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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts Week 9

Cigar Butts Week 9

The field is dwindling down, and that’s a good thing because the selection committee (hereafter called, “The Committee”) is due to release their choices this week. Some teams cemented their standings, other dropped out of the running.

IMG_7790West “By Golly” Virginia vs. Oklahoma State– Just when we were beginning to believe, a little bit, in the Mountaineers, WVU laid an egg against the Cowboys. From the get-go Oklahoma State pounded their visitors from the mountains and never let their foot off the pedal. The Mountaineers were over-matched, plain and simple. They enjoyed being undefeated while it lasted, and there was even talk that they might make it to represent the Big 12 that only has ten teams, in the playoffs. Those aspirations died Saturday. It’s happened before to others in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Baylor vs. Texas– The Bears were the other last great hope for the dying, shallow-thinking, Longhorn-dominated conference, and, for a while, it 160looked like they might escape Austin with their record unblemished. The Longhorns had other plans, though. UT took the lead as time was running out and held on to win, 35-34. They just might have saved Charlie Strong’s job, too, depending upon the availability of Tom Herman. Because of this Texas victory, the Big 12 that only has ten teams saw its chances of making it to the playoffs expel their last breath of hope. It was a nice run for Baylor and West Virginia, but it was not to be for either. If only they had 12 or 14 teams and a conference championship game… .

Michigan vs. Michigan State- The Wolverines remain undefeated but did they take hit in their victory? We’ll have to wait and see. They had the Spartans down but Michigan State started to show signs of life and mounted a come back. The Wolverines scored a long defensive touchdown – remember what that is from last year, Spartans? – and that did it. However, the number two team in the nation showed a few weaknesses that a few teams in the conference might be able to exploit. Read, Ohio State. Do not read, Maryland, Rutgers, or Grand Valley State. Guess we’ll have to wait until the Ohio State game.

Ohio State vs. Northwestern– Speaking of Ohio State, they had trouble with the pesky Wildcats. The Buckeyes won, 24-20, but playing at home against a 4-3 team, it shouldn’t have been so tight. Northwestern kept JT Barrett from scoring or participating is a score. He didn’t run for any TD’s, nor did he pass for any. Ohio State has more than just Barrett, but the blue print just might have been given to others. Not Rutgers, Maryland, or Grand Valley State.

Nebraska vs Wisconsin– as predicted, this game went down to the wire and actually into overtime. The Badgers, battle-tested, as opposed to the Huskers, won. The Cornhuskers played pretty well. They had to come back in the fourth to tie it up, but tie it up they did. Then “Bad Tommy” made his appearance in the extra period and directed the team to defeat. Another undefeated fell.

IMG_7842Louisville vs. Virginia– Louisville flew into Charlottesville expecting an easy scrimmage. After all, the WaHoos have won only two games. BUT, as was stated here on CSF, UVA is up to something. This ain’t your Cavalier team of the last few years. Virginia scored a touchdown with three minutes remaining, went for two points to snatch victory away from the Cardinals, and it worked to perfection! Almost. Louisville QB Lamar Jackson threw a touchdown pass and broke the hearts of the home team crowd. It was a great game that almost was.

Clemson vs Florida State– Staying in the ACC, Clemson and Florida State gave its viewers a very good game. According to FSU Head Coach 265Jimbo Fisher there were some calls that went against the Seminoles and he may have had a point. But, you can’t decompensate when you’re the Head Coach, you can’t hurt your team by hollering and yelling at the striped shirts, causing them to throw a flag and cost his team 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. By losing his focus, instead of coaching his players, he let his ego override his good sense and forgot about his team on the field. The cost was a lot more than 15 yards. When FSU finally had a lead in the fourth, and all they had to do was keep Clemson from scoring, they allowed the Tigers to walk down the field and score a touchdown for the win. There were pawprints all over Florida State’s turf.

098Florida vs. Georgia– Still on the East coast, but not in the ACC, the Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party took place in Jacksonville, FL. Nether team was undefeated, but Florida needed this game to stay in the lead of the SEC East. It wasn’t a pretty game, and it wasn’t one of those games that glued you to the edge of your seat, but the Gators slowly pulled away to win 24-10. The Dawgs looked lost during the game. We know they are playing young players and they have a freshman QB, but this was a rivalry game and they should have played better. This is Kirby Smart’s first year so he kind-of gets a pass, but he’d better improve – rapidly. Georgians don’t like losing to Floridians.

Auburn vs. Ole Miss– As I said before, I’ve lost all faith in Ole Miss. Really thought the Rebels had something cooking this year, but that is not 134happening. They still have no running game, none at all. Auburn, however, is showing that they have life. It wasn’t too long ago that these Tigers were given up for dead, but, NO, they’re playing lights-out football. They trounced Ole Miss, 40-29. Could the Plainsmen be for real?

Boise State vs. Wyoming– The Broncos came into this game undefeated, hoping to crash the playoff party. All they had to do was win out, just win out, that’s it. Wyoming hired HC Craig Bohl from North Dakota State last year hoping he’d be able to do in Wyoming what he did in North Dakota. They might be right, he’s making believers of skeptics, like me. Even though BSU had the lead, the looks on Wyoming player’s faces showed that they believed they could still win. Sure enough, they shocked the Mountain West and beat Boise. Let this serve as a notice, Wyoming is for real.

Army vs Wake Forest– For all those Naysayers out there that wrote off the Black Knights after the Buffalo fiasco, you might have committed too soon. Army beat the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, 21-13! One more win and Army goes a bowling! And the Army goes rolling along!

Washington vs Utah– In a game that had huge PAC-12 implications, the Huskies proved they were for real. Playing the Utes in Salt Lake City, Washington used a punt return in the fourth quarter to win, but their undefeated season remains alive. Who is Washington State, anyway?

North Alabama vs Delta State– The Statesmen of the Delta have a knack for ruining the Lions season. No matter how good UNA may be doing, or how poorly DSU was playing, it seemed they could beat my Lions. This grates on my last nerves. Saturday, North Alabama had had enough, they smashed the okra-eaters, 40-19! The Roaring Lions scored 28 points in the third quarter to put the game out of reach. I love it when that happens. Absolutely love it.


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