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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts Week 9

Week nine fell on All-Hallow’s Eve and it did not fail, it was full of surprises, failures, close calls and dominant plays. The most surprising came in the Miami vs. Duke game. If you haven’t seen the last play of the game, go watch it. It’s incredible, as in the officials were incredibly bad. Coach Cutliff is convinced that the gouls of Halloween were at work.

Florida vs. Georgia– The Bulldogs needed to win this game, to save their season, it was a must-win game.. Florida wanted to win to come one 098step closer to winning the SEC East title. The game was going back and forth with neither team able to move the ball. Florida punted, the Georgia receiver called for a fair catch on the six yard line. He muffed it, ball bounces into the end zone, Florida falls on it, Touchdown! The Gators never looked back and dominated the Dawgs from that point on. Georgia’s running game was nowhere to be found. The offensive play calling was questionable at best. Coach Mc, in his first year with the Gators, now has to win against Vanderbilt to claim the East title. Can this guy coach or what?

Clemson vs. North Carolina State– pointed out that if there was a team that could pull the upset of Clemson, it was265 the Wolfpack. They must of read that, cause they came out of the gates determined to beat the Tigers. Clemson found themselves in a shootout and had to score 30 points in the second half to win, 56-41. NC State never gave up but Clemson was just too much. Can the Tigers, South Carolina variety, overcome their dread of the Seminoles and win next week?

310Stanford vs. Washington State– At the beginning of the season, no one on the Cardinal team had circled this game as a must-win for the PAC-12 North crown, and they played like it. They were not nearly as skillful as we’ve grown accustomed too. Washington State’s defense played so far above their heads it was fun to watch. They shut down the Cardinal running game, but they forgot that QB Hogan can and will run the ball. He scored two touchdowns and gained 112 yards rushing. Even so, the game STILL came down to a last second field goal attempt by the Cougars, wide right and Stanford escapes. Sounds like Bobby Bowden and his experiences against Miami.

Miami vs. Duke- Duke had the lead, they only needed to kickoff, tackle the Miami ball carrier, and the game would be over. Blue Devil victory. This was Halloween and that’s not what happened. Miami lateralled the ball eight times, once when the ball carrier’s knee was down on the ground, then committed at least two blocks in the back, one of them was actually called, before they scored a would-be winning touchdown. Plays goes to review. NINE minutes later the officials declared the play good, picked up the flag and declared the Hurricanes the victors. 1) how did the zebras miss the player with his knees on the ground when he tossed the ball backwards? 2) Why did the replay official tell the crew to pick up the flag on the block in the back when that call is not reviewable? What about the 12th Miami player that ran out onto the field, sans helmet, prior to the ballcarrier crossing the goal line? Duke should be upset. The ACC, it has been announced, has suspended this officiating crew for two games because of their ineptitude.

Michigan vs. Minnesota – The Golden Gophers lost their head coach as Jerry Kill retired due to health issues. They came out in grey uniforms131 determined to win the game for their missing coach. When teams wear grey, it does something to them, they play better. After a back and forth game, Minnesota threw a pass which was ruled a touchdown for the win. After review, it was declared the receiver was down one inch from the goal line. With seconds remaining Minnesota out smarted themselves by running a play with lots of switching around, which resulted in a loss of valuable seconds. Then, with three seconds left, they chose to go for the win instead of the tying field goal. One has to hand it to the Gophers for going for the win. Michigan’s defense stuffed the run, game over, Wolverines win. Kudos to the Michigan defense.


West Virginia did not do well against TCU.

North Carolina is looking like the champions of the ACC Coastal with a win over Pittsburgh.

Temple came “this close” to beating Notre Dame, but didn’t.

Iowa ran over Maryland to remain undefeated.

Oklahoma State came from 17 points behind to defeat Texas Tech.

Utah downed Oregon State.

Oklahoma had little trouble with Kansas.

Memphis continued their undefeated run against Tulane.

Ole Miss declared themselves the State of Alabama champions, hard to argue against them, as they have defeated both Alabama and Auburn on the road.

Colorado played UCLA well and almost pulled the upset. Almost.

The Daughter was happy that Texas A&M beat the worst team in the SEC, South Carolina, at College Station. I have to say that Kyler Murray was great, though it hurts me to say so.

The North Alabama Lions roared to victory over hated rival Delta State, 43-17! Roar Lions! Now maybe my editor will stop posting harassing comments about DSU;- it’s doubtful but he should. He won’t.


Side Notes-

The Football gods have obviously been reading CSF and pressed it upon Pat Hayden that he should no longer be on the Selection Committee. He resigned earlier in the week. He cites his health as the reason why, but the real reason is because of CigarSmokinFootball’s campaign to get him off. Yay us!

After questioning whether the game has passed Virginia Tech’s Head Coach Frank Beamer by, on Sunday it was announced that he will retire at the end of the season. He has done a great job with the Hokies and we wish him well in his retirement. We believe Coach Spurrier is looking for a golfing buddy.

Tuesday of this week the Selection Committee will release their first standings. We wait with bated breath.

Week 10 has some monster games on the schedule

Notre Dame vs Pitt

Florida State vs. Clemson

TCU vs. Oklahoma State

And LSU vs. Alabama….Roll Tide!

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