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Week 11 Review

Week 11 Review


134Georgia vs Auburn – The Auburn Tigers added another feather to their cap;- the whuppin’ of the Number One team in the nation. The Dawgs took the opening drive and scored a touchdown, making it look like they were going to embarrass the home team. All Auburn could do was kick a couple of field goals, but the Tiger defense was quietly stopping the vaunted Georgia attack. Late in the second quarter, AU scored a touchdown and that opened the floodgates. Beginning with that impetus, it seemed the Alabama Tigers could do no wrong. Georgia freshman QB Fromm seemed overwhelmed by †he circumstances as the Dawgs’ mighty running game was stopped cold. Auburn exposed UGA as a team not ready to hold the number one position in the CFB standings. In two weeks, War Eagle meets the Tide, and right now they are playing far better than the Red Elephants.

Notre Dame vs Miami – In another game Saturday, the Miami Hurricanes showed the nation that this is Not the Year of the Irish. They also returned the swagger back to South Florida. The Cane defense shut the Irish down, so much so that ND Coach Kelly switched QB’s in the second quarter, hoping for better results. The last time the Irish played in Hard Rock stadium they fell behind 28-0 by halftime in the National Championship game against Alabama. Maybe they should stop playing there. I think there’s more to the home-field advantage than three points, like, a LOT more. I’m thinking, maybe, fifteen points, perhaps thirty, and I’m thinking of Bama playing at Auburn in the Iron Bowl and it bothers me. Miami will be making their first trip to the ACC championship game where they will be facing off against Clemson.

Alabama vs Mississippi State – The last time the top three teams lost on the same weekend was 1960, but this weekend it almost happened again. Mississippi State did their best to take down028 Bama and came this close (picture Maxwell Smart measuring with his thumb and forefinger) to actually doing it. They beat Bama at the line of scrimmage all night long. The Bulldogs beat Bama’s offensive line, and the Bulldogs beat Bama’s defensive line. Mississippi State beat the tar out of Bama at the line of scrimmage all night. If it weren’t for big plays at just the right time The Crimson Tide would have joined Georgia in being flushed down the tubes. But the Tide won, 31-24. When the committee rankings come out on Tuesday, Alabama is more than likely going to hold the number one spot. But let’s be honest, they are not playing like Number One, and they better put on their Big Boy pants real fast cause Auburn looms in the near future. After Mercer. Let’s not fergit Mercer.

TCU vs Oklahoma – At no time during this game were the Sooners even threatened. OU QB Baker Mayfield all but sewed up the Heisman Trophy. I hate to admit it, because Mayfield has a knack for grinding against the grain of your personality, but he probably is the best College player in America this year. OU may have lost to Iowa State, but that is looking more and more like an anomaly. Granted, the Sooners didn’t do very much in the second half, but they didn’t have to because neither did TCU. Winning the game, 38-20, put Boomer Sooner in sole position of first place in the Big 12 that only has ten teams. Right now, OU might be playing the best in the nation, even better than Auburn. Seriously, I hope they don’t end up playing Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Michigan State vs Ohio State– This game that was supposed to be close, but it wasn’t. OSU walked all over Michigan State, even dragging their feet as they stomped Sparty into the ground, 48-3. If only the Buckeyes could play all their games within the Horseshoe, but they can’t. Home field advantage three (3) points? Hogwash!

Iowa vs Wisconsin – After the Hawkeyes offensive blitzed Ohio State last week, it was logical that they would be able to do it again…but Wisconsin was at home this time. The Badgers held Iowa to 66 total yards. The only score for the Hawks (my Indian name was ‘Hawkeye’, so I have a soft spot for that) was when CB Joshua Jackson intercepted a pass and ran it back for touchdowns. Twice, he did this twice. Wisconsin finally played a rated team, and, giving credit where credit is due, they played like Great White North Champions.

Cigar Ashes

Clemson crushed Florida State 31-14…starting to wonder if Jimbo Fisher will survive. Ah, yeah, he’ll talk his way off the warm seat.

USC squashed a Colorado come back, 38-24

Penn State feasted upon Rutgers, 35-6

Oklahoma State vs Iowa State was one of the best games of the weekend. OSU had to wrestle a last gasp pass away from the receiver to win. We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again, watch out! Coach Campbell is working magic at ISU. And home field advantage is worth more than three points.

Georgia Tech beat Virginia Tech, 28-22. I guaranteed a Tech win, as you recall.

Washington State passed by Utah, 33-25, just barely.

LSU retained the Golden Boot as they beat the Arkansas Razorbacks, 33-10

Army rolled all over Duke in the first half. Second half was a different matter, but Black Knights still won, 21-16. Go Army beat Navy!

Baylor put up a good fight against Texas Tech, but lost, 38-24

Florida couldn’t find the ‘win’ button and lost to South Carolina, 28-20. Zaire was hurt, so, next week, HC (Interim) Shannon will have to play Felipe Franks, whether he likes him or not.

Minnesota rowed their boat and sunk Nebraska, 54-21

Wake Forest put on a scoring clinic against Syracuse, 64-43. It wasn’t much of a defensive clinic

Virginia losing to Louisville, 38-21, gave Miami a berth in the ACC Championship

West Virginia slipped past Kansas State, 28-23

Navy got by SMU 43-40…darn it. Dadgummed field goals on the last play of the game count. Oh, lest I forget, navy was at home.

Texas beat Kansas, 42-27. Should have been a lot worse

Texas A&M beat New Mexico, 55-14. The Aggies play pretty darn well against non-SEC West teams

Missouri raked Tennessee over the coals, 50-17, ending the Butch Jones era as Head Coach of the Vols. Too bad, kind-of liked him coaching the Volunteers. (Axiom I: I am an Alabama fan. Axiom II: Home field advantage is worth more than three points)

Somehow, someway, UCLA topped Arizona State, 44-37

Arizona kept winning by dropping Oregon State,  49-28. Is it really possible that Les Miles will coach the Beavers? Anything’s possible.

Fresno State enjoyed their trip to Hawai’I, and won the football game, too, 31-21

North Alabama closed out their time in Division II by beating Mississippi College, 16-7. Next year the Lions  will be playing in the Big South Conference as a Division 1 AA team.



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