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Cigar Butts Week 7

Cigar Butts Week 7

(1) Alabama 39 Missouri 10 – There was some doubt before kickoff whether Alabama’s secondary would be able to withstand the onslaught of the Missouri passing attack. The Tigers scored 10 points in the first quarter, Bama scored 13, the narrowest first quarter lead all season for Bama. When the second quarter started, the narrative resumed a more familiar pattern. The Crimson Tide scored 17 points and Mizzou failed to crack the scoreboard. Bama’s secondary did very well for the remainder of the game, as did the defensive line. Tua had to leave the game early again, but this time it was because he aggravated his knee injury, but he wasn’t going to play much more, anyway. There were plenty of things Bama needs to improve upon and they will. Shout out to Jalen Hurts, who lined up at different positions before taking over at QB. He is becoming a great asset as “Slash” as he expands his role and helps out the team even more. Stand up person for how he has handled everything.

(12) Michigan 38 (15) Wisconsin 13 – The Wolverines beat a ranked team, they really and truly won against a top 25 team. Did not see that one happening. The game was a nothing to nothing tie at the end of the 1st quarter, but by halftime things were starting to go the Maize and Blue way. The second half proved to be too much for the Badgers as they were shut down, and unable to do anything productive. Michigan, and Jim Harbaugh, dadgummit, will benefit greatly from this weekend.

Tennessee 30, (21) Auburn 24 – It is so hard for me to write about this game without laughing, or, at least, giggling a little. I’m actually unable to do it. I’m giggling as I write. The Tigers were completely outplayed by the Vols. Auburn assisted in this victory, they did several things to help UT. The Plainsmen turned the ball over 3 times, which Tennessee capitalized upon. Have to hand it to the Vols, they didn’t give up, even though they didn’t play very well, and they needed all the help Auburn afforded them, but they won an SEC game for the first time this year.

(13) LSU vs (2) Georgia –UGA ran the ball down the field like they owned the turf in Tiger Stadium in their first possession, LSU seemed powerless stop ‘em, but when they got into the redzone, the Dawgs tried three unsuccessful passes and were forced to try a field goal. Head Coach Kirby Smart outsmarted himself when he called for a fake field goal that didn’t work. Why they didn’t he stick to their running game, no one will know, but it cost them. Georgia QB Jake Fromm had the worst day of his career. The Dawgs defense didn’t hold up their end, either. LSU’s defense did great as they played far better than they have all year long. On top of that, the Bayou Bengals, outplayed, outperformed, and out hustled Georgia in every single way. Signature win for LSU. First stunning upset.

Michigan State 21 (8) Penn State 17 – the next big upset involved the Spartans of Michigan State. I love studying the history of Sparta, in ancient Greece, and the story of Leonidas and his 300 in their Last Great Act of Defiance at Thermopylae, but this was a football game in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania. In the last seconds of this game, the modern day college football Spartans completed a 25 yard go- ahead touchdown pass to snatch victory from defeat at the hands of Penn State. Just a heads up to MSU, you were kicked out of the top 25 last week and told you couldn’t come back until next year. That probably still applies, but, way to go MSU! Maybe the Nittany Lions underestimated the Spartans, and, after last weekend, who cold blame them? But, whatever the reason, they almost won this game. Almost. The last 19 seconds proved to be very costly. Another big upset.

(3) Ohio State 30, Minnesota 14 – This was not an upset, but it was a tough win for the Buckeyes. The Gophers actually hung in there with OSU until the 4th quarter. This is the second struggling win for OSU, this shouldn’t be happening, but, lucky for them, with Georgia’s shellacking, they’ll find themselves in the number 2 spot in the polls this week. They need to play better if they’re the second-best in the land.

(17) Oregon 30, (7) Washington 27 – This upset pretty much sank any chances of the PAC-12 getting a team into the National Playoffs. Washington now has two losses, one to Auburn, who just lost to a hapless Tennessee team (Hahahahahahaha!), and now they have lost to Oregon, who lost to Stanford, who lost to Utah, and one can see how this is going. The Ducks just wouldn’t go away, they stuck around and forced OT, – well, forced isn’t the word -, Washington missed a last minute field goal that would have won the game, but we’ll go with, “forced”. Then, in overtime, the Ducks took advantage. Yet another upset.

(5) Notre Dame 19, Pittsburgh 14 – Not an upset, but it wasn’t until 5 minutes were left in the game that the Irish got their first lead, which allowed them to win the game. Since they are ranked 5th in the nation, and there have been upsets above them, they’ll move up in the polls, unless LSU jumps over the Irish. Fat chance, pundits have called this Notre Dame team great since before the season’s play started. But, seriously, people, this was a luck o’ the Irish win that shouldn’t have been.

Iowa State 30, (6) West Virginia 14 – The Cyclones didn’t start the season off very well, but then they beat Oklahoma State in Stillwater. Saturday, they met the West Virginia Mountaineers, who was supposed to walk all over the, but they didn’t, and now everyone in the Big 12 that only has ten teams has a loss. If the Mountaineers have any hope of making the playoffs, or, for that matter, anyone in this conference has any hopes, they have to win out, and not play Iowa State. This bunch thinks they can beat anyone. Another top ten team falls. I didn’t see any, but Iowa State probably has some signs saying, “We want BAMA!”

Virginia 16, (16) Miami 13 – It was called right here, at CSF, this upset, and that’s exactly what happened. Miami has been favorably hyped all season long, but they shouldn’t have been. The Cavaliers are not a top 25 team, but they have gotten better, and people better start paying attention. Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall is turning this team from an ACC doormat into a legitimate contender. Doubt they’ll challenge Clemson for the title this season, but they are so much better now than they have been. Anther upset, does everyone see how this is going? Upsets galore with a few ekked-out wins thrown in.

USC 31, (19) Colorado 20 – The Buffs could have had the PAC-12 for the taking, all they had to do was beat USC (for the first time ever), and they didn’t. The last time CU was making a run like this, they lost it against the Trojans. So what does Colorado do? The exact same thing! Dang, we were actually pulling for them. This was called an upset because Colorado was ranked and USC wasn’t.

(22) Texas A&M 26, South Carolina 23 – If there is any team that is going to benefit the most from all the upsets, it’s gotta be the Aggies. They struggled against USC-South, but, none-the-less, they won, and it’s against another SEC team. The Daughter will be smiling when the new rankings come out and see the Aggies have moved up.

North Alabama 34 Mississippi College 17 – The Lions needed to win this game and they knew it. By the end of the first quarter, my Lions were up, 21 to 7. Halftime, and the game was pretty much over, as the Lions continued to stomp on MC. To my High School friends who went to Mississippi College, I have two things to say. 1) Hahahahahahahah!!! 2) Roar Lions!

Texas Tech surprised TCU in Ft Worth.

San Diego State shot down Air Force.

Utah had no problems with Arizona, none what-so-ever

Texas almost, almost, lost to Baylor, but they did lose their starting quarterback for the season. Bummer. Just when he was getting good.

Florida beat Vanderbilt by ten, but it wasn’t until the fourth quarter that they got the lead. Another come from behind win for the Gators.

Memphis had UCF, had them on the ropes, and looked like they were going to end the Knights’ win streak, but the Tigers didn’t do it. UCF won by one point, that’s got to hurt.

Iowa beat Indiana, and with the Wisconsin, loss the Hawkeyes now have the lead in their division. Be interesting to see if they can hold on to it.

Nebraska almost, almost, got their first victory of the season, but the Huskers coughed it up in overtime. Northwestern won.

Kansas State opened up a whole can of whoop-ass on Oklahoma State in the second half, Wow!

Navy lost to Temple, (snickering laugher)

Army walked, marched, stomped all over San Jose State, it was brutal.

Close call for VA Tech, but they beat North Carolina, unlike their result against Old Dominion

Ole Miss waited until the last possible moment to pull out the win against Arkansas

UCLA not only got their first win, but let lose on California, winning by 30 points.

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