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Cigar Butts- Review of Week 3

Cigar Butts Week 3

1) Alabama 62 Ole Miss 7 – The Rebels took the opening kick-off, immediately attacked the suspect Bama secondary with their Hawaiian quarterback and All-everything wide receiver, and, 75 yards later, it was 7-0, Ole Miss. Then they had to give Alabama a turn, and the Tide’s own Hawaiian quarterback never looked back. Tua and his team was virtually unstoppable. At the end of the first quarter, it was 28-7. Everything about Bama was explosive, the defense proved to be up to the task of stopping a high powered offense, and the Rebel defense was completely overmatched. Everyone was expecting this game to be much closer. They were wrong. Tua has yet, after three games, failed to get a first down on third down when he’s thrown the ball.

(4) Ohio State 40 (15) TCU 28 – Well, just as predicted here on CSF, the Horn Frogs were on a National stage, and they took a lead into halftime. It wasn’t much lead, but they were playing the fourth, or third, or second-best team in the country. They appeared to honestly think they could pull this off and win. Then, in a span of 9:28, the Buckeyes scored 28 points and put the game completely out of reach. OSU did not look dominant the entire game, they made plenty of mistakes, as did TCU, and it showed, but when they got it together, that 9 minutes 28 seconds, they were very good. They still need to put together a complete game and get it together before they face Penn State in two weeks, but who’s going to test them before the Lions? Or, after the Nitanny Lions? Wisconsin? Read on, … .

(5) Oklahoma 37 vs Iowa State 27 – The Sooners are doing just fine, at least the offense is doing well. QB Kyler Murray and Receiver Marquise had a most productive first half. The running game of the Sooners is alright, not great, but alright. The Iowa State Cyclones never gave up, they contested every step of the way, but they were completely overmatched. A word of advice to the rest of the football world, mainly the Big 12 that only has ten teams, be very careful of ISU.

BYU 24 vs (6) Wisconsin 21 – In the biggest upset of the day, the Badgers’ playoff hopes took a dive into the chilly waters of reality. The unranked Cougars came into Camp Randel Stadium and matched up physically with the Script “W’s”. In the last seconds of the game, Wisconsin had a chance to tie with a field goal. BYU called two timeouts to ice and the kicker, and it worked. He shanked that attempt like nobody’s business. First upset of the day, there are more.

(12) LSU 22 vs (7) Auburn 21– In the exact opposite scenario, the Louisiana Bayou Bengals did made their last minute field goal attempt, and beat the Tigers of the Plains of Alabama. Ok, I admit it, it’s hard not to chuckle when Auburn loses, but, be that as it may, Auburn shouldn’t have lost. They had the lead, on their home field, everything was going their way, then they made some mistakes. The main one was when QB Jarret Stidham threw a costly interception, allowing LSU to get the ball and make another long touchdown throw. With that, the Bayou Bengals were right back in it and that led them to a two point deficit. Then, a last second field goal attempt, which they made. Two years in a row Auburn had the lead and let it go. Upset number 2

Texas 37 (22) USC 14 – For the Longhorns, their entire season was resting up on the outcome of this game. I told you all this in the weekly write-up before the games. If Texas lost, the season would have been ruined. By winning the game, and upsetting a ranked team, much less one with a name like Southern Cal, they have given their season a chance at success. The Trojans had an 11-point lead, and, well they made a lot of mistakes and allowed the Horns to catch up. The UT Defense was the story of the game. USC wound up with a negative 5 yards rushing. This made the Men of Troy over-reliant on their passing game, and, with all their mistakes, they couldn’t hold the lead. Upset number 3.

San Diego State 28 (23) Arizona State 21 – The “Herm Train” did not get derailed on Saturday, but it lost a lot of steam. After starting off surprisingly well by going 2-0, and beating Michigan State, this match-up was the perfect trap game, and, sure enough the Sun Devils fell right into the trap. ASU has to develop a running game, they can’t be one-dimensional. Upset number 4

Troy 24 Nebraska 19 – for the first time since 1957, or, maybe, ’56, the Cornhuskers have started the season 0-2. Troy made sure to further ruin the beginning of the Coach Frost era. Even in his first year at Central Florida, Coach Frost started off badly, too. Upset number 5.

Syracuse 30 Florida State 7 – In upset number 6, the Orange did not just beat FSU, they beat the crap out of them. It was embarrassing. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Seminoles even scored. The Willie Taggart age is off to a bad start. Time to change quarterbacks or coaches. The quarterback would be cheaper.

Kansas 55 Rutgers 14 – Oh, my gosh, and Holy cow! KU has won two games in a row! It takes three games to be classified as a streak, but for the Jayhawks to win two in a row, we’ll make an exception. Upset number 7.

(2) Clemson, (3) Georgia (11) Penn State (9) Stanford (19) Michigan (20) Oregon (21) Miami all had easy wins.

Notre Dame came very close to losing to Vanderbilt, 22-17. Still not buying the Irish as a top ten team.

Army, as predicted, rolled over Hawai’i, 28-21. Did the best Hawaiian quarterbacks go to the SEC?

Tennessee actually won against UTEP, but the Miners haven’t won a game in a very long time. Still, a win is a win, and UT got one, 24-0.

Pitt started off great but took their foot off the gas and allowed Georgia Tech to mount a come back. The Yellow Jackets fell a little short, 24-19.

Duke showed Baylor scant respect, drubbing them, 40-27. In Waco.

Florida noticed what befell another SEC team at Colorado State, and the Gators mauled the Rams, 48-10.

Arkansas has got trouble, right here in River City, they lost to North Texas 44-17, and that’s Trouble with a capital “T” which rhymes with “P” and that stands for Pool! No, seriously, the Razorbacks have big problems. No SEC team should be this bad.

Texas A&M smothered UL Monroe, 48-10. Good for the Aggies. Next Saturday they’ll need the same Big Boy pants they wore against Clemson cause it’s Alabama time. Needless the say, The Daughter and I will be trading barbs for all week.

UCLA fell to Fresno State, 38-14. Maybe the Bruins need more time to learn the Kelly offense. Then again, maybe UCLA is really weak.

Akron overcame Northwestern, 39-34. This still counts as an upset.

Mississippi State did not have any trouble with Louisiana Lafayette, 56-10.

Washington beat Utah, 21-7. The Huskies still need to get better.

Minnesota is now 3-0. Granted, they beat Miami (OH), who is now 0-3, but the Gophers are doing well. They won this one, 26-3.

North Alabama did not beat North Dakota State, actually it didn’t go well for my Lions, they lost 38-7.

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