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Week 13 Preview

Week 13 Preview

Thirteen is considered by some to be an unlucky number, superstitious folks don’t like it, and I don’t know why. Some of the most anticipated games of the year are happening this weekend while other teams are basically scrimmaging before their RIVAL games. However, some scheduler somewhere didn’t anticipate how teams would perform and they matched the Ohio State Buckeyes against the Penn State Nittany Lions. Texas A&M at Georgia should be another good ‘un. Of course, there aren’t all premium pairings, this is college football and we have to make money, and it’s all worth watching because, well, it’s college football, and it’s better to have it than not.

8 Penn State vs 2 Ohio State – On first blush, this would seem to be challenge number 2, possibly 3, for Ohio State, and, since it’s in Columbus, the Bucks must think so, too. Timing is everything, though, and Penn State has had its problems of late. The Lions were beaten by Minnesota on the road, and they had a devil of a time overcoming Indiana at home. They didn’t stop Michigan in the second half of their game at Happy Valley, during a white out. Because of these hiccups they’re not being given much of a chance to beat the Buckeyes in the Bucks’ backyard. Ohio State is the number two team in the nation and there’re many that argue they should be number one. They argue this every year, just like Notre Dame does. Led by their freshman quarterback who originally committed to Penn State before going to Georgia before being “discriminated against” and granted immediate playing time at Ohio State, the Buckeyes are a high flying circus act that scores mega points. The only games where they didn’t score at least 40 points were against Wisconsin and Michigan State, two schools that have good defenses. Somehow, the Buckeyes have a schedule similar to Clemson’s, they’ve played one game where they were slightly tested and all their other games seem to be on their home turf. Everything is going their way, but there is something that perhaps I need to remind my readers of, and that is for the past few years Ohio State has dropped a game they shouldn’t have. They have embarrassingly dropped games. The past two years they’ve lost to unranked teams and it’s kept them from making the CFB playoffs. Right now they have two more games where they can mess up and, shall we say, “Clemsonize”. All signs point to them running all over the Nittany Lions and most “experts” think they will. They probably will, but, if’n they don’t, I’ll gloat and gloat. If they do, I’ll eat crow and say that ‘privileged’ Justin Fields really is a good quarterback and Ohio State really is a good football team. But CSF is pulling for chaos, and a Penn State victory;- why? Because it helps Alabama..duh!

Texas A&M vs 4 Georgia – Here we have a game that, believe it or not, could be very interesting. Georgia has been methodical throughout the season, nothing flashy, nothing stylish, just going out there and winning. But they lost to South Carolina, for reasons know only to Elohim, and the Aggies thumped the Gamecocks rather soundly. Also, A&M has been averaging 34 points per game, while the Dawgs have only been averaging 32 points per game. That’s closer than comfortable. Unfortunately, A&M has given up 20 points per game, while Georgia only gives up 10. UGA had Auburn down 21 points and they darn near gave away the store. If the Tigers’ young QB had made a better throw on fourth down, they would have made that first down and might have pulled off the upset. It appears that maybe their defense can’t keep it going in the latter part of the game. The Aggies need a statement win under HC Jimbo Fisher. They beat schools that have losing records and run up the score on division 1-AA schools, but, since Fisher has been in College Station, A&M just don’t have that big moment when the team steps up to the plate and announces that they’re someone to be reckoned with. The LSU victory last year was good, but those Bengals are a far cry from the team from Baton Rouge this year. This is the perfect opportunity for Texas A&M to get that signature win. Georgia already has a lock on the SEC Championship game. Even if the Dawgs lose, they’re still going to Atlanta. Maybe, just maybe, they may be caught napping. Georgia was embarrassed by LSU late in the season last year, remember? And, of course, should Texas A&M win, not only will The Daughter be happy, but so will I, because it helps Alabama.

Short Smokes

Western Carolina vs Alabama – Bama needs this game for Mac Jones to get ready to take on Auburn. Western Carolina needs this game to garner a big paycheck.

Minnesota vs Northwestern – The Gophers right their boat and row to victory

Samford vs Auburn – The Plainsmen need this game to get ready for Alabama. Samford needs this game to garner a big paycheck.

Illinois vs Iowa – This is on the Hawkeye’s homefield, so Iowa’s going to win.

Oklahoma State vs West Virginia – This game is not in Stillwater, won’t matter, Pokes win

Kansas vs Iowa State – Cyclones will win, but it might be close

Michigan State vs Rutgers – Sparty wins, let’s just see if MSU can shut Rutgers out.

Boston College vs Notre Dame – the Catholic school is going to win, guaranteed.

Texas State vs Appalachian State – App State will win, and it will not be pretty

Michigan vs Indiana – Wolverines will win, but they’re going to have work for it. Good spot for Indiana to erupt out of the backwaters of the Great White North.

Texas vs Baylor – Bears recover and get the win, the Longhorns are not having the year they thought. But, hold on. I think Baylor was afraid to beat Oklahoma, and look at what happened there. I think Baylor is afraid to beat Texas, so let’s just see what happens.

UCLA vs USC – Not sure why these rivals are playing a weekend early, but they are. Trojans win…maybe

Pittsburgh vs Virginia Tech – Both teams are 7-3, and both teams are playing WAY better than earlier in the season. Gonna be a great game, but the Panthers are the pick, wait, no, the Hokies..nope, nope, going with the Panthers.

Nebraska vs Maryland – someone has to win this game, right? Cornhuskers

UT Martin vs Kentucky – UT Martin beat my North Alabama Lions when I was playing for UNA, never forgiven them for that, Go Wildcats!

Purdue vs Wisconsin – The Badgers are going to hand the ball of to their star running back, Stewart, until his legs cramp up and he can’t run anymore, and, yes, that will be enough

California vs Stanford – This will make the Golden Bears optimistic about next year.

Arkansas vs LSU – This will not go well for the Hogs, and they will not enjoy this. Hmmm. Have I heard a similar statement in the movie, 300?

Kansas State vs Texas Tech – The Cats shouldn’t have lost last week, but they did, at home, too, so, who knows? Still picking the Wildcats over the Red Raiders.

Oregon vs Arizona State – The Sun Devils might be competitive for a quarter or two..might. The Ducks have a history of failures in Arizona.

Abilene Christian vs Mississippi State – ACU could win this one. They won’t, but they could

Tennessee vs Missouri – Oh, who knows…It’s in Columbia, so the Tigers get the nod.

TCU vs Oklahoma – Don’t see how OU is not the pick. Even if they get down by 25 points, they find the means to win

Oregon State vs Washington State – Beavers, going out on limb I know, but the Beavers are the pick

Utah vs Arizona – This will be over before halftime

Washington vs Colorado – The Huskies will win, but they can’t make any mistakes. If they do, it’ll be costly. ‘S’matter of fact. It’s time for the Buffs to make some noise.  

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