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Week 8 Cigar Butts

Week 8 Cigar Butts

Illinois 24, Wisconsin 23 – In the biggest upset of the season thus far, and for only the second time in the last 40 years, a Big Ten team rated as greater than 30 point underdogs has taken down their supposed superiors. The Fighting Illini of Illinois did this to the mighty Wisconsin Badgers. With seconds remaining in the game, kicker James McCourt kicked a 39 yard field goal to win it for Illinois. Were the Badgers caught looking ahead to their game against Ohio State? Probably, but it doesn’t matter. You have to take care of business no matter what lies ahead. The Badgers didn’t, so now the Great White North Conference is in a state of flux. They have three undefeated teams, Penn State, Ohio State, and Minnesota, but the feeling is that the only team that can remain undefeated is Ohio State. The Buckeyes host these wounded Badgers this coming Saturday. Regardless of what happens from here on out this year, hats off to Illinois for pulling the upset. They came into the game believing they could win, and win it they did!

Alabama 35, Tennessee 13 – The Vols entered the field in Bryant-Denney Stadium believing that if the Illini could win against a much better Wisconsin team, so could they against a much better Alabama squad. The Volunteers played their best game of the season and put the Tide to the test, much closer than the score indicates. All game long they matched the Tide and remained in a position to win. In the fourth quarter, it got away from them, but even though UT lost their starting QB, again, Tennessee was in it from start to finish. With a chance to put the game within reach, backup QB Jarrett Guarantano, last year’s starter, and heir apparent this year to the starting role, took the ball and tried to jump over the pile into the endzone for a touchdown. Bad move. Remember a few years ago, one of the most famous football photographs in history was taken when a Penn State player tried, and failed, to jump over the Alabama line? It probably happened before Guarantano was born, but he is a college student, and he should know that those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it. Instead of scoring for the Vols, he fumbled the ball where Trevon Diggs could pick it up and run 100 yards for a scoop and score. This completes my history lesson for the day. This Bama TD put the final nail in the coffin, giving Alabama their 13th victory in a row over Tennessee. This game was littered with penalties, most of them uncalled for, on both sides. The officials were determined that defensive backs would not be allowed to play, it was ridiculous. As  retired football official, I don’t believe there is collusion among the officiating crews, generally, but this year is testing my beliefs .In horrible news, Alabama lost their starting quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, as he went down with the same ankle injury as last year, but the other ankle. I’m glad he isn’t an insect with six ankles. Back-up Mac Jones came into the game and the vaunted passing attack was nowhere to be found. I’ve been a big fan of Mac Jones, but he performed terribly. IF Alabama has any hope of winning the SEC/National Championship, Tua has to make it back. He’s already recovering from his surgery and may, MAY, be ready for LSU after the BYE week following the Hogs. This week against Arkansas, maybe my man Mac will come through, or the younger Tagovailoa, or Bear’s grandson, it shouldn’t be that big of a problem since Arkansas is so bad, but, then, Illinois shouldn’t have been a problem for Wisconsin, either.

Penn State 28 Michigan 21 – The White-Out in Happy Valley contributed to the  Nittany Lions’ victory, perhaps, that, and the fact that Michigan is coached by Jim Harbaugh. In the first half Penn State was unstoppable, battering the Wolverines to a 21 to 7 lead, averaging over 7 yards per play. Then, in the second half, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. UM battled back to make the game interesting. The high-speed PSU offense that was having so much success in the first half must have stayed in the locker room, and their replacement averaged only 2 yards per play. The Lions were able to add another touchdown to put the game out of reach, but Michigan came ever so close to actually winning. That dropped pass in the end zone that left the fumble-fingered receiver in tears, was as close as you could get. This was another game where the officials made their presence known. They seemed determined to throw as many flags as possible. Michigan was flagged 8 times while PSU received 5, not as bad as the Bama-Tennessee game, but it was still bad. What are the Zebras doing?

Florida 38, South Carolina 27 – The Gamecocks gave Florida all they could handle, but with yet more help from the officials, the Gators were able to pull it out. For most of the game USC-South remained in position to pull off another stunner. It wasn’t until late in the fourth quarter when the game got away from them. If they could have performed most consistently on offense, they may have won the game despite the officials doing everything they could to keep them from victory. To give a few examples, on a running play for the Gators, the back broke free for a touchdown, but a receiver running along with him was holding the back of the jersey of the Gamecock defender for most of the way. I saw it all the way from here. No call. Then, with Florida threating to score, QB Task threw an interception in the endzone, but the Zebras threw a flag for defensive holding, yet no on could see where that holding took place! The very next play, UF scored on an obvious pick play. Clemson beat Bama for the Natty with the same design a couple of years ago (that still rankles me). Coach Boom was very upset and let the stripes know it. He was rewarded with unsportsman like flag, and a hefty fine later. And, he was RIGHT! Not sure what’s going on, but this is becoming an epidemic.

Short Cigar Butts:

Texas 50, Kansas 48 – The Longhorns needed a last minute field goal to beat the Jayhawks! Something is brewing Lawrence KS. Les Miles’ retread must be working.

Oregon 35, Washington 31 – The Ducks had to come back from 14 points down to win this one.

Georgia 21, Kentucky 0 – The Bulldogs won, but they didn’t do much until the 4th quarter. Something is wrong in Athens, GA.

Ohio State 52, Northwestern 3 – It was a brutal night for the Wildcats. Saw it, right off, and if you read last week’s blog, I TOLD YOU SO!

LSU 36, Mississippi State 13 – The Bayou Bengals are tearing everyone up. Right now they are the best team in the SEC, and that means the Nation.

Clemson 45, Louisville 10 – Yes, the Tigers won, but they sure didn’t look good. Hippy-wanna-be Trevor Lawrence threw three INT’s. Something is wrong in Clemson, SC.

Oklahoma 52, West Virginia 14 – This game was never in question, not even by a little bit.

Auburn 51, Arkansas 10- The high school in Auburn could have won this game against the Hogs. Congrats, Mike.

Vanderbilt 21, Missouri 14 – The Commodores got their first SEC win of the season! Another upset. They played to win, and they won.

BYU 28, Boise State 25 – The Cougars ended the Broncos undefeated run

Utah 21, Arizona State 3 – The Utes had this game the entire time.

Baylor 45, Oklahoma State 27 – it wasn’t until the fourth quarter that they Bears pulled away, there was always a chance for the Pokes to win. Sorry, Duke.

Minnesota 42, Rutgers 7 – The Gophers stay undefeated, how far can they row?

Iowa 26, Purdue 20 – The Hawkeyes struggled mightily when they shouldn’t have

UCLA 34, Stanford 16 – Did not think this would happen but it did. I’m Shocked. My editor is shocked. My dog Fala, if I had one, would be shocked.

Georgia Tech 28, Miami 21 – The Yellow Jackets showed the Hurricanes are not for real

Iowa State 34, Texas Tech 24 – They Cyclones are getting better. Sorry, Grady.

Kansas State 24, TCU 17 – The Wildcats beat the Horn Frogs. As a reward, they get Oklahoma next. Good luck

Oregon State 21, California 17 – How in the world did the Beavers win this game?

Virginia Tech 43, North Carolina 41 – This game took 6 overtimes, but the Hokies pulled it out. Got to see the new overtime rule in action.

Virginia 48, Duke 14 – The Whahoos took the lead and never let off the gas.

Texas A&M, 24 Ole Miss 17 – The Daughter is happy but the Aggies are struggling mightily. Congrats, Doug. Sorry, Rick.

Wake Forest 22, Florida State 20 – how long is Willie Taggert going to be employed? They’re talking about Urban Myers at FSU. Abomination.

USC 41, Arizona 14 – yeah, yeah, yeah, no news here

Air Force 56, Hawai’i 26- This game had the best INT EVER! 

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