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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts Week 10

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station….. This of course is the opening of the Declaration of Independence and after this weekend it felt like revolt was in the air.
IMG_7790Oklahoma State has been mostly overlooked in the Big 12, that only has ten teams because all thought TCU or Baylor should have been in the playoffs last year. So Saturday the Cowboys basically revolted against the entire conference and pounded the Horn Frogs like Washington and the Continental Army pounded the British at Yorktown. By halftime it was 28-9 and the game was basically over. QB Boykin tossed his chances at the Heisman Trophy right out the window as he threw four interceptions and the Cowboys produced on each one of them. OSU outplayed, out hustled, out everything’d the Frogs. The final score was 49-29 but the late scores by Texas Christian came when the game was so far out of reach the reserves for the Pokes were getting some playing time. One perceived champion down.
Nebraska drove 91 yards in the final minute to score on a 30 yard touchdown pass and take down undefeated Michigan State, 39-38. Like in the 231course of history there are some things that should have never happened but did. One- the Spartan defense should have never let the Cornhuskers get close enough to win. Not sure why the MSU defense was not has dominant as they could have been but they let this one slip through their fingers. Two-the touchdown should have never counted! WR Reilly clearly went out of bounds and then came back in to make the catch. The official threw his hat and his flag but the review said he was forced out of bounds. How in the world DB Jermaine Edmondson with his back turned to the receiver pushed him out of bounds is a bit of mystery. Doesn’t matter Nebraska won, and again we have another game where the officials inserted themselves into the outcome of the game and got it WRONG! Two perceived champions down
265Florida State vs. Clemson wasn’t really a great upset since Clemson is ranked number one and Florida State is ranked 16th, but historically the Seminoles have been the dominant ones. It has been questioned by some…ok me, that the Tigers, South Carolina variety, were just plain scared of FSU and couldn’t get past it. It took Clemson until the fourth quarter to pull out the win, but win they did. Not sure Clemson deserves the number one ranking in the nation but they are the leader in the ACC and they have not “Clemsonized” yet this year. The rest of their schedule appears to be fairly smooth. Two perceived champions, and one historical champion down.
LSU was ranked number two by the selection committee and Leonard Fournette had all but wrapped up the Heisman.028 They were going to reign supreme of the toughest conference with sights set on ruling the world. One problem…ok more than one. Fournette ran into a buzz saw, the best defense of the nation or the Kraken! Fournette was averaging 150 yards per game and the Bama defense held him to 31 yards total. It was the most dominant performance by a defense so far this year. The next big problem came in at 6’3” and weighs 250 pounds and he wear number 2 on a crimson jersey. Derrick Henry pounded the Tiger, Louisiana variety, defense like a jackhammer. He gained 210 yards and by the second half it had become obvious the Crimson Tide controlled the lined of scrimmage and there was nothing that was going to solved the Henry problem. As LSU got crushed by the Sith Empire of Alabama Henry just might have raced to the top for big bronze trophy.
Arkansas pulled off the fluke play of the day with a 20 yard backward lateral, that turned into a first down which lead to a touchdown to tie the game, which lead to overtime, which lead to a touchdown, which lead to the deciding two point try which lead to a Razorback victory! It was astonishing!
Thursday night, Baylor got a scare from K-State but won

Mississippi State had little trouble with Missouri

Ohio State struggled a little with Minnesota

Notre Dame did not get upset by Pitt

Iowa continues its undefeated run over Indiana

Stanford rolled over Colorado

Utah had a good game with Washington

Navy pulled the upset over undefeated Memphis

Oklahoma was not upset by Iowa State

Michigan enjoyed their run with Rutgers

Auburn defeated Texas A&M the daughter is not happy…not happy at all.

Penn State was brought down by Northwestern

UCLA enjoyed their trip to Oregon State, the Beavers did not

Houston faced Cincinnati and the Cougars are still undefeated

Purdue did not get to a two game win streak as Illinois won

Texas Tech lost to West “By Golly” Virginia

North Carolina walked over Duke

Georgia won again against Kentucky

Boston College lost again to NC State

Washington State had little trouble with Arizona State

Wisconsin did enjoy their trip to the DC area and their game against Maryland

Tennessee darn near lost it against South Carolina, but didn’t

Texas did not lose to Kansas! Whew

Oregon flew all over California

Arizona darn near, almost, came close to defeating USC, but didn’t

North Alabama rolled all over Shorter University. Roar Lions!!



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