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Week 12 Preview

Week 12 Preview


131Michigan vs Wisconsin– this is the game that the Badgers have been pointing toward since the start of the season. Not that they are particularly rivals of Michigan, but it’s the only ranked team on their schedule. Michigan enters a bit banged up, they will be starting their third quarterback of the year in freshman Brandon Peters. Just going by the stats, the Badgers have one of the best defenses in the nation, but don’t look too hard at who they played;- that would be cheating. Michigan also boasts a stats-worthy defense and they’ve actually played one or two better teams then the Badgers. Of course, the Wolverines lost those two games (Michigan State and Penn State) but that’s beside the point. Wisconsin has the home field advantage (15 points) and teams in the Great White North do not play well unless they are at home, so, of course, we’re picking Wisconsin.

Virginia vs Miami – The Hurricanes are a huge favorite over the Cavaliers. After all, they just got done destroying Notre Dame and have moved up in the rankings, all the way to the top four. UVA, on the other hand, has struggled to achieve six wins, which is a huge improvement over last year. More than likely the Canes will win this game with ease, BUT, if they enter this game thinking it’s going to be handed to them, and all they have to do is show up, they’ll lose. Stranger things have happened and will again.

Mississippi State vs Arkansas – At the start of the season this game looked like a sure fire winner for the viewers;- now…not so much. The Bulldogs have done their part to attract viewers, and come in looking strong.210 Arkansas has not lived up to expectations and they are just a flat team. No way around it, the Hogs needs help across the board and it’s not an easy fix. If they lose this game they have zero opportunity to make it to a bowl. Mostly the Bulldogs ruin the Razorback’s day. I wonder if Bielema is looking for job opportunities up north? Jeff Long, the Arkansas AD and former Chairman of the Committee, is already out of a job.

Minnesota vs Northwestern – I like Minnesota and I like what first year coach PJ Fleck is doing there. The Gophers are playing better and doing better than they did last year. They might not make it to a bowl this year, but they are on a long term rowing project that I think it will pay off. Northwestern didn’t start the year off well, losing three, but they have been on a five game win streak and doing better than most thought they would. Something about this game that says Ski-U-Muh is going to win. Just a gut feeling, even though they’re away from home.

105SMU vs Memphis – Just in case people have forgotten, Memphis is rated number #21 and they’ve only lost one game, to Central Florida, and, so far, everyone has lost to Central Florida, so no shame there. The Tigers are playing like Champions and could soon find themselves in the AAC Championship game, where they’ll have a chance to redeem their loss to Central Florida. But, before that, they have to ride down the Mustangs. SMU is a complete surprise this year in how well they have been playing. I hope the Tigers enjoy all this winning because I have a feeling they’re going to be looking for a new coach when Mike Norvell leaves for a bigger pond.

Army vs North Texas – Last year the Black Knights played the Mean Green twice, losing in the regular season only to beat the Big Green in the post season. The Knights of the Hudson will be playing in Denton and the home team has been given a 2.5 points advantage but this isn’t the Great White North Conference and Army has no fear. Why? Because there is nothing that a determined Infantrymen cannot accomplish! Go Army! Beat Navy!

Texas A&M vs Ole Miss– this is one of those games that scares The Daughter to death. A&M has played like the better team at times. When they lost to Alabama, the Aggies left everything they had on the field. It was a helluva game. Then, against Auburn and Miss. State they played like a team that couldn’t remember how to put their socks on. Ole Miss has literally nothing to lose in this game, NOTHING, and that’s why it scares The Daughter, cause a team that has nothing to lose has everything to gain. The Rebels or Bears or Land Sharks or whatever they are calling themselves this week just might find that spark that puts them over A&M. They shouldn’t, they should lose, but TAMU has trouble with SEC West teams.

Arizona vs Oregon – This is going to be the first time in a LONG time where Arizona will be picked as the favorite. So, here’s to the Wildcats living it up and leaving Eugene with a win. Got to hand it to coach Rich Rod, I362 didn’t think he was going to pull himself out of the fire, but he surely has. Oregon has got some work to do. The Ducks are nowhere close to their glory years, which were like three years ago, so we’re not talking about a long absence  It’s going to be tough, but AU will Bear Down and take it! I have yet to figure out why they are the Wildcats that Bear Down, but Ole Miss can’t make up their mind on who they want to be and Auburn likes having two mascots, so, what the heck, Arizona can be Wildcats that Bear Down.

Short Smokes

Alabama better use this game against Mercer to get healed up and cleaned up as they fine-tune their attack for Auburn.

Auburn better not use this game against Louisiana Monroe to get healed up and cleaned up as they fine-tune their attack for Alabama. ULM beat Bama just a few years ago, remember?

TCU should take down Texas Tech, but don’t be surprised if the Red Raiders pass over the Horn Frogs. Kingsberry is fighting for his job.

Central Florida rocks Temple and remains undefeated

Texas does not have the homefield advantage over West “By Golly” Virginia which means the Longhorns will lose

Rutgers, at 4-6, plays Indiana, at 4-6 …Take your pick

The Citadel’s chances are very poor at upsetting Clemson….but there is A Chance

Pittsburgh will get hammered by VA Tech, the Hokies are mad after last week

Fresno State, at 7-3 travels to Wyoming at 7-3 and this will be a game I’d like to watch

Iowa State will handle the Baylor Bears, … probably

Arizona State earns a bowl bid after drowning the Beavers of Oregon State

Believe it or not, Western Carolina is favored over North Carolina…but, hey, who isn’t?

Kansas looks to double their win total against Oklahoma, but that ain’t gonna happen.


Georgia bounces back against Kentucky

This is probably the only time of the year that I’ll pull for Navy, hope they beat Notre Dame. BUT, hope is never a course of action

Ohio State has home field advantage over Illinois, but they won’t need it Buckeyes win

Kansas State and Oklahoma State used to be a nail-biter of a game, not this year, Pokes win

Syracuse just might upset Louisville, don’t be surprised. They beat Clemson, didn’t they?

Iowa  better bounce back against Purdue

Penn State will have little trouble with Nebraska

Michigan State trips up Maryland, or is tripped up by Maryland

LSU travels to Knoxville to play Tennessee. Wonder if the Vol fans will bother to show up?

NC State better be very careful playing Wake Forest. Their upset alert is going off

UCLA vs USC used to be a big rivalry that the entire nation paid attention to, not so this year. Trojans win

Washington will not lose to Utah right before they play Washington State…..will they?



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