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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts Week 3

Week 3 Review

When a weekend starts with Friday the 13th, there are bound to be strange things a’ happening. Jason may not have resurfaced to slash and stab people, but there were upsets that caused some head scratching.

Kansas 48 vs Boston College 24– in the biggest surprise of the weekend, the Kansas Jayhawks, who lost to Coastal Carolina just a week ago, beat the Boston College Eagles 48-24! In Boston, no less! How is such a thing even possible? A week ago, the Jayhawks had resorted to their tired old ways of lumbering around the field, looking disorganized, and lacking motivation. I doubt there was a person outside of Lawrence, KS, that thought KU had a chance against Boston College. But, this game was played on Friday the 13th, with a full moon in the sky, this must have affected the game. The Jayhawks haven’t won a road game against a power 5 conference opponent since they downed Iowa State, in 2008. That would mean they have suffered defeat 48 straight times. Friday night, they spotted BC 17 points, and then turned the ballgame around. They literally seemed invincible. Maybe that Les Miles hire was a stroke of genius. Ya’ think?

K-State vs Mississippi State – In a game where the reputation of the SEC was at stake, the Bulldogs figuratively and literally dropped the ball. MSU played like the ball was a hot potato. After throwing his second interception in the third quarter, senior quarterback and Penn State transfer Tommy Stevens was benched in favor for freshman Garrett Shrader. The K-State Wildcats’ offensive attack was well balanced, nothing flashy, but just effective. The Cats actually gained fewer total yard than State, that would be Miss State. In the third quarter the Bulldogs scored a go ahead touchdown and it appeared they were going to open it up and put the game out of K-State’s reach. However, the Cats didn’t quit. Down 24-17, they scored two, unanswered touchdowns and walked out of Starkville as winners. I’m sure my old classmates from the state of Kansas have plenty to say;- fortunately, they don’t know how to contact me.

Arizona State 10 Michigan State 7 – In a game that was as boring as dry toast, the Herm Edwards’ Sun Devils somehow managed to eke out a victory – for the second year in a row. Michigan State controlled every aspect of the game. They nearly doubled ASU in yards gained, 404 to 216, they had 23 first downs compared to 14, and they had the advantage in time of possession, 33 minutes to 26. But, the one thing they didn’t do was to capitalize when they had the ball. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter when the Spartans finally scored a touchdown. That gave the home team the lead, 7-3. However, as time was running out, Arizona State drove down the field, against the number one defense in the country, and, with 50 seconds left, running back Eno Benjamin stretched out the ball at the end of a run, breaking the plane of the goal line. Touchdown! There was just enough time for Sparty to drive down the field for a 42 yard field goal attempt. Kicker Matt Coghlin booted that ball and split the uprights, game tied, overtime was indicated. Wait, the officials reviewed the play and discovered that MSU had 12 men on the field. After the enforcement of the penalty, let’s call it for what it is, a bonehead infraction, Coghlin tried again. This time, the kick wasn’t even close as he hooked that ball toward the corner of the endzone. Arizona State is now 3-0 and they might start thinking they can win the PAC-12. Crazy I know, but, hey, it’s the kale and chardonnay conference so, why not. 

Short Smokes

Alabama 47, South Carolina 23 – Bama won, Tua threw for over 400 yards but the Tide had trouble running the ball, and their defense was just, well, it wasn’t what the Crimson Tide defense ought to be.

Army 31, UTSA 13 – The Black Knights just did what they do on offense, they ran the ball. Their defense has improved by leaps and bounds since the first two games. Go Army!

Georgia 55, Arkansas State 0- The UGA fans showed great class as they wore mostly pink instead of red to honor Arkansas State coach Black Anderson’s wife, Wendy, who had succumbed to breast cancer last month. On the field, the Dawgs beat the stuffings out of the Red Wolves.

Ohio State 51, Indiana 10- the Hoosiers did not even present a challenge to the Buckeyes.

Penn State 17, Pittsburgh 10 – Not a barn-burner of a game, but it ended the way everyone thought it would. Why try for a field goal when you’re seven points down and time is about expired? Friday the 13th weekend is all I can figure.

Auburn 55, Kent State 16 – yeah, yeah, yeah…big deal.

Iowa 18, Iowa State 17 – After a game delay of almost 3 hours because of lightning, the Hawkeyes won their 5th straight against instate rival ISU.

Texas A&M 62 Lamar 3- The Daughter doesn’t care if the Aggies won against lesser competition, the point is that they won.

Temple 20, Maryland 17 – Well, maybe the Terps aren’t as improved as we were led to believe.

BYU 30, USC 27 – It took the Cougars overtime to pull off the upset, but upset the Trojans they did. Clay Helton’s seat has to be torrid.

Cincinnati 35, Miami (OH) 13- The Bearcats got back on their homefield and continued their homefield winning streak.

Tennessee 45, Chattanooga 0 – My, oh my, the Vols finally won a game.

Virginia Tech 24, Furman 17- Struggling win for the Hokies. A really, really struggling win. Paladins (?) were almost too much for the Gobblers.

The Citadel 27, Georgia Tech 24 – Another Friday the 13th weekend win. Georgia Tech forsook the triple option offense this year, and The Citadel’s triple option offense did the Yellow Jackets in.

Air Force 30, Colorado 23 – It appears the Buffs might have started believing their own press.

Minnesota 35, Georgia Southern 32 – The Gophers made this their third comeback win of the season. For the record, this was their third game of the season. Rowing gets tough at this rate.

Oklahoma State 40, Tulsa 21 – The Pokes beat up another team, they need to play someone with some spunk.

Ole Miss 40, Southeast Louisiana 29 – This makes two wins in a row for the Rebels.

Arkansas 55, Colorado State 34 – The Razorbacks found the win column for the first time all year. The year is short thus far.

Miami 63, Bethune-Cookman 0 – This does not indicate the Hurricanes are back.

Wake Forest 24, North Carolina 18 – The comeback kids of the ACC fell short. Wonder what would have happened if that second hadn’t been lost?

Florida 29, Kentucky 21 – In one of the wildest games of the weekend, the Gators were able to make fewer mistakes to claim the victory. Florida QB Felipe Franks was lost for the year, but his replacement didn’t miss a beat.

Washington 52, Hawai’i 20 – The Huskies rocked the Rainbow Warriors. Talk about chardonnay and kale, … .

Virginia 31, Florida State 24 – Did you know there is a trophy for this game? There is, it’s called the “Jefferson-Eppes Trophy”. UVA gets to hold on to it for a while. FSU needs a new coach. Clay Helton might soon be available.

Oklahoma 48, UCLA 14 – no shock value here, but maybe that Chip Kelly hire for the Bruins isn’t paying off. Chip says his players aren’t talented enough to run the “blur” offense. I think Chip may not be talented enough to coach what he’s got.

Texas 41, Rice 6 – yeah, sure, the Longhorns win. But they’d lose if this was a quantum physics bowl.

Clemson 41, Syracuse 6 – Leading by 28 with a minute to go in the game, the Tigers piled it on by adding another touchdown, that’s not nice. Where’s the Cheap Shot coach when you need him?

Alabama A&M 31, North Alabama 24 – What?! How in the world did my Lions lose this game? UNA needs to get it together man!

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