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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts Week 7


Cigar Butts Week 7


When eating crow, it is a good thing to keep in mind that it does not taste like chicken, and any and all spices are needed. Last week here at I picked just about every game wrong. So I’m chowing down on some good crow meat. Thank goodness, Alabama rocked Kentucky’s world and made some sense of my weekend. Whew! After this weekend there is plenty of room at the table because there were upsets.

Missouri-TigersFirst upset that sat me down at the crow feast, happened in the SEC. Missouri whipped up on Georgia with no problem. It can be said (And I did say this) Georgia is not the team they were at the start of the season, they’ve had too many injuries. Both star running backs and two starting receivers were watching this game from the sidelines. Georgia had their sights set on making it to the National Championship game, but after losing another game, and this one in the SEC, winning the East in their conference is looking mighty shaky. Aaron Murray is a very good quarterback but it’s impossible for one man to carry the entire team with no one helping him out. Not to take anything away from Missouri, they played a great game and took it to the Dawgs.  This makes the second SEC victory in a row for the Tigers. This was their first road win over a top 10 team since 1981, whoa, that’s a nice streak to break. Is Missouri for real in the SEC? Last year, no one was taking the Tigers seriously. They just weren’t SEC ready. This year is a different story, they’ve adapted and now lead the East at 6-0 and 2-0 in the conference.

My Second serving of crow came with some mashed potatoes as the Texas Longhorns came out of FREAKING nowhere and beat the snot out of Oklahoma. Where did this team come from and how the heck did this happen? Here at CSF we had coach Mack Brown picking out his rocking chair Texas Longhornsfor his retirement. In the past couple of years the Sooners had this game out of reach by halftime and the way OU has been playing this year all indications were it was going to happen again. Nope. Texas played this game out of their minds! And OU played like they completely lost theirs. Texas scored 23 in the first half and didn’t let off the gas in the second. OU struggled to do anything, anything at all. The entire game it looked like everything the Sooners did was forced, rough and ragged, nothing went smoothly for them. They couldn’t get anything together. Texas had no problem doing whatever they felt like doing. McCoy played fabulously and the O-line pushed OU O-U-T of the way all day, and neutralized the Oklahoma defense. Second ranked Top-15 team down;- UGA was #7, OU was #12.

My third helping was a small one, because CSF said that Penn St. was going to give Michigan all PSUthey could handle and that this game was going to be a lot closer than the experts thought. Should have followed the ole gut and picked PSU to win it, but didn’t. A very young freshman by the name of Hackenberg had the game of his life. Throwing for 305 yards and leading the tying drive to send the game into overtime. In the first overtime, neither team scored;- 2nd overtime, both teams kicked field goals. 3rd overtime, watched a pair of field goal attempts sail wide. 4th overtime, Michigan was able to kick a field goal and take the lead. Penn St. got the ball and on a 4th and 1, Coach O’Brien went for it and they gained three yards. When asked at the end of game why he went for it, he responded, “Our guys couldn’t go any longer, it was do or die.” Three plays later it was touchdown, game over. The Nittany Lions, who lost to both Central Florida and Indiana, had pulled the upset and beat 18th ranked Michigan, pretty much ending the Wolverines chances of winning the Great White North Conference. What a game. After that, I said, “Gee anyone else going to get upset?” And Stanford replied, “Yep.”

Stanford didn’t have the best game the week before against Washington, they won, but it was far from pretty. Saturday they got to travel to Utah, who is unranked, to redeem themselves. Didn’t happen. Utah had its biggest upset at home in school history. Stanford, ranked 5th in the Nation, had dreams of winning the Champaign Caviar Conference in hopes of going up against the SEC Utahchampion for the National Title. The unranked lonely Utes didn’t read that part of the plan. The team in red gave the Cardinal all it could handle all night long. Most of the night, Utah held the lead. But in the last minutes, QB Hogan led Stanford down the field to the Utah 6 yard line. On third down he threw an incomplete pass. 4th down, he dropped back to pass, was pressured and threw the ball to Devon Cajuste in the endzone. The only problem was, it out of the reach of his receiver. Utah took over on downs and, after taking a knee twice, the celebration in Salt Lake City erupted! The students stormed the field, the Utah players where lifted high on their shoulders, as the Cardinal team walked into their dressing room. Did not see that upset coming at all.

In other games:

Oregon was supposed to have their hands full with Washington, but it didn’t happen. Ducks ran all over the Huskies. Got that one right.

Clemson did win against Boston College but it was closer than people thought it would be. Next up, Florida State!

Texas A&M did everything they could to lose to Ole Miss but a last second field goal won it for them. Look out world, Ole Miss is getting better every week.

South Carolina had NO trouble with Arkansas, beat them like a rented mule. Here at CSF, we thought the Hogs could pull off the upset. Wrong, big time wrong.

LSU had problems with Florida, they won, and kept the Gators out of the endzone, but not what was expected. Is there trouble in Baton Rouge?

Baylor, who scores 70 or more points a game, found themselves in a dog fight with K-State. They won by 10 but they don’t want to play the Wildcats again.

Wisconsin did prove me right by running all over Northwestern, 35-6.

Iowa State took Texas Tech to the wire, but lost. 42-35

VaTech beat up on Pittsburgh, 19-9, thought that one would be closer.

Michigan St. seems to have found an offense against Indiana, winning 42-28. Wonder if they can keep that up?

Army ran the ball around, through, and over Eastern Michigan, with Running back Baggett carrying the ball 18 times for 304 yards and 4 TDs. Way to go Black Knights!

Maryland beat UVA by one point, 27-26, after getting shackled by FSU the week before.

And Boise State put away Utah St. 34-23.

After I’m done eating my servings of crow I’ll have a good cigar and look ahead to next week. 

Cigar Butts

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