georgia’s offensive woes, CSF is going to pick Florida to win. Then, again, … Georgia, the real Georgia, could show up.

SMU vs Memphis – Way back in the 1980’s, the Mustangs were a very good football team. Unfortunately, it was revealed that they were also committing multiple NCAA violations, up to, and including, paying their players. In 1987, they received the Death Penalty for two seasons. Since that time, the ‘stangs have not been very good. Until now. Sonny Dykes took over for Chad Morris who bolted for Arkansas (how’s that been working out, Morris?), and he has made this team one of seven that is still undefeated. They will be taking on the Memphis Tigers and if my memory serves, this will be the first time ESPN Game Day will be at the Bluff City. The Ponies are led by their transfer QB Shane Buechele, who came back home to Dallas after losing his starting position at the University of Texas. His favorite passing target has been Reggie Roberson, also a transfer, from West Virginia, but a native of the Dallas area. HC Sony Dikes as made it a point to offer local talent a place to transfer when other schools have not worked out. SMU is good, and they are on a mission. Memphis, on the other hand, started off the season as one of the select few that would be favored in all its games. They beat Navy, the only team to do so this year, and, until a couple of weeks ago, they were undefeated. Then they got a bit too full of themselves and lost to Temple. Ooops. Against the Mustangs, Memphis is still favored, but it’s a weak favorite. The Tigers will have the home field, but what they don’t have is the momentum of the season, and SMU does. Because of this, CSF is picking SMU. The editor will pick Memphis, he’s from that city, but he knows SMU is the pick. (Sho’ ‘nuff. Memphis, what used to be Memphis State, lassos the Ponies)e knows SMU is the pick.

Short Smokes:

Michigan will of course beat Maryland…OR maybe they’ve become too cocky, the September Maryland shows up, and the Wolverines are upset.

Wake Forest is ranked 22nd and they’re going to vanquish NC State

Virginia Tech has not been the most consist team, but they are playing better, Notre Dame got hammered by Michigan, since it’s a home game for the Irish they’ll win, unless they have not recovered from that Michigan game.

Clemson will test their skill against mighty Wofford oh what will the Tigers do?

Kansas State vs Kansas – Whoa, Nelly! The Wildcats should beat up on the Jayhawks, after all, K-State just beat Oklahoma, but the way the ‘Hawks are playing, it could get interesting. Retread Les Miles versus freshman Chris Kleiman. Still taking KSU.

Utah and Washington will be a great game to watch but the Utes are going to win.

Ole Miss is going to have a miserable day against Auburn, just miserable

Oregon is going to be put a hurting on USC

Nebraska will more than likely beat Purdue, but don’t bet a lot on that pick

Texas A&M gets to beat up on UTSA and pad their record

Army needs to beat Air Force if they plan on holding on to the Commander in Chief Trophy. They need to beat Air Force just for general principles.

Miami vs Florida State – this game used have significance, not any more. Miami wins, though

Oklahoma State ropes in TCU

It’s not a question if Illinois will beat Rutgers, but will the Scarlett Knights actually score?

Mississippi State should, that’s should beat Arkansas but if the Hogs want to win an SEC game now’s the time.

Pitt wrecks Georgia Tech

Oregon State will beat Arizona did not think I’d ever pick OSU to win this year

Tennessee does not have a guaranteed win against UAB. It could be a very tough game for the Vols. It could turn into a disaster.

Indiana is actually playing pretty good football, they beat Rutgers, and Nebraska, and they’ll keep rolling against Northwestern

South Carolina better be careful against Vanderbilt

Virginia will beat UNC but it’ll be close

Colorado and UCLA have the same record so pick ‘em

BYU travels to the other side of the Great Salt Lake to take on Utah State, and the Cougars will lose.

Late game will be Boise State taking on San Jose State, Broncos win

The Late, Late game will be Fresno State on the Island of Hawai’i and the Rainbow Warriors win.

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