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Cigar Butts Week 6

Cigar Butts Week 6

(19) Texas 48 (7) Oklahoma 45 – It was obvious from the start that the Longhorns were taking this game seriously. At no point did they show any undue respect for the Sooners, some worry, yes, but no temerity. UT jumped into the lead and by halftime it was 24-17. The game was going back and forth, but Texas was on a mission. In the third quarter, the Horns scored 21 points, giving them a three touchdown lead. It looked grim for the boys from north of the Red River. Then, in a span of six minutes in the fourth quarter, QB Kyler Murray led the Boomer Sooners to three touchdowns, tying the game at 45 apiece. Momentum was wearing the crimson of Oklahoma, BUT the Brunt Orange of the underdogs refused to fade. Texas had to mount a drive down the field to set up a game- winning 40 yard field goal attempt. With 12 seconds left, freshman kicker Cameron Dickers displayed ice in his veins as he kicked the ball straight through the uprights. Texas Longhorns had a three point lead with just a few clicks of the clock left. Turned out, it was enough of a lead to win the contest! This doesn’t necessarily rule the Sooners out of making the CFB playoffs, but it makes it a lot more difficult, as in very difficult, for sure.

(22) Florida 27 (5) LSU – The biggest take away from this game is that Florida has a defense, and they’re rather good, too. The visiting Bayou Bengals took their opening drive down the field for a touchdown, UF made some adjustments, and LSU didn’t see the endzone again until the fourth quarter. Florida’s offense had to rely on trick plays and tom-foolery to pull off the win. Why did they have to resort to such plays? Great question, easily answered;- because the Gators are in desperate need of a quarterback. Felipe Franks may be a nice young man, he may even be a gentleman, but, as a quarterback, he has been terrible! Yesterday was among his worst performances. In 27 passing attempts, he completed only 12, one for a touchdown, and another was completed to an LSU player. The star of the game was the Gator defense, for they shut down the vaunted passing attack and made the Bayou Bengals rely on the running game. That didn’t really work out well. UF is not ready to challenge Georgia for the SEC East Title, – though they had better be getting ready – but they did beat the Number 5 team in the nation.

(17) Miami 28 Florida State 27 – The Seminoles looked like they came out of the 90’s, as they attacked the Hurricanes and began pounding Miami. Until the Third quarter, it didn’t appear UM was even in the same game. Then, the Canes got their bearings, adjusted their cleats, and mounted a comeback. Like the storm whose name they bear, Miami charged back, rallying from 20 points down to take the lead with 11 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Plenty of time for FSU to stop the bleeding and come back and win it, but that’s when the Seminoles didn’t look like their legacy team from the 90’s anymore. Miami shut down the Noles and won the game. It didn’t even take a ‘Wide Right’. This just isn’t Florida State’s year. Will their luck be better next season?

Mississippi State 23, (8) Auburn 9 – “Quick Nick”, or, QB Nick Fitzgerald of Mississippi State, broke one of Tim Tebow’s records last night, rushing for 195 yard and two touchdowns. There was nothing the Tigers from the Plains could do to stop him. He was a one man wrecking crew, as the Bulldogs took control of the game and never let up. The defense came back to life, after playing dead for the past two weeks, – not sure what they were doing for two weeks, but it was nice to see them again. Auburn, however, has an offensive line problem. QB Jason Stidham is a very talented passer, but he wasn’t able to check down to his secondary receiver if the primary wasn’t open. Every time he dropped back to pass, he was under pressure. The Maroon defensive line poured through the Tigers’ protection. Not that it’s ever a bad thing when the Plainsmen lose, at least, not to a Bama aficionado, but you don’t want your rival embarrassing themselves. They did on Saturday.

(1) Alabama 65 Arkansas 31 – There wasn’t much suspense about this game, Bama was going to win, but the first string players barely broke a sweat before leading 21 to nothing. It took all of one play to make the score 7-0. The Tide’s biggest test so far was Texas A&M, and Tua and Company shredded them. SO, either the Crimson Tide is THAT good or they are lacking good competition. They might be scary good. Just a note of caution:- when a team scores 31 points on you, and mostly against the first string defense, Me and Nick Saban agree, there may be cause for concern. Bama made the Hogs’ offense look like world-beaters. There were receivers wide open all day, 20-30 yard gains on running plays were the norm, and it didn’t get better as the game wore on. Next game is Missouri, and Drew Lock, a good quarterback with good receivers. Wake up, Alabama “D”, wake up!

Texas A&M 20 (13) Kentucky 14 – It took the Aggies into overtime to dispatch the upstart Wildcats, but, as soon as they did, I was getting texts from The Daughter celebrating the victory and reminding me that I had picked Kentucky. In a slow slugfest, UK scored first and A&M followed with a tally in the second quarter. Both scored in the fourth quarter, forcing overtime. The Wildcats had the ball first and their field goal attempt was kicked right down the middle, only to have it bounce off the crossbar. The Aggies got the ball and ran it into the endzone. Upset compete. I question the term, “upset”.

(6) Notre Dame 45, (24) Virginia Tech 23 – There was a possibility at the start of the game, when it was 0-0, that the Hokies were going to pull off the upset. In the second half, that notion went away and it went away quickly. The Irish scored and scored and kept scoring. Those guys may be as good as they think they are.

Iowa State 48, (25) Oklahoma State 42 – Not sure why the Cyclones give the Cowboys such a hard time but they do. They don’t always upset OSU but it’s a surprise when they don’t. Way to go ISU

(23) NC State 28 Boston College 23 –The Wolfpack is 5-0 and they are not showing signs of stopping.

(21) Colorado 28 Arizona State 21 – The undefeated hope of the PAC 12 stayed the course and won the day. Wide Receiver Laviska Shenault scored all four of CU’s touchdowns, he was a Buffalo against ASU.

Northwestern 29, (20) Michigan State 19 – Seriously thought the Spartans were going to be better than they are. After yesterday’s loss to the Wildcats, they are out of the top 20 and not allowed back in, they can reapply next year.

(15) Michigan 42 Maryland 21 – The Wolverines played great yesterday, and why did they play so well? That’s right, cause it wasn’t a pivotal game!

(9) West Virginia 38 Kansas 22 – The door is wide open for the Mountaineers to take the Big 12 that only has ten teams title. Let’s see if they can keep it up and claim it.

(4) Clemson 63 Wake Forest 3 – This game wasn’t even funny.

(3) Ohio State 49 Indiana 26 – The Buckeyes opened it up in the fourth quarter and made the score look worse than the game was. Indiana gave OSU a hard game for most of the game. IF, and that’s a big IF, the Hoosiers ever learn to close out a game, they just might win one against the Bucks

Utah 40 (14) Stanford 21– Stanford is the definition of inconsistency. In the lexicon, they should have a picture of this team. One week, they’re playing great, but the next, they can’t get anything together. Utah capitalized.

(2) Georgia 41 Vanderbilt 13 – Oh, yeah, and, also, the Bulldogs beat Vandy. No kidding

West Florida 24 North Alabama 19 – My Lions appear to be on a slide, this needs to stop, and stop now. Roar Lions! Although yesterday, is was more of a ‘Meow’ and less of a ‘ROAR’!


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