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Cigars & Football – A Simple Blend

Cigar Butts Week 1

Cigar Butts Week 1

After all the hype, all the press, and all the talk, we finally kicked the spheroid off the tee and college football was back! Thank the Lord! Now that we’ve had a full (almost – it’s Labor Day) weekend to see what each team has, we have more clarity of vision. This necessitates some revisions, adjustments, and some teams just need to be eliminated. The Law professor at Kansas University who suggested dropping football at the school might have a point.
These are who and what we thought they were:

Alabama – The Crimson Tide, with Tua Tagovailoa as QB, simply destroyed Louisville. Everything the big Elephants wanted to do, they did. The Cardinals had no answer for this relentless, attacking, superiority. Maybe the players of UL have learned to keep their mouths shut and refrain from poking the Bear! You wanted Bama;- you got Bama. Don’t poke the Bear!

Clemson- The Tigers had no problem taking down Furman. Way to open the season, Clemson! (that’s sarcasm by the way). Next week we’ll know more as they play Texas A&M at College Station.

Ohio State – It appears that QB Dwayne Haskins will be better than departed JT Barrett. The Buckeyes walked all over Oregon State, even without Head Coach Meyer.

Georgia – The Bulldogs had such an easy time with Austin Peay, that by halftime the first and second stringers had already completed their showers and were headed out on their after game dates.

Wisconsin – The Badgers had an easy time with Western Kentucky. Maybe they called off the dogs halfway through the game, but they still did very well.

Oklahoma – it appears that QB Kyler Murry can actually throw the ball, and to a player wearing the same color jersey as he wears, go figure. OU did not fear the Owls of Lane Kiffin.

West Virginia and Tennessee– The Mountaineers started off slow, there was a lightning storm which must have recharged the ‘Neers and shocked the Vols because they then walked all over Tennessee. The Vols are in this category because, yeah, we knew they weren’t very good.

North Alabama – There were doubters and nay-sayers but the Lions came off the field of their first contest as a Division 1-AA member as victors over Southern Utah. Roar Lions!!!

Teams that give promise for better things:

LSU- Maybe, just maybe, the Tigers, Louisiana variety, aren’t nearly as bad as projected. They took down Miami on the national stage, Coach Orgeron has never done that before. Did Orgeron really play the assistant coach of the Muddogs in Waterboy?

USC –The Trojans did not overwhelm the initial defense of the Rebels, but after the second quarter the Men of Troy (I really like that name!) hunkered down and took care of business. We’ll still need to see better performance against more powerful teams, though, like, maybe, Stanford this week?

Colorado – Are the Buffalos back? They sure looked good against Colorado State.

South Carolina – The Gamecocks just might give Georgia a good game this weekend. USC-South performed better than they have in a long time.

Ole Miss – The Rebels came out of the gate against Texas Tech and de-horsed the Red Raiders. Little bit by little bit, Ole Miss pulled farther and farther ahead. Hotty Toddy!

Pitt – The Panthers took the opening kickoff for a touchdown, not a bad way to start off a season. They’ve set themselves up for a signature win this week against Penn State. Let’s see if they take advantage of it.

Texas A&M – ok, sure, they only played Northwestern State, and if I didn’t mention the Aggies I’d have one mad Daughter, but the way they played was so much better then what we’re used to, that there is cause for optimism, maybe. No great expectations yet, but good vibes.

Teams that raise Doubts:

Auburn and Washington- The Tigers won against a seemingly inept Washington team. The Huskies were a big disappointment to me. Maybe they can still win the PAC-12, but, if they do, it will further underscore the vast gulf that separates PAC-12 football from SEC football. It just means more. Got to hand it to the Plainsmen, though, they finally won in Atlanta.

Michigan State – The Spartans had to use all the resources they had to get by a determined Utah State team. MSU won the game, 38-31, but should it really have been that close? Sparty, you gotta do better.

Penn State – The Lions needed overtime to get by Appalachian State, IN Happy Valley. Maybe we over-estimated PSU. They can still get it together, but talk about a head scratcher, … . What was it Bear Claw said to Jeremiah Johnson? “You’ve got some work to do!”

Notre Dame – The Irish beat Michigan, but they did not play a complete game, again. After a quick start, they ALMOST let Harbaugh the Mouth and his minions come back into it. Later opponents may have less mouth and more skill.

Stanford – How in the world does San Diego State hold a Heisman trophy finalist to just 29 yards? And, if the Aztecs can do that, don’t you think the PAC-12 teams can too? Come on, Cardinal, this is not good!


Just cut these teams:

Michigan – Yet another big game that Coach Harbaugh can’t win. The offense was inept, and even the Notre Dame players saw defeat in the eyes of Michigan players before the end of the game. Hey, Wolverines, how’s it feel to pay a Coach that much for big time losses?

Texas – Longhorns, you’re out. No excuses will be heard, this makes two years in a row you’ve lost to Maryland to start the season when you were ranked and they weren’t. Nothing can redeem this type of performance.

Miami – Out you go. After all the hype they’ve gotten, this makes the fourth game in a row, going back to last season, where the Canes didn’t beat a good team. The Canes looked befuddled against LSU. Remember when Bama played the Canes in the Sugar Bowl, and that chant, that haunting chant, rang out in the night? “Hey, Canes! Hey Canes! WE JUST BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU!”

UCLA– The Bruins hired Chip Kelly, that was supposed to make them better, but they’re not. Losing to Cincinnati in LA is just, yeah, that’s a no-go. Not ready to put Coach Kelly in the Harbaugh Hall of Failures, but this was not the way to start the season. Better luck next year.

Arizona – The Wildcats entered the season as a conference Dark Horse. BYU, an Independent, shot and bagged that hope. New coach Kevin Sumlin can still lead the Cats to win the conference (small “c”. You have to earn your capital “C”, and the PAC-12 hasn’t) This is not going to be a good season for Zona.

Tennessee – We’ve already been mentioned Rocky Top and their loss to West Virginia, but it’s fun to kick the Vols when they’re down.


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