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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts for Week 4

Growing up in Kansas and Oklahoma, there were times when huge thunderstorms would appear on the horizon. The clouds would build high into the sky, they would be black, and they’d spread across the entire horizon. It was obvious that violence and destruction were on the way. Saturday brought plenty of storms to the college football landscape, enough to cause one to cry, “What the freak is going on here?”

WisconsinWisconsin vs Michigan State– The Spartans were setting up to win the Great White North conference only to chance upon a storm from Wisconsin. The Badgers came into East Lansing and they didn’t just beat the Spartans, they blew them out of their own stadium. Everything that Michigan State tried, Wisconsin had the answer. The Badger defense was brutal. The big bold “W’s” were all over the field. The running game, that was to save the Spartans, couldn’t mount any sort of campaign. Now Wisconsin has their best chance to win the GWN. Next week they will be tested against Michigan, they won’t be the favorites, they’ll be in the Big House, but the Wolverines better not underestimate the Badgers. MSU now has to pick up the pieces and figure out what the freak happened to them?

Georgia vs Ole Miss- Anybody know what’s going on with Ole Miss? Anybody? Somebody? All opinions are appreciated. The Rebels didn’t look519 like they could put together a full ballgame. In the first half of both the Florida State and the Alabama games, they were unstoppable. Then they disintegrated in the second half. UGA came into Oxford undefeated, but the Bulldogs just didn’t have that dominant aura about them. Mississippi was the Bulldogs’ storm, their Perfect Storm. Chad Kelly completed all sorts of passes. His receivers caught everything that he threw their way. Sometimes it looked like Kelly would throw the ball just to see if his receivers would come up with it, and they did. Biggest reason Ole Miss won;- they didn’t turn the ball over!

081Florida vs Tennessee– This is a story of two halves. Florida came into Knoxville and in the first half they could do no any wrong, leading UT, 21-3, at the break. The Gator offense moved at will and their defense was rock solid. Tennessee could do nothing right, nothing at all. They couldn’t catch passes, couldn’t run the ball, and they didn’t tackle very well. Halftime, and it appeared the two teams switched uniforms. UT came out and could do no wrong, everything they needed and wanted to do, they did. Florida couldn’t seem to remember how to tie their shoes, much less play football. The Vols came back and won, 38-28. They are now in the driver’s set to win the SEC East. Is this the win they needed to catapult them into the dominant team they’ve been expected to be? Don’t know, but its got to help.

LSU vs Auburn- IF anybody saw this game they wound up shaking their heads, muttering, “What the freak did I just see?” Neither team looked134 very good and both are on the brink of falling into SEC-West oblivion, although LSU led the way over the edge Saturday. Auburn won this game without ever scoring a touchdown. They needed help from the Tigers, Louisiana variety, and they got it in the form of poor time management. Everything boiled down to the last seconds. LSU was driving, got down to the Auburn five, only to have a penalty and take a step back. Then, with one second on the clock, that starts when the ball is marked ready for play, not when the offensive team deigns to line up and snap it, LSU was confused on what to do and they couldn’t get lined up, but they snapped the ball, and threw a touchdown pass to win the game! BUT – the play went under review, correct call. The pass was good, the catch was good, it all appeared to be a win for Les Miles, except they didn’t get the ball snapped in time! The clock had expired before the play. Auburn won. Auburn didn’t come close to scoring a touchdown, but still won. This isn’t LSU’s Les Miles’ first experience with a failure to manage the clock efficiently. So today LSU pulled the trigger and fired the “Mad Hatter”. Wonder if Tom Herman would leave Houston for Baton Rouge?

042Arkansas vs Texas A&M– Smart money was picking Arkansas to win, and it was a good pick. The Hogs had a running game and their QB was playing lights-out football. The Aggies were just keeping their heads above water. At halftime the score was 17-17, both teams were playing well. Then the Aggie defense stepped it up! Can you believe that? I said, the Aggie defense stepped up – and they did! They shut the Hogs down cold! Poor QB Allen got slammed to the ground everytime he dropped back to pass. It was brutal, poor kid is spending his Sunday in the whirlpool, no doubt. Then A&M QB Knight became the director they dreamed of, he ran the ball, passed the ball, and even blocked at times. He did not kick the ball, however, and he didn’t serve Gatorade to his teammates. A&M even mounted a running game! The Aggies were playing inspired football, and they destroyed Arkansas. Texas A&M is now the greatest threat to Alabama for the SEC West crown. The Daughter declared last night a most excellent time.

Other games around the nation that boggled the mind:


Duke, yes DUKE, beat Notre Dame in South Bend! It’ll be fun to listen to how the media tries to spin the ND demise.

Baylor is now the uncontested leader in the Big 12 that only has ten teams, but even if they go undefeated, the Bears will never be in the playoffs. Too weak of an out of conference schedule

Nebraska is 4-0. What? The Cornhuskers are 4-0? Not expected.

Florida State is happy because they beat South Florida. Bully.

Stanford had to come from behind in the closing seconds to beat UCLA. The Cardinal wasn’t supposed to have any trouble with the Bruins, but they did.

Washington beat Arizona, which sets up a huge battle against Stanford this Friday night.

Alabama beat Kent State, as well they should have

Louisville got past Marshall

Army lost to Buffalo in overtime. Crap!

Purdue beat Nevada. Surprised me.

Iowa struggled against Rutgers. The Hawkeyes might not be as tough as they thought they were

Virginia beat Central Michigan, who, one might remember, beat Oklahoma State (in uber-regulation). Talk about head shaking.

West “By Golly” Virginia beat BYU! Wow!

Arizona State scored 31 points in the 4th quarter to come from behind and beat California. I don’t believe this.

Pitt lost to North Carolina in the last two seconds of the game. Panthers have got to do better

Wake Forest, after beating Indiana, is 4-0! Again, Wake Forest is 4-0! Never saw that coming.

Kentucky downed South Carolina, but don’t fret. Coach Boom still believes he’s the best coach ever, he’s just not been able to actually prove it.

Colorado beat Oregon in most likely the biggest upset of the weekend! The Buffaloes are rising! Did you see the Ducks’ uniforms? They looked like Ducks!

North Alabama had very little trouble with West Alabama, 45-7. Roar Lions!


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