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Week 6 Preview

Week 6 Preview

017Alabama vs Texas A&M – Monday morning I received a text from The Daughter, the A&M student, informing me that the “trash talk shall start now”. Now she is brash, bold and a smart aleck, but even through all the bravado of her trash talking, she notices that A&M is going to have a hard time beating Bama. It looks like the Alabama team has found its grove, and against their last two SEC opponents, it has been impressive, very impressive. When they come onto the field it feels like it should be to the ‘Imperial March” from the Empire Strikes Back.(this from a Star Wars junkie and Alabama fanatic) The defense is allowing an average of 8.6 points per game. They allow an average of 73 yards rushing and their “porous” pass defense gives up a whopping 175 yards per game. Opposing Quarterbacks don’t have the luxury of setting up for the pass and being able to go through their progressions. Instead, they take the snap, drop back, and, if their primary receiver is not open, the “buffet busters” of Bama’s defense have arrived. It’s “flight or fight” time and no one has decided to contest those big defensive lineman so far as they come crashing 042through. Basically it’s two seconds of processing followed by moments of sheer panic. The offense is not only running the ball well, but there is a stable full of horses to accomplish this task. What was it, seven running backs carried the ball against Ole Miss. I’ve been critical of QB Hurts, so it’s time to give credit where credit is due. He has started to read defenses and he’s not just throwing to the primary receiver. Oh, Glory Days! Now let’s see if he can keep it up against a quality secondary. Should the passing game continue to improve, it’ll be double tough stopping the Tide. The biggest obstacle Alabama faces is complacency, and St. Nick Saban knows it, so much so I’m willing to bet this week’s practice has been designed to keep the team from thinking about how good they are. Nothing would give the Aggies more pleasure, not the mention all the trash talking The Daughter will do, than to beat The Crimson Tide.

Texas A&M -For a team with a coach that started the season on the hot seat, the Aggies have quietly earned a 4-1 record. They darn near lost to Arkansas, the Ragin Cajuns tested their mettle, and South Carolina couldn’t hold the lead they’d built up. A&M has used  the fourth quarter to pull out their wins, but it was a fourth quarter collapse against UCLA that put the blemish on their record. Now it’s time to see what kind-of team they are, because we just don’t know. The offensive line is going to have its biggest test, they have not protected freshman QB Mond very much. He’s been hurried in his throws, and even when he has time, he doesn’t always make sound decisions. He’s just a frosh, he’s learning, and has shown signs of improving. Final exam time, and the season’s only half over. The Aggie defense has, at times, shown they might be worthy of the “Wrecking Crew” moniker. If they could get consistently good, we’d honor their request and call them the “Wrecking Crew”. They can’t start slow and warm up later against Alabama. How are they going to stop the Alabama blitzkrieg? CSF has no idea…none, but, bless their hearts, we’re wishing them the best of luck. The Daughter will continue her trash talking throughout the week, and I’m sure I’ll get a phone call right before the game where she’ll really let me have it. The real question is, will she answer her phone after the game? Alabama Rolls to Victory!



231Michigan State vs Michigan –The Spartans were embarrassed by last year’s collapse, so they’re trying to erase this memory with better performance this year. They’ve played some quality teams and people are beginning to notice. MSU beat Western Michigan, who gave USC all they could handle, the Spartans beat Iowa, who is not a bad team, and why they lost to Notre Dame like they did, we have no idea. But, because people do remember last year, and they note the beat down at ND, folks aren’t giving the Big Green much of a chance against the Wolverines. But, let’s take a closer look. MSU has allowed 18 points per game, only 96 rushing yards per game, and 152 yards passing. Those numbers are not bad, they’re actually pretty darn good. The offense is gaining 429 ypg, 242 passing and 187 rushing. This team is not a pushover. QB Lewerke has thrown for 963 yards with 8 TDs and only 2 INTs, compared to UM QB Speight numbers of 581 yards with only 3 TDs and 2 INTs. But Speight is hurt and may not even suit-up. The Spartans hold the edge in rushing, passing, and TDs. Both teams have played some quality opponents.   Anyone thinking that Michigan is going to have a walkover could be in for a big surprise. According to the brains and math people that think football game outcomes can be predicted by some sort of math formula, (idiots) Sparty has only a 14% chance of winning this contest. CSF is not drinking this Kool-Aid. Michigan State may not have the 131loud, obnoxious, coach Michigan does, so they don’t get the headlines, but they have been a consistent contender. You need to forget last year.


Michigan-is still riding the glory wave they earned when they beat Florida in Arlington. And they did earn it, no argument here. But we’re not ready to anoint Michigan as Champions of the West and Coach Harbaugh as New World royalty just yet. Against Purdue, UM QB Wilton Speight was injured in the first quarter and back-up John O’Korn came into the game to lead the Wolverines to victory. It’s already been determined that Speight will not be able to play against MSU, so all hopes are on the Houston transfer O’Korn again. While he did well against Purdue, the Spartans are not the Boilermakers. Michigan’s defense has been led by Senior defensive end Chase Winovich, who has six sacks through 4 games. The rest of the line has proven to be just as tough, and as long as they perform, the Maize and Blue have very little to worry about. But they cannot let Michigan State start to believe they can win, because if they latch onto this belief, they could win the game. Everything is pointing to Michigan to win the game, their coach creates headlines, the players get the notice, and more people like the color blue than the color green. But something doesn’t feel right. There’s a disturbance in the Force and it makes me think that the Spartans are going beat the Wolverines. So CSF is trusting the Force, even though old Obi Wan Kenobi misinterpreted the Force from time to time.

Army vs Rice-Rice has not had a good year. They began the season in Australia, against Stanford, and that didn’t work out well. They Owls played UTEP tough, but everyone beats the Miners. Army had been playing well, but it looks like they let that loss to Ohio State take more out of them then they should have. No matter, The Cadets are back to their winning ways. Against Rice, the streak should continue. I still don’t understand why the Black Knights are attempting to pass, because their quarterback can’t hit moving targets, or stationary ones. So I’m offering to help them out with a word of advice…STOP TRYING TO THROW THE BALL! Go Army, Beat Navy!

541West Virginia vs TCU -WVU is sitting at 3-1 and ranked 23rd in the nation. Their one loss was to VA Tech at the start of the season, but that was only by 7 points. Since then they’ve been on a tear, IMG_7801scoring over 50 points in each of their last three games. It was against East Carolina, Delaware and Kansas, true enough, but it was half an hundred nevertheless. TCU is a frog of a different color. The Mountaineers play fast on offense and don’t give much thought to defense. But according to Head Coach Dana Holgorsen, they have been making a concerted effort to improve on that side of the ball. But will they be able to stop the Horned Frogs? Eh, not real sure.

TCU-already has a signature win when they knocked Oklahoma State off their pedestal. A lot of the credit needs to go to the play of QB Kenny Hill. Despite my doubts and uneasiness, he is playing rather well, even taking care of the ball a lot better. This was one of the many concerns that tainted him in the past. TCU has plenty of talent around him to help out. The defense has gotten back to what made TCU feared in the past. Hard nosed, tough tackling, smart play. They will be put to the test as they need to be able to play fast and keep up with the WVU offense. Better yet, don’t let the Mountaineers get into a rhythm. Long Horned Toad drives that chew up time by the offense might be the best defense against West Virginia. More than likely, this game will be fast and high scoring, but we’re picking the Horn Frogs to win it.



Short Smokes

Louisville vs NC State should be a very interesting game. The Wolfpack is improved and improving, and could cause the Cardinals a headache

Clemson will claw the Wake Forest Deacons, but the Tigers could be bruised in the process. Not the Saban PROCESS, but the process

Oklahoma hosts Iowa State and the Sooners will win but it may be close

Georgia needs to hammer Vanderbilt if they want to keep pace with Alabama

Ole Miss needs to beat Auburn, but more than likely they won’t. It would be nice if they beat someone from Alabama. Hotty Toddy!

Iowa will recover against Illinois

Duke will more than likely lose to Virginia because they can’t shake off Miami

Miami vs Florida State in the Hurricane Game will not end with a wide right because Miami will have too big of a lead for a field goal to matter

LSU is in big trouble against Florida, cause the Gators are sometimes, marginally, better than Troy. In the Swamp. Sometimes. Maybe.

Notre Dame will beat North Carolina. We’re pulling for the Tar Heels. This is a vain hope, I know, but we’re still hoping. Hope is never a course of action.

Minnesota rows their boat over Purdue

Air Force and Navy begin their annual quest for the Commanders Cup, but Army is going to win it. HA!

Maryland could cause Ohio State trouble. They won’t, but they could

South Carolina will peck the dickens out of the Razorbacks

Kansas State trips up Texas…again

VA Tech get over Clemson by beating Boston College

Missouri will not beat Kentucky, or anyone else in the SEC this year

Wisconsin continues their weak schedule against weak Nebraska

Washington State should beat Oregon, as the Ducks are playing their backup Quarterback

Colorado stampedes over Arizona

Utah will scalp Stanford, and if anyone doesn’t like that analogy, TOUGH!

Washington should have little to no trouble with the California Bears

North Alabama will host Florida Tech for their Homecoming, and they’ve got to win, please win, for the love of all that’s holy, WIN!! Roar, Lions!!!




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