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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts – Week 6

Cigar Butts Week 6

042Tennessee vs. Texas A&M– Just like every other team Tennessee has played this season, the Aggies came out of the gates and scored quickly and often. UT looked flat, felt flat, were flat, they couldn’t mount anything on either side of the ball. They could not hold onto the ball. A&M took advantage of each opportunity they received. BUT, suddenly, mid-way through the 3rd period, things began to follow a familiar script. The Volunteers, who couldn’t do anything right, could do no wrong, and the words, “Here we go again”, hung like a pall over the stadium. In the fourth quarter, they scored 21 points. A&M got the ball last, drove down the field and set up in the middle of the field for a winning field goal attempt. UT Coach Butch Jones, called two timeouts in a row to ice the kicker, – and it worked! The kicker shacked that kick so badly that a golfer would have thrown his club into a pond if he’d hit it that poorly. It was horrible! Game tied, overtime. At this point, The Daughter was on the verge of passing out, the Aggies in the stands were stunned, and the Vols were doing that Voodoo/Dark Magic mumbo-jumbo. One period of overtime, they traded field goals. Second one, QB Trevor Knight pounded the ball across the goal line. UT’s turn. QB Josh Dobbs threw the ball right to an A&M defensive back, and he actually caught it! Game Over, Aggies win, UT loses! Texas A&M is now the number two team in the SEC, they get the week off before taking on reigning Champion Alabama. Tennessee limps back home and gets ready for Alabama! Now that it’s been shown that the black magic spell can be broken, how well are they going to fare against the Crimson tsunami ?

Washington vs Oregon– Ok I’ll admit it, I didn’t want to say it, but it’s beyond obvious. Oregon is a bad football team and Washington is on fire!277 The Huskies spent little time establishing the lead and then building, and building, and building upon that lead. At the end of the game, it was 70-21. 70! Basically, U-Dubb kicked the hell out of the Ducks and the Ducks were just foul. ( See what I did there, foul for Fowl. I know puns are the lowest form of humor but it’s still funny) The PAC-12 North title is all but Washington’s. They have to keep doing that thing they’re doing. Oregon is in trouble, their season is over, and they need to find out what’s wrong. I suggest they start with the QB position, and, oh yeah, defenses are supposed to STOP the other team, at least a little, not just muddle around.

202Florida State vs. Miami- this rivalry game will go down in the journals of the FSU/Miami history. WOW! The entire game came down to an extra point attempt at the end of the game. Miami had given up a 10-0 lead and now were down 19-20 after the Seminoles stormed back. One little kick and the game goes into overtime. Defensive lineman DeMarcus Walker burst through the line and blocked the kick. Game over. They battled each other back and forth with Miami looking good early and making FSU have to battle back for the lead. Only to allow the Hurricanes to reform and come back. For the people in Tallahassee it was great! For south Florida, not so much.

Alabama vs. Arkansas– The Crimson Tide offense more than likely played their most complete game of the season. It was impressive. The 028offensive line pushed the hogs all over the field. The running game with Harris and Scarborough executed like clock-work. RB Jacobs was injured after making some impressive runs but the running game never missed a beat. Passing was just as easy. The offense couldn’t seem to do wrong. It was impressive, have I said that? Well, it was. The defense dominated in the first half, and then, with a lead, they let up and allowed Arkansas to score some more. They just didn’t play with the passion they had in the first half. But, even with let up, there was never a fear in this Bama’s fan’s heart that they were going to lose. (Ed. Note: – there was in mine!)


Notre Dame vs. NC State– Ahahahahahaha! In a literal hurricane, equivalent to a monsoon, but worse, these two teams played a game. Nobody could hold onto the ball. Bless their hearts, they tried to use “dry” balls, even using 36 different balls, whereas they normally only use 18. It was pouring down rain so badly there was nothing dry in the entire state. It wasn’t dry at Chapel Hill where UNC played VaTech, it wasn’t dry in Durham where Duke hosted Army. After both NC State and ND kicked field goals, the Irish, in the fourth quarter, lined up for a punt and it was blocked, picked up, and run for a scoop and score! NC State wins, 10-3. ND, who was ranked in the top ten at the start of the season, is now 2-4. Can one say, “Overrated”? Seriously? Vastly overrated!

Michigan beat up on Rutgers 78-0, and for some reason people think the Wolverines are a team of destiny. Come on, people, they’re playing one of the weakest schedules in college football, right behind Ohio State.
Oh, yeah, and Ohio State beat Indiana….Big Wow!
Navy squashed Houston’s dream of getting into the Playoff by upsetting the Cougars. First time they’ve beaten a top ten team in the past 30 years!
In another upset, Virginia Tech in the same rain storm as NC State and ND, and Army and Duke, beat North Carolina like a red headed step-child. It was brutal what they did to their neighbors to the south. Maybe VA Tech is for real.
Washington State dominated Stanford, even without that defense I mentioned.
LSU vs. Florida was postponed and the Tigers are being big babies about rescheduling. Of course, Mike, their tiger, died, so maybe they’re in mourning.
Texas and Oklahoma was the highest scoring affair in the history of the Red River Showdown, Rivalry, should be Shootout, with OU winning, 45-40.
Colorado lost to USC 21-17. The Buffaloes missed by “that much” (Agent Smart)
Utah beat Arizona in the desert. Where else would they play?
TCU barley got past Kansas 24-23. Hard to believe, but KU should have won.
Maryland’s undefeated season came to an abrupt end against Penn State. But aren’t you proud of how much better the Terrapins are playing now than in the last few years?
Auburn whupped up on Miss State, wasn’t pretty
UTSA didn’t care one whit about Southern Miss
Pitt and Georgia Tech played an absolutely wonderful game with the Panthers winning, 37-34
Oklahoma State came very, very close to losing to Iowa State. People better start taking notice of what’s going on with ISU, they’re better.
BYU beat Michigan State. This isn’t right, just isn’t right. Something’s amiss in East Lansing
K-State slipped by Texas Tech. How does Bill Snyder keep doing it?
Wake Forest won another one! Holy Cow, the Demon Deacons are a winning ball club!
Oregon State beat California, and this is another team people should notice. They’re playing tough, and next year they’re going to be even better.
Arizona State went back and forth with UCLA, finally pulling the victory out of the jaws of defeat. AND, the Sun Devils did wear some very nice grey jerseys. I like grey uniforms.

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