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Cigar Butts Week 9

Cigar Butts Week 9

Clemson 59 Florida State 10 – The only surprise in this game was just how badly the Tigers whuped up on the Seminoles. It was brutal. QB Trevor Lawrence had a stellar day, so much so that he was pulled in the third quarter. Clemson is clearly the number two team in the nation, and they were number one on Saturday since Bama was idle. FSU doesn’t seem to be getting better. Saturday showed the glaring difference between these two programs. It was only three years ago that this game decided the fate of the ACC. Within that time frame, Clemson has risen to become a national power, Florida State has fallen into the pit of despair.

Georgia 36 Florida 17 – it is understood that this is a rival game, and that things happen in rivalries, ok , got it. Georgia should have pounded Florida into the dirt, but they didn’t. Instead, they struggled, they made trip after trip into Gator territory but settled for field goals or walked away with nothing. Prime example, Georgia had a first and goal on the one yard line. Florida committed three penalties, once giving UGA a fresh set of downs and the Bulldogs came away with only three points. They couldn’t punch the ball into the endzone. Florida’s defense played great. Georgia’s offensive play calling was just plain bad. Florida, on the other hand, has a terrible problem on offense, and it’s named quarterback Feleipe Franks. He had three costly turnovers, and was inaccurate with his passing. It was obvious that Georgia was not the juggernaut they were last year. Florida had the same problem they’ve had since Tebow left, and that’s a lack of quarterback effectiveness.

Oklahoma State 38 Texas 35 – All that talk about the Longhorns being back can let up now. They’ve gotten better, sure, but they’re not a powerhouse and not national title contenders. OSU built a 17 point lead and had to fight off a come back bid by the ‘Horns, which they did. Good win for the Pokes, bad loss for UT. Texas now has a bigger problem, they have to contend with an even faster, and more pass happy, West Virginia. It could get ugly real fast, real quick, but that’s something to be covered in a later edition.
Kentucky 15 Missouri 14 – The Tigers from the Show Me State built a 14-3 lead before UK got their act together and generated some offense, something they had struggled to do all game. But, on the last play of the game, Kentucky completed a 2-yard pass into the endzone to win the game. They now have a showdown with Georgia next week, and, if they have any hopes of winning, they need to generate more offense. Missouri was unable to extend their early lead, and therein lies the problem. They MUST develop a killer instinct. FYI – I picked the Wildcats to win, my editor did not.

Penn State 30 Iowa 24 – In game #2 of the writer vs editor series, the Nittany Lions squeezed out a win. It was a win, but it was not a pretty win. Iowa had a chance to pull the comeback, but could not get out of their own way. They committed violations which resulted in penalties, and they made mistakes that kept them from beating the Lions. The Nittany Lions had moments on offense when they were good, and then they’d turn around and mess it all up. Iowa contributed to their own demise. No matter, the Editor won this one, I lost. It’s 1-1.

Washington State 41 Stanford 38 – The deciding game in the writer vs editor series came down to a two-minute drive and last minute field goal for the Cougars to do what the Republicans can’t, they won in California. Washington State pulled it off to become the only team in the West with only one loss. It’s doubtful they will make the CFB playoffs, but they are the last hope that the PAC-12 has. Stanford tried to become a pass-first offense, and it worked. They scored plenty of points, but their problem has been stopping others, and they haven’t been very effective at that. The Editor had Stanford, I picked WSU. SO, needless to say, I was a bit on the edge of my seat when the Cougs lined up and kicked that field goal. I won this week, 2-1.

Mississippi State 28 Texas A&M 13 – The Bulldogs’ defense’s number one goal was to shut down the Aggie running game and force QB Kellen Mond to beat them with the pass. It worked, and it worked extremely well. The A&M quarterback was never even close to being equal to the task. There were examples where he had wide open receivers and couldn’t get the ball into their hands. Instead, he consistently overthrew them. Very poor execution. The daughter realized what MSU was doing, and how well it was working, and she thought it might be best to give her dog a bath instead of throwing something against the TV. She’s a smart Lassie.

Arizona 44 Oregon 15- How in the world did the Ducks lose his badly? I don’t know, but they did.

Northwestern 31 Wisconsin 17 – Wow, just wow. At the start of the season the Badgers were believed to be legitimate contenders to win the Great White North conference. Nope.

Houston 57 South Florida 36 – the Bulls are no longer undefeated, their defense gave up 600 yards, and 57 points was simply too much to match.

Syracuse 51 NC State 41 – the Wolfpack was sluggish on offense and the defense never even got on the bus to the game. The Orange walked all over them

Utah 41 UCLA 10 – Yep, the Utes kept the Bruins from their second win

California 12 Washington 10 – Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Husky QB Jake Browning even got benched during this game, but not for long. His comeback didn’t save their bacon.

West Virginia 58 Baylor 14 – The Mountaineers sharpened their knives in preparation for Texas.

Georgia Tech 49 Virginia Tech 28 – The Hokies had no answer on defense, none, natta, nothing.

Boston College 27 Miami 14 – Anyone still want to think the Hurricanes are back? BC didn’t think so.

Minnesota 38 Indiana 31 – Anyone else notice that the Gophers are inconsistent? One game they do well, the next, who knows what they’re doing? Poor Indiana. Could they play Rutgers twelve times a year?

Oklahoma 51 Kansas State 14 – OU kicked the Wildcats every which way but loose.

Vanderbilt 45 Arkansas 31 – Again, the Hogs are not very good. Neither is Tennessee, but Arkansas wasn’t playing Tennessee.

Iowa State 40 Texas Tech 31 – This was a great game! back a forth and flat out fun to watch. The Big 12 that only has ten teams better be ready for ISU to make a run for the title next year.

Army 37 Eastern Michigan 22 – this game was never in doubt Army took control and just ran away with it. Go Army!

Michigan State 23 Purdue 13- The Boilermakers could not follow up on their victory with Ohio State, Sparta might have found their new quarterback.

Nebraska 45 Bethune-Cook 9 – Yay! The Cornhuskers got their second win, big deal.

Virginia 31 North Carolina 21 – Has anyone noticed that the Cavaliers might get to the ACC championship game?

Kansas 27 TCU 26 – The Jayhawks have a better record than Nebraska, TCU is in a dark corner crying right now.

Oregon State 41 Colorado 34 – The Buffaloes allowed the Beavers to score 24 points in the fourth quarter and then lost it in overtime. Why? How? No one knows.

Arizona State 38 USC 35 – The Herm Train is back on track and building up steam!

Pittsburgh 54 Duke 45 – The Panthers did it again, they won when they shouldn’t have.

Notre Dame 44 Navy 22 – The Irish beat another losing team.

Boise State 48 Air Force 38 – Bronco’s QB threw 5 touchdowns to shoot down the Falcons

South Carolina 27 Tennessee 24 – It looked like the Gamecocks were going to let the Vols win, for a while, but they came to their senses. Tennessee isn’t very good – but we’ve already mentioned that, haven’t we?

Fresno State 50 Hawai’i 20 – The Bulldogs put this game away in the second quarter by scoring 23 points. This was after scoring 14 in the first.

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