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Week 12 Preview

Week 12 Preview 


Alabama vs The Citadel – St. Saban has announced that Tua Tagovailoa is going to play this weekend and he is going to start. I’m willing to bet my paycheck that he is not playing at the end of the second quarter, as most, if not all, the starters will be out by then. The Bulldogs of The Citadel will get a huge paycheck and enjoy some wonderful Southern Hospitality. As someone said to Alice, I think it was on the other side of the Looking Glass; “Beware the jabberwocky!” Watch out, Bama.

Ohio State vs Maryland – With all the turmoil in Maryland, it makes one wonder if there are some witches gathered around a smoldering cauldron, stirring their brew as they quote, “Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.” Ohio State will win, but it won’t be pretty. Just call Texas and get the lowdown on playing Maryland at home.

Florida vs Idaho – The Gators are going to end up with a darn good looking win/loss record as they close out their season against two teams with losing records, but they’re still not as good as their schedule says. Idaho, I’m not sure, has ever played in a stadium this big before, doubt they’re going to pull off a “Hickory” upset. (If you don’t get the reference, Shame on You! Go watch the movie Hoosiers!)

Middle Tennessee vs Kentucky – Since UK lost to Tennessee last week, I have lost all faith in the Wildcats, I mean they lost to UT. MTSU is from Tennessee but they are not Tennessee, and back in my college days I did enjoy a night at MTSU (everyone can read about that in my ebook, found on Amazon, called “Such A Night” by Jefferson Sutton…shameless plug? Yes, yes it is). Raiders defy logic, beat Vols.

Arkansas vs Mississippi State – Last week the Razorbacks caused LSU to catch their breath. They still got beat, but it a heck of a lot closer than the Bayou Bengals believed possible. MSU was shutout by Bama, and it is highly doubtful they will fail to score two weekends in a row. The Bulldogs could actually drop this one.

Northwestern vs Minnesota – It is evident that the Gophers are getting better, how much better is hard to say. If they could upset Division champion Northwestern…doubtful…, that would give us a clearer picture of how much better they’re doing. The Wildcats, on the other hand, cannot afford a let-down after clinching their first all expense paid trip to the Great White North Championship game.

Utah vs Colorado – The Utes have to win this game or they won’t be going to the PAC-12 Championship game. Colorado needs this game to become bowl eligible, and they would love to knock the Utes down a notch in the process. It’s possible for the Buffs to win, it’s a home game, but the Utes are just playing better.

Utah State vs Colorado State – Utah State is leading the list of teams in the
Mountain West Conference, and, if they win here, which they should, then the MWC crown is all theirs for the taking. Colorado State has no chance of making the post season so they better roll the dice and go for the upset.

Syracuse vs Notre Dame – Believe it or not, this will more than likely be the Irish’s biggest test. The Orange have become a pretty good team, and since this game is not being played on Notre Dame’s home field, the Irish could actually lose. Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx, has been very friendly to Notre Dame over the years, but it doesn’t have the Touchdown Deity overlooking the field. No one has bloodied the Irish’ snozz this season, so we don’t know how the Echoes will respond when challenged. Something tells me we’ll get to see on Saturday.

West Virginia vs Oklahoma State – expect another high scoring, offense-fueled extravaganza! There will be lots and lots of passes, with touchdowns scored left and right, the audience will be amazed. Don’t expect either team to produce any defensive highlights, but the offenses will be on fire.

Boston College vs Florida State – I remember reading a quote from an old NFL player in which he said, when Dick Butkus’s knees got bad and he wasn’t able to play at a top level, the other players loved taking shots at him because of all the years he had dominated. Kind-of makes me think that’s what happening to Florida State. Everyone is enjoying kicking them while they are down. My advice is to keep kicking, cause I don’t see Willie Taggart turning this war party fiasco around anytime soon.

Indiana vs Michigan – It would be nice if Indiana could pull off an upset but this game is in Ann Arbor, and the Wolverine defense is just playing too well right now. BUT, next week, they take on hated Ohio State. I hope they don’t get caught looking ahead. Or do I? Which do I want to win, the Buckeyes or the Wolverines? Neither.

UMass vs Georgia – Yeah, hmmm, UMass doesn’t have a prayer;- sorry, but they don’t. Still hope they have a good time in the State of Georgia, enjoy some southern cooking, and seeing all those Georgia Peaches.

Colgate vs Army – This could be tough for the Black Knights. Colgate is undefeated and looking to stay that way. Army would love nothing more than to beat Navy, but ruining the Raiders’ perfect season comes in a close second this week. Why? Just Cause they can. There is nothing that a determined Infantryman cannot accomplish! (see history of the fall of Babylon for verification) Go Army!

Michigan State vs Nebraska – The Cornhuskers have won only three games this season. They were simply awful to start the season, just awful, but now they seem to have caught on to what Coach Frost has been preaching. MSU, good gosh, who knows how they are going to play? Michigan State used to be the most schizophrenic team to ever take the field. This year, the Spartans have reverted to form. Nebraska will win.

Pitt vs Wake Forest – would not be surprised, at all, if the Deacons win this game. Pitt ought to win. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. We’ll see.

NC State vs Louisville – Oh, Lawdy, this game could get ugly. Louisville, bless their hearts, has lost four members of their coaching staff, all related, plus the AD in charge of travel expenses. NC State has their feelings hurt. Wolfpack avenges past wrongs.

TCU vs Baylor – just for the fun of it, I’m picking Baylor, but the truth is, who knows? Both teams are in deep trouble, but Baylor could conceivably make the post season.

Tulsa vs Navy – this is a battle to see who will own the basement of the American Conference. That’ll be the Midshipmen.

Wisconsin vs Purdue – The Boilermakers need a win here, and they just might get it. The Badgers are in desperate need of a Quarterback that can throw passes to guys in red shirts – or white, if the occasion demands, but NOT black or grey.

Virginia vs Georgia Tech – Did y’all know that the Virginia team has been doing the Diamond Dallas page yoga system? Yeah, for two years now, they’ve made this part of their training. As for the game, yeah, sure, UVA will win, unless the Jackets do.

Miami vs Virginia Tech – There was a time in the not so distant past where both these teams were thought to be good. The Hokies need this game more than the Hurricanes and it’s on VaTech’s home field, so picking VA Tech.

Missouri vs Tennessee – Can the Vols pull yet another upset? No, no they can’t.

USC vs UCLA – Coach Helton said he is very confident of his standing as the Trojan Head Coach. And Varro was completely confident he was going to defeat Hannibal. This is not going to end well, regardless of whether UCLA emerges victorious or not.

Duke vs Clemson –Duke has played well all year, and, if this was a physics bowl, I’d bet the farm on Duke. But it’s not, and Clemson is going to win.

UAB vs Texas A&M – the Daughter will still watch and have plenty of times to yell at QB Mond for making terrible decisions. Come on, A&M, recruit a good quarterback, like Kyler Murray. Oh, you DID recruit him, but he couldn’t make the first team? May I ask, who beat him out? Aggies still win, even though the Blazers don’t now about Kyler Murray.

Kansas vs Oklahoma – KU will score, more than once, but that’s because the OU defense is so bad. The Sooners will win, but not in a shutout.

Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt – Believe it or not, Vandy is not the underdog. Wow!

Stanford vs California – These two teams are practically neighbors, so, of course, they hate each other. You want to know who’ll win? Stanford. Cal. Stanford or Cal. Cal or Stanford. Boise State.

Iowa State vs Texas – This is going to be a good game, maybe the best game all weekend. Picking the Cyclones with my heart.

Arizona vs Washington State – the “Mustache” will reign over the Wildcats

Arizona State vs Oregon – There is a scenario where Arizona State wins the PAC-12 South, but for that to work out they have to beat Oregon and have Utah lose to Colorado. Come on ASU!

No news from North Alabama. Lions turned in all their pads, season finished. Not with a whimper, but with a ROAR!!!

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