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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts Week 1

Cigar Butts Week 1

Before the first kickoff every season, each team is undefeated, and all stars are Heisman candidates. Then grim reality sets in, as in, the games are played. That’s how it was this past weekend. The main thing we all need to remember, good or bad, is that it’s a long season, and anything can, and usually does, happen. So let’s not make those championship party plans yet, don’t burn your team lap blanket, just smile, or cry, depending on how your favorites did in the beginning of 2017.

Ohio State vs. Indiana– Buckeye fans went to bed Thursday night with dancing in their heads. It was hard for them to go sleep, they were so ohio state logoexcited. They need to deep breathe, calm down, have a cup of coffee. Indiana was playing well and had the lead at halftime. Of course, OSU made adjustments, found their rhythm, and completely destroyed the Hoosiers in the second half. But let’s not hand them an invite to the CFP (College Football Playoffs) right now. This was not a stellar opening debut, no disrespect to IU, but they’re not on the elite level. This result was predicted, right here in cigarsmokinfootball, last week. We’ll know a lot more about the Buckeyes after this weekend and their game with Oklahoma.

431Western Michigan vs USC– The WMU Broncos were not supposed to be a major test for the Trojans, but that ain’t the way it played out. The Broncs were not intimidated one whit by playing in Southern Cal. They faced USC head-up without flinching. USC QB Sam Darnold was considered a top Heisman pick, and he could still win that award. He threw for 289 yards, but had two throws intercepted and appeared to struggle with the WMU’s defense. The entire Trojan team needs to tighten up the braces and get serious about playing football before they venture to, say, Stanford. The Men of Troy rubbed it in with a pick six and a fumble recovery that led to extending their lead late in the game. Western Michigan is a good team, even without their rowing coach, and they’re going to get better.

Kent State vs Clemson– The CFB (that is College Football, and will be used all year as an accepted abbreviation) world was wondering how265 Clemson was going to replace DeShaun Watson, to see if the Tigers would be contenders to make it back to the CFP. Today, all of South Carolina is smug and smiley, half because the Gamecocks beat NC State, the other half because Clemson QB Kelly Bryant passed for 236 yards with one touchdown and ran for 77 yards. The Tigers won the game, 56-3, but, come on, they should have won this game. Let’s evaluate them after this weekend’s date with Auburn

Akron vs Penn State– Last year’s Great White North conference champions did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, against the Akron Zips. The Nittany Lions passed, ran, and skipped into the endzone all day long. QB Trace McSorley threw for 280 yards with 2 TD’s and Saquon Barkley ran for 172 yards on 14 carries. Happy Valley was, well…happy. Next week will be a much sterner test for the Lions as they take on the Pitt Panthers. Lions can beat Panthers, right?

131Michigan vs. Florida– We got a lot of answers in this game. Michigan looked like they have replaced their personnel losses with down right good, quality, players. They swamped the Gators and actually made it look easy. Maybe I should take back some of those bad things I said about the Wolverines, but I’m not going to. Florida, on the other hand, has problems. One is a quarterback problem, as in, they don’t have a good quarterback. Felipe Franks started the game but he looked rattled the entire time he was in. He was replaced with Malik Zaire, and, well, he didn’t do much better. He fumbled the ball, continuing the characteristic he started at Notre Dame, where it cost him his job. Whether it will at Florida remains to be seen.

Fordham vs Army– Passing the ball? Who needs to pass the ball when one has a ground game like Army? Without completing one pass, but with three moonshots, generously recorded as passing attempts, the Cadets scored 64 points to the Rams 6. None of QB Bradshaw’s pass attempts were intercepted, none were caught by either side. The triple option attack amassed 513 yards. We here at CSF will keep writing about them, because, as it was previously pointed out, one does not mess with a streak. Next match up will be against Buffalo, and then the Black Knights journey to Ohio State. Let’s hope that infantry attack doesn’t need air support.

Maryland vs. Texas– Maybe we thought a little too much of the Longhorns. Before the first half was out, the Horns were behind, 30-14. They came stampeding back in the 3rd quarter, scoring 20 points. The problem was, there was a fourth quarter and Texas couldn’t keep up with the Terps, losing, 51-41. UT has a lot to improve upon in all three phases of the game “ or is it FOUR phases? Then Texas has to improve in all Four phases – Maryland is not quite ready to challenge for the Great White North crown, but they are improved from last year. So, way to go, Terrapins! Fear the Turtle!.

Florida State vs Alabama– In the main event of the weekend, the Crimson Tide ground out a workmanlike victory, 24-7. Even though I am a028 huge fan of the Tide, I’m not ready to pencil them into the CFP game yet. QB Jalen Hurts did not show any improvement in his passing at all, none. He had one long throw for a touchdown in the second quarter, to Calvin Ridley, but he was not a passing threat the rest of the game and FSU knew it. The defense is what pulled the Tide through. A blocked Seminole punt didn’t hurt any, either. Even with the FSU turnovers in Nole territory, the Alabama offense had a grueling time getting into the endzone. Seminole coach Jimbo Fisher said the Tide should have put the game away several times, St Nick said the same. Jimbo said it was because the Florida State defense stiffened, but you and I both know it was because Bama had NO PASSING THREAT! That’s why they lost to Clemson in the Title game last January, no passing threat. Alabama cannot have a one-dimensional offense, which wasn’t outstanding Saturday night, just good enough, with a killer defense, and expect to win championships. Let’s hope (hope is never a course of action) they get it together in the near future, oh, please, get it together, for the love of all that’s holy, GET IT TOGETHER!

055Texas A&M vs UCLA– with four minutes left in the third quarter the Aggies were up 34 points. The UCLA fans wanted to burn Coach Mora in effigy while the Aggies were going berserk. Then, something happened on the way to the Victors’ Podium, the Bruins came flying back and pulled off the second biggest comeback in FBS history, winning the game, 45-44. Even if the entire staring line-up got hurt and were out for the fourth quarter, there is no excuse for surrendering a 34 point lead. Coach Sumlin’s future is not looking very bright. The Daughter is refusing to get out of bed, she’s so mad, hurt, disappointed…pick one, they all apply.

Virginia Tech vs West Virginia– This marks the 52nd meeting of the Appalachian rivals. This was their first meeting since 2005. The second half of the game went back and forth with each team gaining the momentum. VA Tech Josh Jackson turned in one heck of a first time performance throwing for 235 yards and rushing for 101. Wonder what a passing QB would be like at Alabama? Anyway, it still took at defensive stand at the 15 yard line for the Hokies to win. Something tells me that Virginia Tech made a steal when they hired Fuente away from Memphis.

Did you see that Tennessee  the “REAL UT” Georgia Tech double overtime thriller? How about them Vols? How about the SEC, Coach Johnson?




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