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Cigar Butts Week 8 Review

Cigar Butts Week 8

Alabama 58, Tennessee 21 – The Crimson Tide was expected to win this game, but opinions varied as to just exactly by how much? After all, the Vols beat Auburn down in the Ugly Corner of Lower Alabama – ooopps! Nope. That’s Dothan, right? – and, who knew, maybe UT had finally seen the light their new coach, Jeremy Pruitt, was trying to get them to discover. Nope, not even close. Tau’s accuracy, at this moment, is unmatched in the college football world. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long pass, a short pass, an over the middle pass, whatever pass, the guy knows where to throw the ball and he did. It was his worst performance, accuracy-wise, but he’s has now thrown for 25 touchdowns without an interception. That’s like, third, on the all time record list and in the next game or two he just might blow that record out of the water.

Purdue 49, Ohio State 20 – Quick someone throw a life preserver! The USS Buckeye has taken a huge broadside blast and it’s taking on water! The Boilermakers were suspect that they’d be able to give OSU a game;- after all, the Bucks have been struggling to stay afloat of late, but to completely blast them out of the water with a 29 point win was not expected. At halftime, the Boilermakers were, what, 10 points ahead? Not enough insulation when you’re playing the number 2 team in the land. Purdue Coach Jeff Brohm said as much as he was interviewed leaving the field after two quarters. He said they’d have to keep their pedal to the metal in the second half, too. Purdue asserted itself, or themselves, in the third quarter, and it carried over into the fourth. The Buckeyes attempted their patented comeback late in the game, but the Boilermakers turned OSU miscues into Purdue points. Let me see if I’ve got this right: last year Ohio State left the confines of the Horseshoe to play down in Iowa, and the Hawkeyes beat the piddle out of the Scarlett and Grey. This year they leave the Horseshoe to pay over in Indiana, and the Boilermakers beat the piddle out of them. Once again OSU has been trounced by an unranked team by more than 20 points. Maybe Ohio State and Urban Meyer should never leave the Horseshoe where the worst thing you get for violating NCAA sexual assault guidelines, and then lying about it, is a wink and a three game “suspension”.

Michigan 21, Michigan State 7 – Michigan should have blown out the Spartans, pure and simple. The Wolverines held the MSU offense to under 100 total yards. The only MSU score was after recovering a Wolverine fumble down deep in UM territory and then running a trick play to get into he endzone. Other than that, Michigan State’s offense was impotent. The defense, however, played pretty well. No, they didn’t completely stop Michigan, but being on the field as long as they were, with no help from the offense, and giving up only 21 points is commendable. The Wolverines finally beat their instate rival, and things are looking great with that Ohio State loss. At this moment, the Great White North Conference is theirs for the taking. (If you’ve wondered why CSF refers to the BIG as the Great White North, reference Wisconsin’s October game yesterday). The Michigan team has to win out, which is easier said than done. They are capable, with their SEC Quarterback, they’ve gotten over one hurdle, and now they just have to get by Penn State and Ohio State, which they haven’t done yet, but, hey, maybe this is their year. Maybe not.

Clemson 41, NC State 7 – Clemson had no trouble with NC State. The Wolfpack were supposed to challenge the Tigers, but they didn’t. Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence threw for a career high 308 yards, with one touchdown. NCSU didn’t score until the fourth quarter. The South Carolina Tigers should move up into the number 2 spot in the National Rankings. It was actually disappointing in its magnitude.

LSU 19, Mississippi State 3– LSU benefited from Nick Fitzgerald’s four interceptions. The Tigers defense were the stars of the game. They completely took away the Mississippi State passing game, they made QB Fitzgerald uncomfortable every time he dropped back to pass. The Bengals’ offense was not outstanding, they had multiple chances to score touchdowns but ended up kicking field goals. This was to be a warm-up for their upcoming game with Alabama. Is it alright if I say that Nick Fitzgerald is a worse flop at Miss State than Khalil Tate is at Arizona? Six one, half dozen the other.

Oklahoma had some trouble with pesky TCU for a little bit, but not for long as the Sooners won, 52 to 27.

Washington smothered Colorado, 27 to 13

Penn State needed every bit of the fourth quarter to conquer Indiana, 33-28

Iowa walked all over Indiana, 53-28

Temple ruined Cincinnati’s undefeated season in overtime, 24-17

Stanford downed Arizona State, 20-13

Arkansas got their second win, 23-0, against Tulsa, this time. Tulsa? In the SEC? Oh, not in the SEC, but still feisty.

Auburn wore down Ole Miss, 31-16

Army needed two overtimes and an almost incredible goal-line stop to beat Miami (OH), 31-30. A win by an inch is as good as a win by a mile. Go Army

Virginia beat Duke 28-14, just like CSF said they would

Houston had a game with Navy, but won, 49-36

Florida State did, in fact, beat Wake Forest, again. 38-17, this time.

Nebraska finally won a game by overcoming Minnesota, 53-28

Missouri had very little trouble with Memphis, 65-33. I guaranteed a Tiger win, and that’s exactly what happened.

Washington State beat up Oregon, 34-20. Cougars have always liked duckburgers.

Kentucky scored late in the fourth quarter to win, 14-7. Since when is the Kentucky-Vanderbilt score headline news?

Utah scalped the Trojans of USC, 41-28

UCLA won again, but just barely, over Arizona, 31-30. A close win by Army is as good as a mile;- for UCLA, they slipped by on the skin of their teeth.

North Alabama destroyed Jackson State, 24-7, Roar Lions!

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