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Review of Week 2

Cigar Buts Week 2   Oregon vs. Michigan State– In the marquee matchup of the weekend the Michigan State Spartans avenged last year’s231 loss out in Oregon, 31-28. The Spartan defense was fantastic, they never quit. Oregon had plenty of chances to take control of this game, including a first and goal in the first half, where they were simply stuffed. Teams facing Michigan State this season would do well to note;- the MSU defense is GOOD! was not sold on Vernon Adams being the starting QB at Oregon , thought it was a mistake. After watching this game, I gotta give credit where credit is due, he made some incredible throws when the game was on the line. He’s no Mariota, and the Duck machine that ran so fast and so smooth in the past stayed in Oregon, but Adams made some throws. MSU needs to improve its passing, but the running game is spot on. Sparta can make it to the playoffs.

Oklahoma vs. Tennessee– Tennessee jumped out to a 17-0 lead but couldn’t capitalize on their advantage. The 103,000 orange-clad crowd was rocking, UT had the lead, but mid-way in the second quarter, it was becoming obvious that OU was going to make a comeback. It took some time because the Sooner offense was not very good. It looked like the Vols flat ran out of gas and couldn’t keep the pedal to the metal. Coach Stoops gets to continue his bad-mouthing of the SEC, and he will. But OU showed they are not a championship caliber team. Some might say “sour grapes”, and some might be right, but it’s still true.

LSU vs. Mississippi State– Everything that happened in this game last year, happened again, only this time it was in reverse. LSU ran the ball right- down- the- Bulldogs’ throat. Fournette carried the load and MSU could slow him up, and, at times, made it difficult, but they couldn’t stop him. LSU attempted, maybe, 10 passes, and completed three or four. The Tigers had no need to throw the ball and it’s a good thing because with Harris at QB, they can’t. Mississippi State came back late in the second half and darn near won it. Could have tied it up on a two point attempt that failed, and then had a chance with a 52 yard field goal attempt to end the game. Their kicker missed, twice. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Was that the tune LSU sang last year?

535Fresno State vs. Ole Miss– I hope the Bulldogs enjoyed the Southern Hospitality they got in Oxford. I’m sure all the Southern Belles were nice to them and they enjoyed the beauty, cause the Rebels showed no mercy on the field. Ole Miss scored over 70 points. This makes two games in a row, a feat they have never done before. Chad Kelly was on fire, he threw for, like, a bazillion yards, ran for one touchdown, and might have even made the best Barbeque for the tailgating, he was Mr. Everything. Ole Miss’s offense has been unstoppable. I am very worried about next week’s game against Alabama. This just might be the year of the Rebels, as long as they don’t have to run the ball.

CSF Pick results: This week 3-1 For the Season 7-2

Auburn nearly gave me the best gift they could, needing overtime to beat Jacksonville State. Dadgummit.

Ohio State beat Hawaii. In Columbus. In the Horseshoe. Shocker!

Everyone is talking about how great Notre Dame’s comeback win was. It was, if you’re an Irish fan, and I am not, but it WAS against Virginia, who hasn’t had a winning record in, like, five years. ND got lucky as usual.

Alabama beat Middle Tennessee. Practiced pass defense, and did, well, better.

Boise State had the lead all game long, until it counted at the end. BYU is a good team, and I wonder if they work on the Hail Mary during the week?

Michigan’s home debut was complete when Coach Harbaugh had a family discussion with an official. The Wolverines won, but the Ultimate Cool Coach losing it was the highlight of the game.

Coach Bielema bad mouthed Ohio State’s football schedule for being so weak, and he was right. But to do that and then go out and lose to Toledo, at home (Little Rock), wasn’t the best timing.

Washington State stunned me, and my editor, by beating Rutgers in New Jersey.

Coach Jim McElwain gave a clinic on how to chew out a player for getting an unsportsmanlike penalty. Needless to say, things are going to be different in Gainesville. Huzzahs to Coach Mc! Bob Stoops could have done the same to a couple of his outlaws, er, I mean, players. Florida beat Eastern Carolina.

K-State won against UTSA. The Cats weren’t flashy, just relentless.

North Alabama ran away from Mississippi College in Division II action. Look for UNA to move up in the rankings. Roar Lions!

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