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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Rivalry Week or Hate Week!

Rivalry Week
Hate Week!

Mississippi State vs Ole Miss – The Egg Bowl – In 1983 on Nov 19th, MSU attempted a 32 yard field goal attempt to win the Egg Bowl, the kick was spot on accurate but a gust of wind blew so hard that the ball was suspended in mid-air and then it dropped harmlessly to the ground. The Rebels won in what has been called the “Immaculate Deflection” (FYI- I was at that game with my brother who attended Ole Miss). If The Rebels want to win this game, they’re going to need another Divine Intervention.

Texas vs Kansas – Texas should be playing A&M this week, but, for whatever reason, these two schools can’t get over their egos and get this game back on the schedule! Yes, I’m a bit salty about it. Instead the Longhorns will be kicking the Jayhawks around, but they’d better be careful. Last week KU scored 40 points against OU, and that’s before Les Miles was hired. Of course, Miles won’t have anything to do with this one. KU isn’t used to scoring forty points a year, and they might want to do it again.

Houston vs Memphis – I’m not sure if these two schools hate each other, but they definitely don’t like each other. As a matter of fact, does Memphis like anybody? The winner of this matchup will get another chance to lose to Central Florida in the conference championship game. Houston has the better chance since Memphis can’t hold on to a big lead against UCF.

Virginia vs Virginia Tech – The Commonwealth Cup – VA Tech has owned UVA for the past 14 years! If the Cavaliers want to break this streak, now is the time. The Hokies are having a dismal year, very little has gone right for them and they are currently on a four game losing streak. Virginia is having their best year in a long time, but they lost to Georgia Tech last week, so they need to end the season on an upswing. Then again, nothing would make the Hokies smile more than ending their season with a 15th win over their haughty rival. Still picking Virginia.

Oregon vs Oregon State – The Civil War – Neither the Ducks or the Beavers are having a stellar year. Oregon will go bowling while this will be Oregon State’s last game of the year. The Wood-Chuckers would love nothing more than to send the Nike team off with a loss. It’s doubtful that will happen, but they would love nothing more.

UCF vs South Florida – The War on I-4- We’re not talking about a long running rivalry here, they just started this thing in 2016, but they have an I-4 Trophy so it must be legit. Central Florida has won both meetings. The Golden Knights are undefeated and they intend to extend their winning streak so they can make a case for getting into the CFP. I hope they do make it, but they’ll more than likely just get to play on New Year’s Day, which is a good thing! UCF wins this game too.

Oklahoma vs West Virginia – If the Mountaineers want to make it to the Big 12 that only has ten teams championship game, and it’s believed that they do want this, then they have no choice but to beat the Sooners. Oklahoma can still make it to the championship game if they lose, but it’s a sure thing if they win. Both teams have QBs that have had Heisman talk about them, and both of them could still end up in New York, so it’ll be Contender against Contender and they should each have an awesome game where they pile up the passing stats. This could literally come down to whom has the ball last.

Washington vs Washington State – The Apple Cup- This will determine who is going to the PAC-12 Championship game to represent the PAC-12 North. WSU has the better overall record, but in this 21st century, since 2000, the Cougars have only won five times, the last one being in 2012. Washington State has everything going for them. If they win out, there is a chance, A CHANCE, that they could make it into the CFP. The Huskies are not going to make it to the playoffs, but they have some sort of hex over their cross state rival, they just somehow or another seem to wind up with the win. Well, this year that jinx gets broken. Cougars are going win.

Michigan vs Ohio State – The Game – This hasn’t been much of a game lately. In the past 20 years, Michigan has only won five times and OSU has won six straight. Michigan hired ‘Jim Talk-a-lot- Harbaugh to counter Urban Meyer, but that hasn’t worked out very well. Talk-a-lot has not beaten the Buckeyes during his entire coaching career. Michigan has a better defense but they don’t have the explosive offense to play catch up. This year the game is at the Horseshoe, and by all the stats, and records, and momentum, the Wolverines should win, but they’re not going to. The Buckeyes are going to thump the guys from “up north” again. Michigan fans, welcome to Chokes-giving.

Georgia Tech vs Georgia – Good Ole Fashion Hate – If anything, one has to love the name of this rivalry. Tech is actually playing better than most people believed they would, including me. Georgia had that one tiny, little slip up against LSU, but other than that, they’ve been great. No reason whatsoever to think the Bulldogs are not going to continue playing at a high level. Tech may hate UGA, they may want to beat them, they’re going to try and beat them, but it is not going to happen. Probably.

Florida vs Florida State – The Sunshine Showdown – FSU is playing terribly, just terribly, and, honestly, they haven’t shown any improvement over the course of the season. Florida may not be an elite team, or even a great team, but they are somewhat-sorta- good. The Gators are going to Chomp on the Seminoles all game long.

Purdue vs Indiana – Old Oaken Bucket- This rivalry is considered by some to be one of the most intense collegiate rivalries in the US. It was voted in the top five best rivalries, top five, people, but that’s when it’s basketball season. Football is not that intense in the Hoosier State. This year, both schools are playing to see which is guaranteed to have a losing record and who will just break even.

North Carolina vs North Carolina State – for a rivalry that dates back to 1894, they really should have a name for it. How about the “Tobacco Game,” or the “Moonshine Bowl”? Heck, it would be alright if they just called it the “Battle of Blue and Red”, but come up with some name, for crying out loud. There is a possibility that UNC will win this year, for nothing is guaranteed, but the Wolfpack winning is about as sure of a thing anyone is going to come close to. I don’t care if it is being played at Chapel Hill, that’s like only 20 miles from the campus of NCSU.

Auburn vs Alabama – The Iron Bowl- Last year the sorry , little, freakin’ Tigers beat my Crimson Tide and kept them from going to the SEC Championship game. It turned out alright as we won the National title, but the Auburn victory over us cannot be forgiven. Now it’s time for revenge, and I’m talking stone cold, hard core, revenge! It would be nice if the Plainsmen thought the wrath of the Living God was being hailed down upon them! Like, fire and brimstone, but since we aren’t in charge of that, I will settle for Bama just running up the score on them. But, truth be told, just win, Bama, JUST WIN! I don’t care how you do it, or what has to be done, just do it, just freakin’ win the game!

Arizona State vs Arizona – The Duel in the Desert- Both teams are rebuilding this year, but the Sun Devils seem to have caught on quicker than the Wildcats. Strange things happen in the desert, so it’s not a sure thing, either way. I’m betting on Arizona State to win, but I’m not betting a lot of money on it.

Minnesota vs Wisconsin – Paul Bunyan’s Axe- Badgers have owned the Gophers, as in, literally owned them. As in Minnehaha has won this game five times since 1990. It’s taken them three decades to record five wins and the last time they beat the Badgers was in 2003. The games haven’t even been close. BUT, the way scripted “W’s” are playing, it would be primetime for the Golden Gophers to take advantage of the Badger lack of defense and blow Wisconsin away. Minnesota needs this game to become bowl eligible, which might, just might, give them the edge.

Tennessee vs Vanderbilt – The Commodores have won the past two years, and, verily, they’ll more than likely win it again. The Vols are a terrible team, Vandy just beat Ole Miss, yes, there was questionable call, but they still won.

South Carolina vs Clemson – The Palmetto Series – There was a time when The Gamecocks could be counted on to win this game, or at least be competitive, but that was when Steve Spurrier was the head coach. He is not the head coach there anymore, and Will Muschamp is no Steve Spurrier. Clemson is undefeated, on a roll, and will have no trouble whatsoever beating a sub-par USC-South team. Kinda think this could even get ugly, a little bit.

LSU vs Texas A&M – The Aggies have not had good luck against ranked teams. If they could have beaten Clemson when they had the chance, it could have made a difference, but they didn’t. Now, they are facing yet another top ten team. LSU is not as good as they are projected, they are vulnerable, the Aggies need to get their running game to work, because if they have to pass the ball, they’re sunk. For the sake of the Daughter, I’m picking A&M to win.

Notre Dame vs USC – They call this a rivalry, and I guess it is, but it’s not a good one. These two teams don’t seem to hate each other like a rival should. Besides, USC is going to get smoked in this game. Wonder who the Trojans are going to hire for their new coach? They haven’t fired this one yet? Oh, ok, I’ll meet you in the parking lot after the game and ask this question.

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