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Cigar Butts Week 12

Cigar Butts Week 12

Alabama 50 The Citadel 17 – First off, no one took me up on my bet that Tua would be out of the game by the second quarter, and, thank goodness, because he played into the third quarter. At halftime the score was 10-10. Fans of The Citadel began to troll other schools on social media by asking them what was so hard about playing Bama? Then the third quarter got underway and Alabama became Alabama, scored 27 points in the third quarter, and the defense figured out how to stop the triple option. The Citadel Bulldogs realized what it was like to play Alabama.

Michigan 31 Indiana 20 – To continue our trip down the lane of teams taking this weekend lightly, the Wolverines made eight trips into the red zone and scored only one touchdown. Their field goal kicker did get a good work out, and he made most of what he kicked. Alabama kickers were furiously taking notes. Were they overlooking the Hoosiers for next week’s matchup with Ohio State? Yes, but they should have gotten it together sometime during the game. The Wolverines weren’t alone in taking their opponent lightly. See Alabama (above) and Ohio State (below).

Ohio State 52 Maryland 51 – The Buckeyes gained 688 yards while Maryland was amassing 535. It is not a great surprise that Ohio State gained so many yards and scored so many points, but what is a surprise is that their defense allowed the Terps to run/pass all over them. Not only that, but UM darn near won the game! Going for two in the first overtime, if the receiver had just held on to the ball, Maryland would have won. Congrats to the Terrapins for going for the win.

Clemson 35 Duke 6 – The Clemson Tigers suffered from the same offensive illness that Alabama did. They were sluggish at the start, they had evidently come into the game thinking it was going to be a give-me game, and they underestimated the Blue Devils. Clemson got it together rather quickly, and put the game out of reach, but Duke made them struggle.

Notre Dame 36 Syracuse 3 – I seriously thought that Syracuse would give ND a run for their money, but they did not. The Irish completely shut down the Orange. Syracuse losing their starting QB in the second quarter helped the Golden Domers out a lot. With their QB gone, ND held Syracuse to 122 yards total. Now the Irish only have to defeat a woeful USC team and they’ll clinch a slot in the CFP. Their Conference Championship game might … oh, that’s right, Notre Dame doesn’t have to PLAY a Conference Championship game.

Oklahoma 55 Kansas 40 – The Jayhawks were never going to win, but who believed they’d score 40 points? They were, after all, playing OU. Yes, the Sooners passed the ball and scored a lot more points to win, but what does this say about OU’s defense? Well not much, actually. What it says is that Oklahoma is actually very weak, horribly weak, when they play with kids their own size.

Washington State 69 Arizona 28 – The Cougars figured the best way to win this game was to just unleash everything they had on the Wildcats and crush them, and they thought it best to do it in the first half. So that is what they did, scoring 55 points before the intermission. Arizona was stupefied, had literally no answer for stopping this onslaught.

Oklahoma State 45 West Virginia 41 – The Mountaineers seemed in control at the half with a lead of 31-14, but looks can be deceiving, especially in Stillwater, Oklahoma. In the fourth quarter the ‘Neers still led 41-31, but that didn’t deter the Cowboys. BUT, WVU with a chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and only 14 yards to go to score the winning touchdown, QB Will Grier’s pass was incomplete. Who said Oklahoma State couldn’t play defense? This has been mentioned before, and more than likely it will be again, but both these teams should invest in building a credible defense, not just putting eleven players on the field, but a real defense that can actually stop an offense. One defensive play per game was enough for the Cowpokes this day, but they were one shy against OU last week. Not that the Sooners are anyone to emulate.

UCF 38 Cincinnati 13 – Like Syracuse against Notre Dame (above), Cincinnati was supposed to challenge the Knights. Like Syracuse against Notre Dame (above), it didn’t work out that way. UCF’s defense, which has been rightly criticized, stepped up to the plate and shut down the Bearcats. Central Florida wanted to make a statement and that is exactly what they did. They have extended their winning streak to 23 straight games. If they can win the AAC championship game they will have guaranteed their spot in a New Years Day Bowl. Not a spot in the CFP but in a big bowl, nonetheless. Why do the Knights, and Alabama, and Michigan, and Oklahoma/Texas/West Virginia, and Clemson have to win Conference Championship games, but Notre Dame doesn’t even have to play one and still gets in the CFP?


Florida 63 Idaho 10 – Nothing to get excited about here.

Penn State 20 Rutgers 7 – It wasn’t easy for the Nittany Lions, but they won.

Texas 24 Iowa State 10 – Seriously, seriously thought the Cyclones would have taken the measure of the Longhorns, but they didn’t. What does that make me in picking close games this week, 0 for 3? If the Horns beat Kansas next week, they will be in the Conference Championship game.

Kentucky 34 Middle Tennessee 23 – the Wildcats won but they made it a lot tougher than it should have been.

Washington 42 Oregon State 23 – The Huskies opened up a 28 point lead by the end of the first quarter.

Utah 30 Colorado 7 – Even after losing their starting quarterback, the Utes rolled right along with their backup. The Buffs have fallen after starting off the year great. And, they just lost their coach. I thought he was going to make winners of the Buffs. Guess that makes me 0-4 today.

Florida State 22 Boston College 21 – It took a 74 yard pass with 1:49 left in the game for the Seminoles to pull off the upset.

Mississippi State 52 Arkansas 6 – Anyone shocked? Anyone NOT see this one coming?

Northwestern 24 Minnesota 14 – We needed this game to see where the Gophers stood, and now we know. Lots of rowing left to go.

Utah State 29 Colorado State 24– For the last nine games, Utah State has won by an average of 29 points. They obviously underestimated the Rams and it darn near cost them.

Army 28 Colgate 14 – A lot of people didn’t believe me when I said the Black Knights would hand Colgate their first loss. All I have to say is, “Neener, Neener, Neener!” Some years ago, before I was born, but my someday-to-be Daddy was a Cadet, Army beat Colgate 55-46, in what was a record high-scoring game at the time. Just to let you know that I haven’t been sleeping on Colgate-Army.

Nebraska 9 Michigan State 6 – The Spartans need help, the Cornhuskers will be even better next year. The Huskers are going to work during the offseason on scoring a touchdown. As Bear Claw said to Jeremiah, so say I to the Spartans. “Go, and do likewise.”

Pitt 34 Wake Forest 13 – The Deacons needed this win to go to a bowl, that didn’t happen

Wisconsin 47 Purdue 44 – in the overtimes, the Badgers scored 20 points to the Boilermakers’ 17.

Missouri 50 Tennessee 17- Ha Ha! The Tigers walked all over the Vols.

UCLA 34 USC 27 – The Trojans will be looking for new coach soon, the Bruins seemed to have found one. (Colorado has a coach they can spare)

Texas A&M 41 UAB 20 – The Aggies overwhelmed the Blazers, the Daughter is happy.

Vanderbilt 36 Ole Miss 29 – The Rebels had a touchdown overturned, which would have allowed them to either tie or win, but, the truth of the matter is, they shouldn’t have been in that situation.

Oregon 31 Arizona State 29 – Darn it, the Sun Devils came very close.

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