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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Review of Week 4

Cigar Butts Week 4


UtahWhat we learned in week four is that some things are not as they seemed to be. The Oregon Ducks, highly ranked at the start of the season, hosted a Utah team who proceeded to shoot ‘em, pluck ‘em, and then grill ‘em for a neighborhood cook out. On Oregon’s home field! The Duck defense, which had been questioned, proved inept. The offensive show that we’ve all grown used to at Autzen Stadium proved to be smoke and mirrors. Utah had a great September. They are 4-0 with two big wins already under their belt, Michigan and now Oregon. The Utes had their way;- if they wanted to throw, they did. If they wanted to run, they ran. Oregon couldn’t stop either. It was power over finesse and the curtain fell on the Oregon magic show.

The state of Arizona against Southern California, and the schools of LA, who were very iffy, showed they may have been055 down last week, but they ain’t out. USC, licking its wounds inflected by Stanford, rose up to be counted among the living, and, my of my, did they rise up! They thoroughly whipped the Sun Devils of Arizona State, 42-14. The Devils gave them a lot of help by turning the ball over time and time again. The most obvious fact gleaned about ASU is that they should never play in games with national exposure. They can’t seem to get it together when all eyes are upon them. Earlier in the evening, Arizona hosted UCLA and the Wildcats were also butchered by the visitors from Los Angeles, 56 to 30. The U-clans scored 42 points in the first half, effectively putting the game out of reach. The freshman QB for the Bruins, “Chosen” Rosen, showed that he is the real thing. Coach RichRod has yet to beat UCLA, the only team in the PAC-12 he can’t seem to overcome.

081Tennessee just can’t hold a lead. Twice this season the VOLs have had a double-digit lead, only to collapse in the fourth quarter. For eleven years the Gators have owned this series. This latest victory was one of the most improbable. With 1:26 left to go, freshman receiver Callaway hauled in a pass and sprinted down the sideline for the go-ahead touchdown. Florida was supposed to need at least a year or two under Coach Mc before they became good. Not true. The Gators are already Nationally ranked. I’m not saying they’ll win the SEC-East, but they might. Their improvement has been that great.

This Week’s Picks- 3-1. For the Season, 12-5. Coulda’ been worse.


Arkansas can’t catch a break, from Coach Bielema not being able to keep from inserting his foot in his mouth to giving up yet another they shouldn’t have lost. They had A&M on the ropes, but blew it in overtime. Actually, they blew it just before overtime, and if the Aggie kicker had paid attention and kicked the ball as time expired, they’d never have gone to overtime. As The Daughter, who considers herself to already be part of the twelfth man, even though she’s still in High School, was screaming at the TV, pulling her hair, biting her nails, jumping up and down, and having trouble breathing, believes A&M heard her pleas and pulled it out. She has been taught well.

Stanford is not the team they were against Northwestern as they defeated Oregon State Friday night, 42-24. Maybe Northwestern is just that good;- they are ranked, you know.

Michigan shut out BYU, 31-0.

Michigan State was uncoordinated against Central Michigan, but still won.

Nebraska beat Southern Miss. Wow!

Duke, in the driving rain, outswam Georgia Tech, 34-20.

Georgia finished off Southern University, completing their warm-ups in anticipation of taking on Alabama, who is still trying to figure out what this football game is about this year..

Bowling Green defeated Great White North foe Purdue

West “By Golly” Virginia rolled all over Maryland, 45-6. And they dragged their feet as the Mountaineers stomped the Turtles. Of the Great White North.

Baylor had no problems against Rice

Texas snatched defeat from the jaws of victory as the Oklahoma State Cowboys won.

East Carolina beat Virginia Tech. Why am I smiling?

Ohio State won against Western Michigan…big whoop

Army marched all over Eastern Michigan….And the Army goes rolling along! Keep ‘em rolling!

Ole Miss struggled against Vandy.

Mississippi State welcomed a new Auburn quarterback to Big Boy football.

And LSU is a one man wrecking machine. Ask Syracuse, if you don’t believe me.

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