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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts Week 6


Upsets, turmoil and chaos were on the agenda this weekend, wasn’t it was great ? Not all the games were upsets, of course, some came close to falling into that category, but no cigar. Sometimes the favorite flat-out dominated, at least the second half, but there was enough suspense to cause plenty of people to lose their breath and check their blood pressure. (Like me during the Alabama game)

139It is safe to say that Michigan is back. Whatever Coach Harbaugh is doing in Ann Arbor, every other school in the nation wants it, and needs it. The Wolverines pitched their third consecutive shut out against highly ranked Northwestern. From the opening kick-off it was evident that the Maize and Blue were serious about playing this game. They returned it 96 yards for a touchdown. Not a bad way to start off the game. Northwestern saw their national average of holding teams to 7 points a game used up in 13 seconds. The Wildcats didn’t have an answer for anything the Wolverines did. Next week Michigan takes on Michigan State, at Ann Arbor, and the Wolverines will be the favorite. This is over the Spartans, supposedly the only team that could take down Ohio State. Not so. Look out for the Harbaugh disciples to take the Great White North Crown in year one!

Iowa’s game plan against Illinois was simple, put the ball in RB Jordan Canzeri’s hands and run him until his legs fell off. He ran for 256 yards on 43 carries! That’s more than Fournette! It worked up north, too, because the Hawkeyes won, 29-20. In the past two years Illinois was able to mount a 4th quarter comeback to down Iowa, but no such luck this year. Coach Kirk Ferentz is now 6-0 for only the second time in his tenure in Iowa City.

The Red River Rivalry saw Texas, who everyone thought was as sick as Bevo XIII, their mascot. In the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast!” Texas IMG_7761jumped all over 10th ranked Oklahoma. The defense swarmed and the offense ran the ball up and down the field all day. The Sooner defense looked confused, and acted timidly. UT has played well most of the season – except against TCU – . They had lost by one to California (missed extra point), and fallen to Oklahoma State in the 4th due to a muffed punt. So, in the words of Doc Holiday, from Tombstone, “I wasn’t quite as sick as I made out.” Charlie Strong more than likely salvaged the whole season, to say nothing of his tenure in Austin.

Tennessee, the freakin’ Vols, pulled off an upset over Georgia. Down 24 -3 in the second quarter, UT was up 38-31 by the final whistle. What in the world is going on with the Bulldogs? Oh, yeah, Chubb lasted one play and is out for the rest of the season.

Florida is, or, was, dominant! Coach Mc is doing the same things down south that Coach Harbaugh is with Michigan. No one wants to play the Gators right now. Missouri was the latest victim of the Gator’s spree. Then, can you believe it, starting, and starring, QB Grier gets himself suspended for a year!

Utah, aided by six turnovers, beat California.

“Clemsonizing” is now supposed to be a bad word as the Tigers mauled Georgia Tech. CSF says they have a long history of pulling a Clemson, so finish the season without a let down and we’ll consider not using that word. Clemsonizing, Clemsonizing, Clemsonizing!

Alabama has a stout defense, as in, the best in the nation, and it’s a good thing, too, because the offense was inept against Arkansas in the first half. Second half proved to be SO much better as the Tide Rolled to victory. Next up:- A&M. Gulp!

Oklahoma State let West “By Golly” Virginia hang around to overtime before they won

TCU and Michigan State received greater tests then they expected and darn near lost to K-State and Rutgers, respectively.

What started off this weekend was Washington going to LA and beating USC. Pat Hayden did not run down to the field and complain. How is he still on the selection committee? Oh, yeah, and then he told Sarcasian to take a Leave of Absence to get treatment for his “impairment”. And then Hayden fired him. Did I mention that Sarc’s wife left him this season, too? Bad week all the way around.

Maryland fired coach Edsall after they lost to Ohio State. If all schools acted that way, we’d have, what, 18 straight firings now? 19?

Baylor took pity on Kansas as they pulled all their starters after the 1st quarter and still won, 66-7.

LSU ran all over South Carolina in Baton Rouge. South Carolina was the home team.

Florida State needed a late comeback to defeat Miami. Again.

Notre Dame sunk the Navy.

In another upset, University of North Alabama lost to Western Oregon, 24-22! Crap! The Lions will roar back next week.



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