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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts for Week 12

Cigar Butts Week 12

Wow! What a weekend. Upsets, close calls, escapes, come backs, everything that makes college football superior to any other sport. It was fantastic!
231Michigan State vs. Ohio State– Ohio State has been feasting on its leftovers from last year all season long. The Buckeyes haven’t played a ranked team, and haven’t been tested. Then Michigan State came to town and showed the world how it’s done. First, the Spartans coaching staff pulled a classic Rope-a-Dope. All week long they stated Connor Cook would be playing, and then, right before game time, he’s not able to throw the ball. Yeah…right. They knew along he was hurt and OSU was completely unprepared for the QB switch. The Spartan defense completely shut down the OSU running game and dared them to pass in the raining conditions. It was a close game all the way, Michigan State never led, but they knew they could pull it out. OSU, who hasn’t been tested, had no confidence they could pull it out. The only way the Buckeyes had scored was off two turnovers on short fields. Spartans achieved what Spartans live for;-VICTORY! This time it was a game-ending field goal! Michigan State, 17-14.
(P.S. if there is any doubt of Ohio State unraveling at the seams, see the post game interview with Elliot. The Buckeyes are done.)
Baylor vs. Oklahoma State – In 1939 Germany plunged the world into World War II, the depression was still going strong, and that was the571 last time the Baylor Bears beat Oklahoma State in Stillwater, OK. That’s almost as long as it’s been since the Chicago Cubs won a World Series, almost. Once again an undefeated season was before the Cowboys and they choked. Baylor, with it’s backup quarterback, opened the game with a flurry. OSU came storming back to tie it up at 14-14. Then Baylor actually used their running game – and it worked. They controlled the clock, the tempo of the game, and never let the Cowboys get any form of momentum. The Big 12, that only has ten teams, no longer possesses an undefeated team. Things are looking a bit grim for the conference.
IMG_7761TCU vs. Oklahoma– This game started off with the Sooners running away with it and ended with a pass deflection on a two point try to preserve the victory. OU jumped out to a 23-7 halftime lead. TCU seemed confused, bewildered, and just plain flat without Boykin. It had all the makings of a huge mismatch. Then halftime, some Gatorade, a pep talk, a few adjustments, and the Horn Frogs mounted a comeback! It was a complete opposite of the first half. OU did have its back up QB in, but so did TCU. Then with time running out, the Horn Frogs scored a touchdown, an extra point away from a tie and overtime. Instead Coach Patterson went for the two point try to win the game. Do or die, win or go home! The QB rolled out, saw his receiver open in the endzone, threw the ball only to have an Okie Linebacker throw up his hands and knock the pass down. OU won, 30-29. Gotta give credit to the Frogs for going for the win.
Florida Atlantic vs. Florida – According to Coach Mc, the dead fish in the supermarket have more life in them then the Gators. That’s about as good an explanation as any for the SEC East champions having such a hard time with a 2-9 team. Gators had to win it in overtime. Overtime! 20-14.
LSU vs Ole Miss– The Rebels showed no mercy on the Tigers as they beat them down, 38-17. Their plan was simple, stop Fournette and make Harris throw the ball. That’s three losses in a row for the Bayou Bengals. Are the rumors true that Les Miles is in his last season there? Fifteen (15) million dollar buyout?
Citadel vs. South Carolina- Yes, this is not the Gamecocks year, but the Military College of South Carolina took down USC-South, 23-22! Way to go, Cadets of the Citadel!
Clemson will still be number one after stomping Wake Forest.
Alabama rolled all over Charleston Southern
Boston College came back late against Notre Dame, but fell just short, 19-16.
Iowa is still undefeated after taking down Purdue.
Stanford and California had a great game. Stanford won….again.
Michigan scored in every quarter while beating Penn State….Coach Harbuagh does not like wearing coats while yelling at the officials.
UCLA knocked Utah out of any chance of playing for the PAC 12 championship.
North Carolina ruined Frank Beamer’s last home game, but the Hokies did play tough, and they carried their coach off the field on their shoulders.
Connecticut ended Houston’s undefeated season.
Northwestern rocked Wisconsin.
Temple had little trouble with Memphis.
Oregon flapped and quacked all over USC, wasn’t even close.
K-State scored 10 points in the last 50 seconds to beat Iowa State. Cost Iowa State head coach his job.
Indiana enjoyed playing Maryland.
Minnesota upended Illinois.
Miami has a winning record, Georgia Tech does not. Hurricanes won, in front of at least a dozen fans.
NC State did not lose to Syracuse. Quite the opposite, Wolfpack won.
Virginia beat Duke. Actually beat em!
Arizona State beat instate rival Arizona.
Pittsburgh had a heck of a second quarter, which led to victory over Louisville.
Auburn beat Idaho. That’s right, Idaho.
Mississippi State and Arkansas gave us one fantastic game. Bulldogs won by blocking last second field goal attempt. They had seen what happened to Ohio State.
Georgia Southern lost to Georgia, in Overtime.
Tennessee beat Missouri. The Vols have a winning record.
Texas A&M played QB Kyle Allen and shut out Vanderbilt- The Daughter is as happy as when she gets Chic-fil-a sandwich. No bull.
Washington State did not have any trouble with Colorado.
North Alabama beat Newberry in the first round of the Division II playoffs. Roar Lions!

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