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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Week 9 Preview

IMG_7790Oklahoma State vs West “By Golly” Virginia– The Cowboys of Oklahoma have been averaging 43 points per game and have actually reached their high point of 59 points three times this season. The541 defense has been holding opponents to 22.28 points per game. But then they played Texas and were only able to score 13 points and luckily the Longhorn offense isn’t very good and could only muster up 10 points. Against WVU they are going to need to get back into their high scoring ways. West “By Golly” Virignia is averaging 43.28 points per game but they’ve lost two games as OSU has only lost one. The biggest match up within the game will be between the Quarterbacks, Rudolph from OSU is still in the race for the Heisman while WVU has Greir, who is trying to revamp his career and doing a pretty good job. Defense is not a main point of emphasis with either team. Oklahoma State should win but both will score a lot of points.


Penn State vs Ohio State – The Nittany Lions are coming off a great win over Michigan, but that game was in Happy Valley, and it was a “white out” game which meant the crowd also had a vested interest , there was never a doubt about how PSU was going to play. Now they travel to Columbus to the give the Ohio State Buckeyes a chance to knock them out of the Great White North Championship just like they did to OSU last year. The Buckeyes will not be doing a “Scarlett” or “Grey” Out but the team will be wearing their alternate dark gray uniforms with dark grey helmets. If there is any team within the conference that is made to beat Penn State it’s the Buckeyes. More than likely this game will be close, low scoring and real slobber knocker of a game. OSU has to win, their backs are against the wall and its do or die. Penn State believes they are unstoppable, so much so that after the Michigan game they weren’t shouting “We Want Ohio State” they were shouting “We Want Bama”. Hopefully they haven’t been overlooking this game but they just might have, and its going to cost them. Penn State should win, but it’s not an upset if Ohio State pulls it off.

140Georgia vs Florida– “The World’s Largest Cocktail Party” is this Saturday and who gives a crap about being politically correct. Georgia has a terrible knack of taking this game off. It’s not even a 098joke how bad UGA has played in this rival, it’s not Tennessee bad but it’s bad. As it stands now the Bulldogs should walk all over the Gators. Their offense is better, the defense has been dominate and they’ve been playing like they are on a mission. BUT this has happened before and the team in red jerseys just played horrible in Jacksonville. It’s like Jacksonville, FL is a curse or something. Florida however is not affected by this curse. They actually play better in this game then they do most others. UF has not had the year they were expected to. The offense has been anorexic, they are there on the field but there’s not much else to them. They were able to beat Tennessee so at least they have that going for them. The Dawgs should, SHOULD, tear up the Gators and run away with the score, but they’ll struggle and it’ll be close. UGA still wins though.

NC State vs Notre Dame- Let’s be honest, I don’t like Notre Dame and I’m not buying into them being a serious force within the college football world. But they did play far better than I thought they would against USC. They socked it to the Trojans throughout the entire game and they never let up. Now they will host NC State. Usually the Irish would be favored in this game no matter what. But this year is not usual. Oh don’t get me wrong they are still the Vegas pick but this isn’t your normal Wolfpack. These guys are playing like they mean it and they want to win the division, they can smell it and the Pack is on the trail. They can’t let this game get by them. Even if they lose but keep it close it’ll help them instead of hurt. Everyone is sold on ND so if the Pack lose, but its close, everyone will say how well NCST played. If they win it’ll cause NCST to be viewed as a serious contender when they play Clemson. Not sure if NC State has ever played in South Bend but they can’t afford to be intimidated by the history and the aurora of the place. The Wolves are perfectly capable of beating the Irish and it would cause me to smile if they did, but it’s going to be difficult and not sure they’re ready for this.

Michigan State vs Northwestern – The Wildcats have had a yo-yo of a season. They’re up, they’re down, they’re up. Right now they are up, since they beat Iowa who plays very similar to MSU. NW is not flashy and let’s face it they don’t have the type of players that could be flashy but they sometimes play solid ball. The Spartans are not flashy and take offense at anyone that wants them to be. They are a very slow, methodical team. They don’t score much, they don’t break big plays they just buy their time and before one knows it, it’s late in the fourth quarter and Sparty is leading. The Defense is the same way, they just keep the pressure coming, it’s like a big dog leaning on a person’s leg. The pressure is there, it’s felt but there’s no pain so no problem, but after a while that knee starts to hurt and the leg starts to ache. Nothing fancy will occur during this game but Michigan State will win.

042Mississippi State vs Texas A&M – The Daughter’s game of the week will test her Aggies on how well they can defend the read/run option attack. If they do well and take down the Bulldogs it’ll give210 them much needed success and confidence for facing Auburn in next week’s game. Should they perform poorly, well then the Daughter’s going to be mad two weeks in a row. These next two weeks will determine the season for A&M, if they can defeat Miss. St and Auburn they should have no trouble closing out the season against Ole Miss and LSU. And it would be much nicer playing those last games of the season with confidence and swagger than having the crushing weight of “must win” resting on their shoulders. MSU however is not just going to roll over and let The Daughter’s team beat them. But the Bulldogs are more of an enigma this year. No one knows how they are going to play from week to week. They might come out and play like gang busters, the next kitty cats. I like MSU’s QB Nick Fitzgerald, I think he is talented, smart and tough, he’s just got to get it together and stay consistent, and it’s not just him the entire team needs to be consistent.


Short Smokes

Florida State hopes to defeat Boston College but hope is never a course of action, Eagles win.

Wisconsin’s schedule is a joke, they play Illinois at 2-5

Miami will be undefeated after playing against North Carolina

Michigan will lick its Penn State wounds against Rutgers

Texas and Baylor hook up and the Longhorns are the victors

Arkansas vs Ole Miss in the battle of the SEC West basement dwellers. Someone has to win, right?

Virginia overcomes Pitt and gets that sixth win for a bowl-¦thought it would have been last week but it’s this week

K-State vs Kansas- back when I lived in Kansas, KU always won this game, since I’ve left KSU always wins. If I would have known all it took was for me to leave I would have done it a whole lot sooner.

TCU vs Iowa State- Horn Frogs will win this game but they’re going to earn it cause ISU is playing so much better

UCLA will lose to Washington..again

South Carolina flies to victory over Vanderbilt…wait do gamecocks fly? Oh, maybe not then.

Utah vs Oregon is about as evenly a matched game as it can get. Pulling for the Ducks.

Minnesota and Iowa is another similar game, going to go with the Gophers

VA Tech walks over Duke

Kentucky better make the best of playing a downtrodden Tennessee while they can

Clemson doesn’t always do well against Georgia Tech, they should win if their QB is back

Oklahoma is a big favorite over Texas Tech

Washington State vs Arizona is an interesting match- up worth watching, going to pick the Cougars

USC vs Arizona State- Sun Devils have the chance to jump all over USC as they are still recovering from the beating they got last week.

North Alabama plays arch nemesis Delta State. The Lions are coming off a close loss against highly ranked Central Washington and DSU is ranked in the top 25, so this might not be the best time to play those hated, okra-crunching, Mississippi mud dwellers. Roar Lions!




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