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Cigar Butts Week 4

Cigar Butts Week 4

(1) Alabama 45 vs (22) Texas A&M 23 – On the Tide’s first play from scrimmage, Tau threw a replica of the same pass he did the night of the National Championship, and, sure enough, DeVonta Smith caught it and scored a touchdown. This was a harbinger of things to come. A&M did all it could to stop the Alabama running game, and they did a pretty good job of it. However, this is a different Alabama, they have a passing attack, and the combination was too much, even for the Aggies. A&M had some bright lights, like Mond’s long run on a draw, but the Tide was just too much. During the game I texted The Daughter updates, she wasn’t happy.

(2) Georgia 43 vs Missouri 29 – Early on it looked like Mizzou might, just might, actually pull an upset. But then the Tigers were loosed to destroy themselves – fumble return for a touchdown, blocked punt for a touchdown, the Dawgs woke up and the Tigers could not catch up. By the time Missouri scored again, in the third quarter, it was too late, too much damage to repair.

Old Dominion 49 vs (13) Virginia Tech 35 – For the biggest upset of the season, the 0-3 Monarchs hosted VA Tech, who were ranked in the top 25, and obviously looking ahead to some future date, and ODU put ‘em down. Using backup quarterback Blake LaRussa, who threw for 495 yard and four TD’s, the Monarchs only insulted the Hokies, but they humiliated the Turkeys. With less than two minutes to play, ODU had the ball, and all they had to do was take a knee a couple times and the game would be over. Maybe this reminded the Old Dominion players of the insulting kneeling during the National Anthem by some “football” players, and that it was incompatible with the respect for the Old Dominion that ought to be shown, so they grabbed a figurative shaker of salt and poured it all in the Tech wound. With a run right up the middle for 40 yards and a touchdown, they win, 49 to 35. What in the world happened to VA Tech? We have no idea, of course. They did the usual, underestimated their opponent, took the game for granted and were looking ahead, these were givens, but there was more, much more. I don’t know what it was, heck, I’ll bet ODU players don’t know what it was, but the Hokie spirit just wasn’t in the game. Biggest upset of the year….maybe of the decade.

Texas 31 vs (17) TCU 16 – It’s been 4 years since the Longhorns beat the Horn Frogs, but beat them they did. Texas came from behind in the third quarter and held on. Since the Horns lost to Maryland to start the season, it appears UT has caught on to the Coach Herman way of life. Wow, yet another big upset.

Purdue 30 vs (23) Boston College 13 – How did this happen? Seriously, how did this go down? This may have been the second biggest upset of the day. Who saw this coming? I didn’t, no way, no how. The Boilermakers looked like they were destined to not win a game this season. Whoops, and then they clip the Eagles’ wings. What a shocker. Good for the Boilermakers.

Kentucky 28 vs (14) Mississippi State 7 – Something is going on in Lexington, KY, and it appears to be something good. The Wildcats are undefeated at 4-0, and in second place of the SEC East. They beat Mississippi State, who was supposed to challenge Alabama for the SEC West Title! Saturday, in the rain, Ken-tuck-y out-muscled the Bulldogs. Held the Bulldogs and vaunted Quarterback Nick Fitzgerald to over 200 yards under their average. Miss State was outplayed in every phase of the game. Yet another upset that few saw coming, outside of Lexington, Kentucky. Not sure the people in Lexington, Kentucky, really saw this coming.

Texas Tech 41 vs (18) Oklahoma State 17 – The hot seat under Coach Kingsbury just got a little cooler, and I’m sure he’s enjoying it. QB Alan Bowman came into the game and threw for 397 yards and two touchdowns. At the end of the first quarter, OSU had the lead, and everything looked like it would proceed as planned by the home team. Then, Tech scored 17 points in the second quarter and never looked back. Yet another top 25 team falls to the unranked.

(5) Oklahoma 28 vs Army 21 – This was not an upset in the final score, but it was a possible upset that needs to be noticed. Top five OU, with a QB that is being considered a Heisman contender, and they are the perceived champions of the Big 12 that only has ten teams conference, had to handle Army in overtime, at home, to win. The Cadets came within a hare’s breath of winning the game. Two take-a-ways from this game;- 1- OU is not as good as everyone wants them to be, 2- Army is far better.

(7) Stanford 38 vs (20) Oregon 31 – Not an upset, because Stanford was the higher ranked team, but Oregon darn near got the upset. If The Ducks hadn’t gotten greedy late in the contest, they would have won. Leading 31 to 28, the Ducks had the ball with 51 seconds to go. All they had to do was take a knee a couple of times, game over. BUT, instead, they ran the ball up the middle, fumbled the ball, allowed the Cardinal to drive down the field, kick a field goal, tie the game, go into overtime. Stanford scored a touchdown on an incredible deflected pass, game over, Ducks lose. What an breathtaking come back! The Ducks had it, but gave it up. Do you know how to catch a monkey with an orange? Ask the Ducks.

Clemson battered Georgia Tech, 49-21

Notre Dame cut up Wake Forest, 56-27

I thought Kansas State would beat West Virginia. Nope. WVU won, 35-6.

(19) Michigan walked all over Nebraska, 56-10. Cornhuskers have not been 0-3 since 1945

Maryland 42 Minnesota 13- rowing the boat in Minnesota has hit a sandbar.

0-3 North Carolina beat Pitt 38-35!!! The Tar Heels won…!

Virginia dismantled Louisville, 27-3

Ohio State beat Tulane 49-6. Not an upset, not a shock, just an easy win

Florida State won, 37-19, over Northern Illinois. I said that, surely, the Noles could beat Northern Illinois, and they did. Big wow.

Baylor ended Kansas’s winning streak, 26-7. Rock Chalk crumbled.

South Carolina out-fought Vanderbilt, 37-14.

Auburn enjoyed their barbequed pig roast, 34-3 over Arkansas

Wisconsin got back to winning against Iowa 28-17, but it wasn’t as easy as the final score might indicate.

Tennessee could not do anything right against Florida. Even when the Vols did something good, they screwed it up themselves. It wasn’t good;- funny, yes, but not good. UF 47 UT 21.

Michigan State outran Indiana 35-21

North Alabama needed a last second field goal to overcome Azusa Pacific, 37-35! The game had seven lead changes, UNA came from behind repeatedly, and the Lions proved they are better than expected…..and I told everyone they would win!!! (insert evil laugh here) HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

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