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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Rival Week Cigar Butts

Rivalry Week Cigar Butts

Ohio State 62 Michigan 39 – What was supposed to be the Wolverines’ best chance in years to beat their hated rival, the Buckeyes of Ohio State, tuned into a serious butt whupping. OSU poured it on “that school up north,” and, in the process, destroyed Michigan’s chances of making it to the College Football Playoffs. Talk about a meltdown, this afternoon in Columbus saw one. Everything seemed to be going UM’s way, all they had to do was beat Ohio State and a trip to the Great White North Championship game was theirs. Nope, Talks-a-Lot Harbaugh couldn’t pull it off. Isn’t this what he was brought in to do? Wasn’t this the main gripe about his predecessors? Why, yes, it was! How long are the Michigan fans going to accept losing “The Game”? In the last 15 meetings, the Wolverines have won once. Down south, that would be unacceptable. Can you imagine Auburn losing 14 out of 15 to Bama and keeping their coach?

Alabama 52 Auburn 21 – Speaking of Auburn and Bama, Alabama began very slowly in the first half, the play calling was down right bad, they appeared flat. Auburn, however, was playing like they were intent on an upset, sneaking in cheap shots whenever they could, but making legitimate plays against the vaunted Tide defense, too. And the offense, the Tigers – or are they the War Eagles – or is War Eagle a battle cry and not a bird, and, if so, who flies around the stadium on game day? Questions, questions, – but Auburn blocked a Bama punt and subsequently scored their second touchdown. At the half, Bama was ahead 17-14. Rabid Bama fans spoke in hushed tones during the halftime, some had hypertension, but some of us simply had dangerously high blood pressure. Then there was the third quarter and the narrative changed. The Crimson Tide offense switched into high gear and passed and ran off with the game. By the end of game, Tua Tagovailoa had thrown for five touchdowns and run for another. Even Jalen Hurts, relieving Tua in the fourth quarter, threw a touchdown pass. The defense was not as dominant as we’ve grown used to, but they, too, stepped it up in the second half and allowed only one score. It was a great game (in my opinion). And the opinions of ALL knowledgeable football experts. Excepting those covering the BIG Great White North. Roll Tide!

Washington 28 Washington State 15 – In the blinding snowstorm of the Apple Cup in Pullman, Washington, the visiting Huskies upset the CFP hopeful Cougars. Maybe the snow had something to do with grounding the WSU passing attack, that’s a bit understandable, but the Cougs’ defense let them down. They allowed U-Dub’s RB Myles Gaskin to run for 180 yards, and, in the fourth quarter, he broke free for an 80-yard touchdown run, putting the game out of reach. Wazzu had nothing left in the tank, as they watched their chance of winning the PAC-12 North become buried beneath the accumulating snow. On the plus side, by Washington winning, they pretty ensured that no team from their conference was going to the playoffs, yet again.

Texas A&M 74 LSU 72 – In a game that tied the NCAA record for the most overtimes, and set a new record for points scored, A&M and LSU went at it for one full game and seven (7) overtimes, neither one quitting. When Aggie QB Kellen Mond connected with Kendrick Rogers for the final two-point conversion to win the game, both squads were too exhausted to celebrate or cry. There was a bit of premature celebration by LSU in the fourth quarter when it appeared the Tigers had sealed the victory with an interception. The players even doused Gatorade on HC Ed Orgeron, but after review showed that Mond’s knee was down before he threw they ball, the interception was reversed giving the Aggies a last gasp to tie the game. By the time it finally ended, Orgeron’s shirt had all dried out. A&M didn’t waste their new life. Maybe not the most artistic football game ever, but certainly among the most exhausting. I am surprised that The Daughter’s heart withstood the pressure. Proud of her for sticking with the game. Impressed that the Aggies won it. What about me? I’m and old man, and I stuck with it.

Oklahoma 59 West Virginia 56 – Not a whole lot of defense here, the Sooners scored two defensive touchdowns on horrid miscues by Mountaineer QB Will Grier, but that was they only way they stopped WVU. West Virginia, of course didn’t stop Oklahoma, either. So, in this offensive showdown, these two teams kept slinging the ball down field. By winning, OU assured themselves a trip to the Big 12 that only has ten schools championship game to face Texas, again. Earlier this year, the Sooners crossed the Red River to do battle with the Longhorns and that’s why OU has one loss. Will history repeat itself? I’ll let you know next week.

Georgia 45 Georgia Tech 21 – UGA had more hate then the Yellow Jackets. I guess, they certainly had a more lethal football team.

Florida 41 Florida State 14 – The Seminoles now have their first losing season since….well…the 80s?!

Penn State 38 Maryland 3- Yeah, sure, worked out the way it should have

Northwestern 24 Illinois 16 – The Wildcats are headed to the Championship game to play Ohio State. Beating the Illini by seven points is good, but doesn’t scare the Buckeyes after they beat Michigan by 23.

Syracuse 42 Boston College 21 – The Orange have become a good team, BC was no push-over, but Syracuse made it look like they were

Miami 24 Pitt 3 – Last year the Panthers upended the Hurricanes when they were ranked and Pitt wasn’t. “The U” just returned the favor. Oh, boy, Pitt gets to play Clemson this next week.

Clemson 56 South Carolina 35 – Did anyone have much hope that the Gamecocks were going to win this one? I didn’t, but my editor did. Hope, yes, but hope is never a course of action.

Kentucky 56 Louisville 10 – nothing like beating the stuffings out of a rival to get back on the winning track

Iowa State 42 K-State 38 – The Wildcats gave a valiant effort but thy Cyclones are fierce

Notre Dame 24 USC 17 – The Irish beat another losing team, but it was a struggle win when it shouldn’t have been.

Texas 24 Kansas 17 – The Longhorns won the game, but, really? They to struggled to put down the Jayhawks? That does not bode well with the Sooners coming to pay a visit with fire in their eyes..

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