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Cigar Butts Week 5

Cigar Butts Week 5

Alabama 56 , Louisiana Lafayette 14 – The outcome was predestined. Alabama was going to win this game, but it was the fashion in which they won it. By the end of the first quarter, it was 28-0, and Tau had been relieved of his quarterbacking turn. Second quarter, with the second string team, Bama scored 21 points and Hurts took his seat in the relaxation sidelines. Third quarter, third string, this bunch scored seven points, making the tally 56-0. Mach Jones threw his first TD pass for the Tide. Then, the unspeakable happened! Bama’s defense (fourth string) allowed the Ragin’ Cajuns to score 14 points! What the heck Bama? Oh, well, they still won. If Tua ever has to play in the second half, should Bama drop out of the CFB Number 1?

Clemson 27 Syracuse 23– The orange-clad Tigers from South Carolina had a very hard time with Orange from New York;- a VERY hard time! I’m not sure it it’s the fact they both wear ugly orange, and they become invisible to each other, but Syracuse socked it to the home team, knocking Clemson’s remaining QB out of the game. This put the uglier orange team in a bind. Enter the third string guy, a freshman Chase Bricewho led them on a come-from-behind victory drive. Once again, Clemson showed they cannot do without a star QB. Back-up Brice did a fine job yesterday against ‘Cuse, but they need for their boy, Lawrence, to clear his head.

Florida 13 Mississippi State 6- Something is wrong at MSU. Something is very, very wrong. The Bulldog offense should be much better. They touted receivers are dropping balls that hit them right in the hands. The QB play is also slipping, to the extent as to have slipped plumb out of sight. Fitzgerald plods like tired plow horse, but with less power. The running game, oh yes, is there a running game? Let’s see, yep, that about cover the offense. The defense, however, has played pretty well, but they can’t spend all their time on the field. Good gosh, they spent so much out there by the fourth quarter that they were just plumb wore out. Florida is not that good, but, given that many opportunities, even Wannamaker Grade School team would score.

Ohio State 27 Penn State 26– For the second year in a row, they Nittany Lions let a second half double digit lead slip away. Things were going PSU’s way, almost everything. QB McSorley passed for 286 yards and 2 TD’s, then ran for 175 yards. BUT, he couldn’t do everything. Ohio State didn’t get anything going until the fourth quarter. They scored 13 points, and for the last TD they had to mount a 94-yard drive to win the game. Penn State has a big problem, they can’t close out a big game. Ohio State showed they are not invulnerable, as well, but they were able to “Endeavor to persevere.” Luckily for the Buckeyes, they have an easy road up until facing Michigan and Michigan State. You have to wonder how tough those two teams will be, after seeing both MSU and Um bite the dust already this year? Penn State has a tougher row to hoe.

Michigan 20, Northwestern 17 – The Wolverines spotted the Wildcats 17 points, then spent the rest of the game overcoming the deficit. Maybe they enjoyed the challenge, but it’s not a good way to impress the Playoff Committee. Not sure if this shows how weak UM is, or if they are gathering strength, but the Maize and Blue needs to get it together, and, let’s be honest, after this many years under Coach Jim Harbaugh, they should already have it together. If they do, it ain’t much in their pile. Ohio State is drooling at the prospect of playing them again.

LSU 45, Ole Miss 16 – I admit it, I did not think LSU would be this good. I was wrong. I’m not saying they are great, but they are good, and against the Rebels, they had zero problems scoring points, or stopping Ole Miss from scoring any. I thought the Rebs would at least match them touchdown for touchdown for a half, or even quarter. Nope. The Bayou Bengals did whatever they wanted, when the wanted. Come November, we might have a big old fashioned showdown between them and Alabama:- in Baton Rouge, no less.

Kentucky 24 South Carolina 10 – Maybe the SEC East better start taking UK seriously. They opened up a big ole butt whooping on the Gamecocks and there was scant USC-South could do about it. The Wildcats not only have an offense, but, what the heck, they have a defense, too. I’m not saying they are going to challenge Georgia for the crown of the SEC East, but I’m putting them in second place right now. Has Coach ‘Boom’ Muschamp ever won a big game?

Georgia 38 Tennessee 12 –UGA won the game, yes, and they won it by a pretty good point spread. BUT, there were plenty of times that they had to struggle against the Vols. Georgia should have been better, maybe they were overlooking Tennessee, and that’s not hard to do, for the Vols truly suck, but UGA should still have done better. They played pretty well, I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re terrible, but they may be less terrible.

Auburn 24 Southern Miss 13 – Again the Tigers struggled when they shouldn’t have. Overlook, again? Maybe, but, come on, they can’t keep this up. It’s going to bit them on the butt sooner or later in their schedule.

West Virginia 42, Texas Tech 34 – WVU shot off to a lead of 28-7 by the end of the first quarter. Then, they two teams went back and forth, and, in the fourth quarter, Texas Tech gave the impression of making a comeback and darn near pulled it off, but didn’t. One of these days one of the these two teams will develop a defense, but it ain’t now.

Texas A&M 24 Arkansas 17 – in what Jerry Jones calls the Southwest Classic, the Aggies pulled it out, but they didn’t play like they did against Clemson or Bama. Maybe those games took something out of them, but they need to regain that spark cause, I mean, really, Arkansas lost to North Texas rather badly. It could have been Tennessee lining up against the Aggies. The Daughter let me know she is not happy with how they played, but she was happy with the outcome.

NC State 35 Virginia 21 – It took the Wolfpack a quarter to get their motor running, but once they did it was all go. UVA game them a good game, but the Cavs were overmatched. I like the Wolfpack that should be just the Wolves.

Army 42 Buffalo 13 – The Black Knights let it rip against the Bulls in Buffalo. So the Army goes rolling along!

Florida State 28 Louisville 24 – pretty much went the way everyone thought it would, no surprises. Neither team is worth much, frankly.

Washington State 28 Utah 24 – Got to watch this game at the gym and it was a fun game to watch! Back and forth they went, but the Cougars pulled it out. WSU is fun to watch cause you never know what’s going to happen.

Washington 35 BYU 7 – The Huskies are quietly trying to make up for that loss to Auburn. Xin loi, it ain’t gonna happen.

VA Tech 31 Duke 14 – The Hokies will never make up for that loss to Old Dominion, but downing undefeated Duke was a start. Next week, Notre Dame.

TCU 17 Iowa State 14- Kind-of, sort-of thought the Cyclones would win, but they didn’t.

Arizona State 52 Oregon State 24– Basically the Sun Devils forked the Beavers.

USC 24 Arizona 20 – the Trojans should not have had that much trouble with the confused and confusing Wildcats.

Purdue 42 Nebraska 28 – Maybe the Cornhuskers will win a game this year, maybe not.

Texas 19 Kansas State 14 – These teams are headed in opposite directions. UT is on the way up, KSU on the way down. Both are unfortunate.

Oklahoma 66 Baylor 33 – Anybody shocked by this? Anyone?

Campbell 30 North Alabama 7 – Honestly I had no idea that Campbell had a good football team, but it appears they do because they beat my Lions. Which, as we all know, means that I must hate them and I do.

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