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Rivalry Weekend

Rivalry Weekend

Ohio State vs MichiganThe Game – For the first time in history these two will face each other in back-to-back years without a single loss between them. Michigan has won the last two meetings after Ohio State was on a roll for 8 years. Now the stakes seem to be a bit higher, if that’s possible, for the Wolverines feel they are being disrespected and unfairly punished just because their cheating corps was discovered and exposed. The Buckeyes feel they are not being appreciated and are being slighted. Michigan boasts the #1 rated defense in current American football, but they’ve only played two teams that had a winning record! Talk about padding your numbers, just think about how great Mack Jones would have been playing Michigan’s schedule. Ohio State’s schedule is slightly stronger, but not much. UM will try to force OSU QB McCord into making poor decisions, and the Buckeyes will be striving to stop the Michigan power running game. Michigan thinks Ohio State is soft after the past two years, and Ohio State thinks Michigan is highly overrated. Both are correct. Michigan is favored to win, the game is at Ann Arbor, which gives UM the home field advantage. However, Ohio State is desperate to prove that the main way Michigan has been winning is because they’re pulling a Houston Astro’s move and identifying the opponent’s plays in advance. Buckeyes are going to rise up and win, but it’ll be close. Michigan is not only STRONGLY suspected of cheating, which hasn’t stopped, if it’s true, but they are very good at it – if they’re doing it at all. Hmmmmmm. Their head coach has been suspended for seven of their 12 games – so far this year. Hmmmmmm.

Texas A&M vs LSU – This is called a rivalry and granted, the teams don’t like each other very much, but, come on, is it a real rivalry? It always felt like this was manufactured when A&M came into the SEC. The Aggies rival is Texas, who they  hate, they hate the ‘Horns, hate them, and really hate them. LSU, – well, they don’t like anybody. They hated Tulane when the Green Wave was in the SEC, but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The Tigers, are having a tough year, they thought they’d be going to the SEC Championship game again, but, no such luck. A&M is also having another Jimbo year, so much so that they fired HC Fisher, and CSF praises them for that move. A&M needs to finish this year with a flourish, to close out the Jimbo era win a loss would be appropriate, but might prove to be a disaster for the upcoming recruiting war. LSU’s HC Kelly, who might be in over his head within the SEC, can’t start and end the season with losses. The Aggies have literally nothing to lose, so look for them to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, into this game, and it’s going to lead them to victory! Nice pipe dream, like my dream of North Alabama beating FSU, but life is but a vapor and is soon gone. Bayou Bengals beat disoriented Aggies.

 Alabama vs Auburn – The Iron Bowl – In one of the best rivalries in the world, (Army vs Navy is number 1), the two big-time-Alabama schools will butt heads. Auburn is coming off a horribly embarrassing loss at the hands of New Mexico State, but don’t think for a second they won’t be up and ready for this game. Nothing would please the Tiger faithful more than putting that final nail in the coffin of Alabama’s playoff hopes. The Crimson Tide appears to be peaking at exactly the right time. They’ve been on a prodigious roll since the second half of the Tennessee game, and they’ve gotten better and better. The Big Red Elephants appear to be ready to overwhelm the Plainsmen, but they have to be very careful, they don’t have a good record playing in Jordan-Hare. Tide would rather embarrass Auburn at Jordan-Hare than smoke a victory cigar in Knoxville. Well, they’d ALMOST rather crush Auburn in Auburn. Them Victory cigars am sweet. Alabama is going to ROLL! Bet on  it! ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Arizona vs Arizona StateThe Territorial Cup- The Wildcats can still make the PAC-12 Championship game with a victory and an Oregon loss, so they have a lot at stake. Also, this is the first time Zona has beaten four Top 25 teams in a single season since 1998! (Neither Ohio State nor Michigan can make that statement). Arizona State, on the other hand, has lost six straight games, and they’re coming off a woodshed beating they got from Oregon. The Sun Devils are not going bowling this year, but being able to keep their rival out of the conference championship game should be enough incentive to get them up and ready. Hate as a way of doing just that. But, this ain’t like us rednecks down South. We understand hate, in all its forms, but in the soon-to-be defunct PAC- Takeyourpickofanumber, Arizona hasn’t beaten the Devils in Tempe, where this game is being played, since 2011, so Zona has got some demons, or devils, to deal with it. Wildcats have come too far this year to let it all slip away. C’mon, Cats, I don’t expect it to just mean more, but at least hate a little bit. Arizona for the win.

Clemson vs South CarolinaPalmetto Bowl– Last year USC-South pulled off an amazing victory by upsetting the Tigers. Both teams have had disappointing 2023 campaigns, but they are both currently on winning streaks. The Gamecocks have turned it around by playing solid defense and forcing turnovers. Clemson has been fueled by the radio phone call showdown between HC Dabo Swinney and Tyler from Spartanburg. Clemson has been playing with a much-improved offense where they are averaging 34 points per game. IF Clemson can keep from turning the ball over, they will avenge last years loss. The Cocks are not just going to lay down and play dead for them, the chickens need this game to become bowl eligible, and, since it’s being played in Columbia, that homefield advantage just might be enough to give them the edge. USC-South wins it solely because Clemson wears orange.

Washington State vs Washington – The Apple Cup- The Huskies are looking to complete their first undefeated season since 1991 and maintain CFB playoff viability. The Cougars, on the other hand, need this win just to make it to the post season. Some of the so-called experts, believe both teams are going to attack through the air, and it could very well be so, with each team having outstanding QB’s. However, U-Dub is more than likely going to lean more on their increasingly reliable running attack that has proven to be so beneficial late in the season. By doing this they will keep Wazzu’s highly potent offense on the sidelines cooling their heels. With all that Washington has accomplished, it is hard to believe that they will not be locked and loaded for this game. Plus, the game is in Seattle, where the Huskies are a tough nut to crack, –  just ask Oregon. Washington takes this game, and it’s going to be by a big margin.

Georgia vs Georgia Tech – Good ole fashion Hate- The Yellow Jackets may hate UGA, but it’s been a long time since they’ve been able to do anything about that. Tech has become bowl eligible for the first time in five years, and they’d love to play spoiler, but, even though they may hate the Dawgs with every fiber of their being, Those Dawgs have too much for the Engineers to contended with. UGA is 11-0, again, they’re already booked for the SEC Championship game, again, AND they’re almost a sure lock for the playoffs, Again! This is one of the most loaded teams in the nation, on both offense and defense. Georgia is going to walk all over Tech, dragging their paws, and it won’t be pretty.

Florida State vs FloridaThe Sunshine Showdown- There’s been a lot of talk and doubt about Florida State’s ability to continue their undefeated season without starting QB Travis Jordan, who went down with a bad leg/ankle/foot/lower appendage, injury. To all those that are doubting, CSF says, “Poppycock!” Back up QB Tate Rodemaker is not chopped liver, he is on a football scholarship, and he was good enough to come off the bench and beat Louisville last year. Not only that, but he got in a lot of good reps last week against North Alabama. The Seminoles are more than just QB Jordan, they’ve got a great defense, and their rushing attack has been exceptional. Besides, Florida has lost four straight, their secondary has been ripped apart in the last couple of games, and their offense has not done anything special. The Gators would love to beat FSU and end the Noles’ hopes and dreams, and HC Napier could use some goodwill with a victory on Saturday. However, that’s just not going to happen. The Noles are too strong, and, FSU is going to be just fine without Jordan.

Short Smokes

Kentucky vs Louisville is going to be a fantastic game. You ought to watch this one. Cards win

Indiana vs Purdue –  not much there, but go with the Hoosiers

Duke should handle the Panthers. Should, could, would. (Jabberwocky)

Wake Forest has fallen off their pace a bit, but it won’t matter too much against Syracuse.

In his first year as HC up in the Big Boy league it seems to be too much for Neon Deion, and it’s highly doubtful he’s got enough to throw at Utah this Saturday. Better luck next year.

Oklahoma State is going to wrangle BYU

It’s only in hopes and dreams that Tennessee falls to Vanderbilt this season

Northwestern is bowl eligible and Illinois isn’t, but the fighting Illini will be after this game.

Wisconsin and Minnesota are evenly matched, look for the Gophers to get the win.

Maryland should be leery of Rutgers, the Scarlett Knights don’t know they’re supposed to lose.

Notre Dame is going to win big over Stanford. Ho-Hum.

West “By Golly” Virginia taking on Baylor seems like a cake walk, but those Bears, although down, just might take the victory

Kansas gave all they could last week against K-State and came up short. It’ll be interesting to see if they’ve got enough left to get by Cincinnati

Iowa State started off poorly but has improved some late in the season, K-State is riding high at the moment, but they can’t take their foot off the gas.

North Carolina is not ranked, and NC State is! The Wolfpack adds to the Tar Heel Trail of Tears.

In the Late game California faces UCLA, but that is a mountain they’re not going to scale this year, Bruins win.

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