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Cigar Butts Week 2

Cigar Butts Week 2

Alabama 57 Arkansas State 7 – Needless to say, the Crimson Tide had little to no problem with the Red Wolves. Why isn’t there a college team with the mascot, “Wolves”? It’s just too good of a nickname not to have. Both Tagovailoa and Hurts threw touchdown passes, but, let’s be honest, if neither of them could in this game then they shouldn’t playing at Alabama. The Defense was completely dominant and Arkansas State didn’t even come close to moving the ball until the Bama backups were in. It was a good warm up to get ready for Ole Miss next week.

Clemson 28 Texas A&M 26– The Tigers found themselves in one heck of a fight. The Aggies are a completely different team than they were last year. There is still work to do, but, what an improvement! At no time during the game did A&M ever quit. It was the last minutes of the game where they darn near got the upset, or, at least a tie to go into overtime. Clemson, however, has a quarterback problem. True freshman Trevor Lawrence turned in a heck of performance. When he is given the starting reins, and that’ll more than likely happen this season, the Tigers will be even more explosive.

Georgia 41 South Carolina 17– I seriously thought South Carolina would have given the Dawgs a better fight, but they didn’t. Not only were they tripping all over themselves, mistakes after mistakes, but Georgia is just flat-out good. There might be a weakness in the UGA team, but it’s not a glaring one. Unless they decide not to show up for a game, doubtful, more than likely, they won’t lose. Already booking them a bus ride to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game. I mean, seriously, who’s going to stop them, Tennessee? HA!

Oklahoma 49 UCLA 21 – For the first part of this game it appeared the Bruins were going to give the Sooners a good game. They paused the action for halftime, and OU came out and laid a whoppin’ on ‘em. UCLA scored a couple times in the fourth quarter, but the outcome was already decided.

Mississippi State 31 Kansas State 10 – The Bulldogs had no Wildcat troubles at all. Everything they wanted to do, they did. RB Hill was unstoppable. KSU, bless their hearts, did all they could to stay in the game, but KSU didn’t have the horses. Valiant effort, but Mississippi State is legit!

Stanford 17 USC 3 – I am not afraid to admit that I was wrong. I said Stanford didn’t have it in them to beat up on USC, and that the Trojans were going to crush the Cardinal. That didn’t happen. Instead, RB Love remembered he could actually run the ball, which he did. USC might not be as poor a team as I thought they were.

Penn State 51 Pittsburgh 6 – This was going to be an upset, Pitt was going to turn in one of those performances that would make the nation blink their eyes and take notice. Well, I was wrong again. Not just a little wrong, either, I completely stepped in it. PSU walked all over the Panthers. Walked on them, stomped them, and dragged their cleats. Maybe Penn State is going to be who we thought they were at the start of the season.

Arizona State 16 Michigan State 13 – on this game, I get to say “Neener-neener” Arizona State pulled the upset and I said strange things happen in the desert and it did. In the fourth quarter the Sun Devils scored 13 points to win the game. Herm Edwards is already making ASU a far better team.

Kentucky 27 Florida 16 – Hello, “Ken-tuck-ee!” After losing to the Gators for 31 years, the Wildcats waded into the swamp and ended the losing streak! Not ready to put UK up for the SEC East title, but, what a great win! Good for the Wildcats.

Notre Dame 24 Ball State 16 – The Irish won, good for them, but it was a struggle win against Ball State. Still not buying that ND is a top ten team.

TCU 42 SMU 12 – Should Ohio State be worried about the Horn Frogs? Yes…yes they should. We’ll find out next week.

Ohio State 52 Rutgers 3 – yawn, another “gimmee” win for the Buckeyes, who have yet to be tested.

Nebraska lost to Colorado 33-28. But the Cornhuskers had ‘em, they had ‘em. One careless unnecessary roughness penalty gave the Buffs a new set of downs and CU capitalized on the gift. They scored, game over, Coach Frost loses his first game as the Huskers Head Coach.

Michigan, Miami, Oregon, West Virginia, Washington, Auburn, Wisconsin, and LSU all had easy wins.

Army rolled all over Liberty

Houston destroyed Arizona.

Duke surprised Northwestern, 21-7

South Florida gored Georgia Tech behind former Alabama/Arizona State quarterback, Blake Barnett.

Kansas beat Central Michigan, earning their first road game win since 2009. There were chants of, “We want Bama”. Perhaps the Jayhawks got a little carried away. What if they got what they asked for?

North Alabama cut up Alabama A&M to go 2-0 as a Division 1-AA member. Roar Lions! Next week, against North Dakota State, there might…might…be a problem.

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