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CAO Brazilia

CAO Brazilia


The first thing that grabs your eye is the label. Its colors are vibrant as it’s  modeled after the Brazilian flag.  It definitely stands out in the cigar store humidor.

CAO-BraizlFirst , the cigar is wrapped in a dark brown wrapper and it feels nice with a little bit of an oily sensation. Nothing that makes a person wipe their hands after handling one, but it’s there. When you sniff at the cigar, and who doesn’t, the aroma is one of nuts and earth. It will be very pleasing to the cigar-smoking sniffer.

Once the cigar is lit, the taste of earth and pepper come to the forefront. This is cigar is full of tobacco and it’s a full-flavored cigar. It is on the strong side, robust, but not too robust. Most seasoned cigar smokers will be able to handle them. As smoking progresses, the pepper taste become stronger but there are hints of a fruity taste, also. It’s not overpowering and it accents the Brazilia perfectly. It’s hard to describe the fruit taste, some say it reminds them of apples while others talk about peaches. Whatever it is. It’s what sets the Brazilia apart.

The cigar smokes evenly and rarely needs any touch-ups or fixes. The ash holds together nicely and gives a good appearance.

The Brazilia is priced around $5 dollars a stick, so it is very reasonable. This cigar is an everyday smoke and worth buying by the box. Highly recommended.

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