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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts Week 6


028Alabama vs Texas A&M– As predicted, the Daughter was full of vim and vigor before the game;- after the game she still had vim but no vigor. But she had nothing to feel sorry about- except losing, of course. The Aggies played the Crimson Tide better than anyone else this season. The defense was suffocating and hung around for the entire contest. A&M was down, 24 to 3, and mounted a comeback that led to an onside kick being involved at the end of the game. They had a lot of help from the officials, who were very eager to throw flags on Alabama whenever A&M failed on a third down. But Bama gave them plenty of help as well. The Tide passing game was, to put it simply, terrible. Hurts had a wide open receiver, not an A&M player within 15 yards and he threw the ball were no one could catch it, except, maybe, one of the security guards on the field. It’s obvious that Hurts cannot excel when the pressure is on. Not a good sign for championship run.

Michigan State vs Michigan– Right here is where you read it first, the Spartans were predicted to win and they did, beating the In-State rival Wolverines, 14-10. Of course, Michigan turned the ball231 over 5 times, and the biggest lead MSU could produce was just 4 points. Michigan’s defense was stifling; they played like they were possessed. Michigan State didn’t produce a first down for almost the entire second half. But the Spartans prevailed.  Now the question is, can Harbaugh win the rival games? His mouth writes cheques his coaching doesn’t cash. The Mouth’s track record is not good.

Louisville vs NC State- In the Thursday night game the world was treated to huge upset when the Wolfpack shut down Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson. Take notice football world, NC State is for real and they believe. Not sure they will beat Clemson later in the season, but we weren’t sure they’d beat Florida State and Louisville, eithere.

Iowa State vs Oklahoma – The Cyclones visited Norman, Oklahoma, coming in as a huge underdog. They took down the number 3 team in the nation, winning, 38-31. ISU was down, 24-10, when the underdogs mounted a comeback. It came down to the “wing and a prayer” pass at the end of the game, but the Cyclones did it. This was with a backup quarterback, Kyle Kempt, who, before this game, had thrown only two TD’s his entire career. On Saturday he threw for 343 yards and three touchdowns. Did OU take this game lightly? Maybe, more than likely, but that doesn’t matter. Iowa State Head Coach Matt Campbell is building something in Ames, Iowa, and it’s about time folks start to take notice.

140Georgia vs Vanderbilt – The Bulldogs showed no mercy against the Commodores.  They pounded the line the entire game, rushing for 423 yards and there was little that the worn-out Vandy defense could do to stop the Dawgs. It was brutal. UGA’s defensive line was equally impressive, often arriving at the ball carrier in the backfield with a bad attitude. One almost felt sorry for the ‘Dores. UGA is by far the leader in the SEC East, but they can’t take anyone for granted. Hiring Kirby Smart is looking like a fantastic move. I was afraid of this when he left Bama.

Miami vs Florida State– The Seminoles have owned the Hurricanes for the last 7 years, but at the end of the third quarter, Miami had a 10-3 lead. Then, the fourth quarter erupted in points. FSU, in the waning moments of the game, had a slim lead, 20-17, and it appeared they were going to push their winning streak to 8 years. But with seconds left on the clock, in a last ditch effort, QB Mailk Rosier threw a 23 yard touchdown pass to Darrel Langham to seal the game away for the Canes. It wasn’t “Hail Mary”, nor a “Wing and a Prayer”, it was a designed pass play with a determined receiver. The “U” remains undefeated and the 2017 woes of Florida State continue.

Cigar Asses

Memphis erupted for 70 points against Connecticut, in Connecticut

Clemson dominated Wake Forest, but allowed 14 points in the 4th to make it look respectable.

Penn State had very little trouble with Northwestern, 31-7

TCU outshoot West Virginia, 31-24. It was a good game.

Ohio State stomped Maryland, 62-14. The Terps had stage fright.

The Ole Miss Rebels, and they are the Rebels no matter how stupid their administration gets, got hammered by Auburn, 44-23

USC recovered against Oregon State, 38-10

Notre Dame beat North Carolina 33-10-darn it.

LSU topped Florida, 17-16-can’t help but laugh a bit at that one

Iowa buried Illinois, 45-16

Virginia downed Duke, 28-21-called it!

Syracuse stuffed the Pitt Panthers, 27-24, Pitt has some serious rebuilding to do

Purdue knocked off Minnesota, 32-17-did not see that coming

Navy threw a TD pass with 15 seconds left to pull ground Air Force, 48-45.

South Carolina destroyed Arkansas, 48-22. Wonder what the over/under is on Coach Bielema finishing the season? Might depend on performance against Bama this week

Army rolled over Rice, 49-12-Go Army! Beat Navy!!!

Washington marched to 6-0 by topping California, 38-7

Wisconsin mopped up Nebraska, 38-17-when do the Badgers actually play someone?

Washington State took down the Ducks, in Oregon, 33-10

Stanford overcame Utah, winning, 23-20. No scalping there.

VA Tech got their first ACC win of the year, beating Boston College, 23-10

Texas overcame Kansas State in 2 OT, 40-30-missed that one

Kentucky is making a run for the SEC East title, beating Missouri, 40-34.

Arizona beat Colorado, 45-42. Khalil Tate rushed for 327 yards and five touchdowns! Incredible.


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