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Army vs Navy

Army vs Navy Preview

The greatest rivalry game of them all takes center stage this Saturday, The United States Military Academy Cadets take on the Midshipmen of the US Naval Academy. This is by far the biggest game of the year. No, it doesn’t have the implications of, say, the SEC Championship game, where Alabama and Georgia were battling it out for a slot in the CFP. Not this year, it doesn’t, but this game carries more history, more tradition and emotion for more people in our nation than any other. Men and women stationed through the world, defending our nation, are represented upon Lincoln Field. Today, Navy is the enemy. Tomorrow, she’s our comrade in arms.

Army enters on a seven game winning streak. They have taken on some serious competition, like, earlier in the year they faced Oklahoma, who, I might point out, made it to the College Football Playoffs where they will face Alabama, so we’re not talking about a push over schedule here. The Black Knights gave the Sooners all they could handle on their home field in Norman, Oklahoma. The Black Knights of the Hudson lost that game, but it went into overtime before Army succumbed. In their last game, the Cadets hosted Colgate, who were undefeated before they were manhandled by the Cadets. The Army team struggled a bit when they faced another triple option attack, against Air Force, but the Big Rabble prevailed. If you’re looking for a passing game, this is not a team for you to follow. Army runs the ball more than any other team in the nation, and they are extremely good at it. Against the Middies, there is no reason to expect anything different. This is nothing new in Army’s arsenal, their improvement this year has been on defense. For this meeting, Army will be wearing uniforms honoring the 1st Infantry Division, the Big Red One. This Division played an integral part in World War I, and this year is the 100th anniversary of the end of the War to End All Wars.

Navy had a long run of being the darling team of the service academies, but this year the spotlight has, if not shifted, it has certainly dimmed. The Mids enter this game at 3-9, but they beat Memphis, who is no slouch. Memphis was 17 points ahead of Central Florida in the AAC Championship game in the first half, so there is that. (There was also a second half to that game, but it doesn’t make Memphis look good, so we won’t mention it.) Otherwise, they’ve had an “almost” season. Where Navy’s triple option attack differs from Army’s is that Navy will pass the ball, from time to time. It’s not much, but it is something. They have only been shutout once, and that was against Cincinnati. In just about all their games they moved the ball and they scored. Where the Navy game breaks down is in stopping the other teams from moving the ball and scoring on the Middies. Navy will be tested, and they may find it hard to stop the Army attack. Expect Navy to try and mix things up on offense;- they can’t run their usual predictable attack. The Naval Academy team needs to do something that catches Army off guard, confuses and disrupts Army’s lines of defense. I’m not sure what that will be, but they’ve got to have a trick or two up their sleeve. Navy will also be wearing a signature uniform, honoring their mascot, Billy the Goat. Honoring a goat? (I’ve had to edit my editor’s comments on this subject.)

Everyone knows I do not hide my bias (Roll Tide), but I do my best to be honest. I was raised by a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, so when this game comes around, there is no question who the entire family will be pulling for. Any deviation is not tolerated. We will all be wearing Black, Gold and Grey that day and our hearts will be with Army! Oddsmakers are favoring the Black Knights this year, but this is the Navy game! THE Rivalry game, where anything can, and generally does, happen. The ARMY is honoring the 1st Infantry Division, and there is nothing the determined foot soldier cannot accomplish. Just ask the Babylonians about their river a couple of years ago! Infantry! Sons of Mars and Thunder, march on to victory. Go Army! Beat Navy!

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