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Cigar Butts Week 11

Cigar Butts Week 11

Alabama 24 Mississippi State 0 – Alabama played, “Running Da Bawl”, to begin the game, and it worked. The Bulldogs were taken off guard and were out of sync. The score at the end of the first quarter was 14-0. In the second quarter, MSU had begun adjusting their defense and they were able to slow down the run, but not stop it. So, Bama unleashed what they really wanted to do, their passing game. The results were mixed. Tua, the wonder kid, did okay, but not his usual amazing self. Alabama scored one more touchdown before halftime. The third quarter was the first time Tua has not been able to lead the offense into some kind of a score. He didn’t play in the fourth quarter, which is his m.o., it seems, but this time it wasn’t because Bama was out-of-sight ahead. It is undeniable that his Right knee has a problem, he doesn’t trust it, and it’s affecting his passing. I don’t care how many times Saint Saban says there’s nothing seriously wrong with Tua’s knee, there is something seriously wrong with Tua’s knee. The Alabama defense rose to the occasion, dynamically proved, yet again, that Fitzgerald isn’t the unstoppable runner he fancies himself to be, stonewalled MSU the rest of the game. The Bulldogs got two shots into the endzone, one should have been good, but it doesn’t matter, Gary Danielsen. Perhaps the offense has slipped a bit with their Heisman candidate gimpy, so the defense has developed into the prototypical Alabama defense. Thou shalt not pass. Next week the Tide plays the Citadel, yet another Bulldog team. Highly doubtful there will be an upset, but South Carolina took the Citadel lightly a couple of years ago, and we remember that fiasco. Tua, hopefully, will use this time to heal and get the offense ready to face Auburn, who must be crushed with no mercy. Thus spake Zarathruska. Roll Tide.

Oklahoma 48 Oklahoma State 47 – Literally, there was no defense in this game. Sure, there were guys that made the perfunctionary tackle, but not to the point of calling it a defensive effort. Both teams showed a lot of offensive firepower, however. OSU’s QB Taylor Cornelius threw for 501 yards, while OU’s Kyler Murray threw for 349 yards. OSU ran for 139 yards, while OU rushed for 349 yards. That’s a total of 640 yards for State, 702 yards for OU. There are people out there saying Kyler Murray for the Heisman, but, honestly, he was outplayed by OSU’s QB Cornelius, so I’m not buying that argument. This is the same Kyler Murray who couldn’t win the starting assignment at A&M when Sumlin was still the Head Coach. However, Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy showed that he had guts. With less than two minutes remaining, OSU scored a touchdown, making it 48 to 47. All they had to do was kick the extra point and go into overtime against their hated rival. Instead, Gundy went for two and the win. They had the right play called and the receiver was open, but an errant pass cost the Cowpokes the game. No matter, way to go, Gundy. You can’t win if you don’t try.

Penn State 22 Wisconsin 10 – The Badgers have a serious QB problem, as in, they need a good one. Reserve QB Jake Coan went 9-20, for 60 yards, and 2 INT’s. The Badgers were supposed to take their division of the Great White North, but that’s not going to happen. Wisconsin is a totally one dimensional team, and even with every team in the nation knowing it, they’re still able to run the ball rather well. Penn State played okay, but basically just improved their bowl status.

Georgia 27 Auburn 10 – In the Oldest Rivalry of the South, the Dawgs outplayed the Tigers. For most of the first half it was a game. UGA was able to move the ball around, but stalled when they reached the redzone, relying on their “Hotrod” kicker to score points. Auburn was competitive, and they looked like they were going to play the Dawgs tit for tat. BUT, right before halftime, Georgia scored two touchdowns and hammered the lid on Auburn’s coffin. How did they do it? Simple, they ran the ball! An occasional pass for variety kept Auburn off balance. The Plainsmen, however, rely completely on the passing game, which didn’t work out for them. After halftime, there wasn’t much exciting until RB D’Andre Swift ripped off a 77 yard touchdown run just to add insult to injury.

Ohio State 26 Michigan State 6 – Anybody have any ideas how to release the Spartan from the curse they seem to be under? Anybody? For a team that has plenty of talent the Buckeyes sure do mess things up. Ohio State is not the contender they were thought to be, simply, they are just not that good. Michigan State snapped the ball over the punters head while in the endzone, and then they fumbled the ball in the endzone for OSU to recover for a touchdown. OSU gets to warm up for Michigan with Maryland next week.

Notre Dame 42 Florida State 13 – Hey, everyone! The Irish beat another inept, losing team! Have they beaten anyone with a pulse? Okay, okay, Michigan. And Northwestern. And Pitt. Pitt? Really?

LSU 24 Arkansas 17 – As if there was any doubt

Texas 41 Texas Tech 34 – this score is not indicative of how the game went. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that TT scored 24 points to make it interesting.

Clemson 27 Boston College 7 – This was not the blow out I thought it would be, but it was a beat down

Northwestern 14 Iowa 10 – The Wildcats clinched their first Division Title. Whoever bet on Northwestern winning the Eastern Division at the start of the year just made bank in Vegas.

Wake Forest 27 NC State 23 – Wake Forest beat NC State! Oh, man, how in the world did that happen?

Syracuse 54 Louisville 23 – this was a total beat down. I wonder who’s going to coach the Cardinals next year?

Boise State 24 Fresno State 17 – The Broncos reclaim the Milk Can. Man, am I surprised.

Washington State 31 Colorado 7 – Figured the Cougars wouldn’t need a fourth quarter comeback.

West Virginia 47 TCU 10 – yep, went as expected.

Tennessee 24 Kentucky 7 – The Vols actually won, cannot believe they pulled it off.

Florida 35 South Carolina 31 – USC- South had ‘em, but in the fourth they allowed the Gators to score twice and take the game.

Iowa State 28 Baylor 14 – Baylor did not take this beating well and a couple of fights broke out. Every member of both squads was charged with an Unsportsmanlike conduct.
UCF 35 Navy 24– Ok, not a tsunami.

Kansas State 21 Kansas 17 – The Jayhawks almost had it, almost, almost,…but not quite.

Texas A&M 38 Ole Miss 24 – Alright the Aggies are now bowl eligible! Might not be as much as they expected when the hired Coach Jimbo Fisher.

Missouri 33 Vanderbilt 28– the Tigers had to come from behind, against Vanderbilt! Just let that sink in. And, at home.

Army 31 Lafayette 13 – Army is rolling and peaking at the right time. A ten-win season is within reach! Go Army! Beat Navy – again.

Nebraska 54 Illinois 35 – The Cornhuskers are getting better. Remember, right here in CSF, I said you’d better kick the Huskers while they’re down, cause they ain’t gonna stay down.

Arizona State 31 UCLA 28 – The Herm Train is rolling! They won’t win the PAC-12, but they are rolling.

Pitt 52 Virginia Tech 22 – The Hokies are in serious trouble, seriously.

Minnesota 41 Purdue 10 – Good for the Gophers! How did Purdue beat Ohio State?

Utah 32 Oregon 25 – Yeah, ok…good for the Utes.

Georgia Tech 27 Miami 21 – does anyone remember when people were saying the Hurricanes were back? Where is ‘back’, exactly?

California 15 USC 14 – Speaking of new coaches, when do you think the Trojans will try and get Pete Carroll back?

North Alabama 31 North Greenville 28 – The mighty Lions close out their inaugural 1AA season with a victory! Ending this season at 7-3. Not bad for the new comers. Roar Lions!

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