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Cigar Butts for Week 10

Cigar Butts Week 10


017Alabama vs LSU– What can be said about Alabama’s defense that hasn’t been said all season? These guys are good, as in unbelievably good. The past two years this defense has held star RB Leonard Fournette to just 66 yards! That’s his total for two years against the Tidewall. There was a welcoming committee of crimson jerseys every time he touched the ball. QB Danny Etling has about the same story to tell. It wasn’t like this at Purdue. It was the most hardcore defensive performance of the season. LSU’s defense played inspired ball, the best they’ve played all season, bless their hearts, they tried. If they had played this well all year their record would be much better. Alabama won the game, I’m glad about that, I’m very glad about that, but Alabama’s offense and play calling was flat out bad. The running game of Damien Harris and Bo Scarborough was great, when they had the opportunity, but they were under utilized. OC Lane Kiffin was determined to run on the outside where LSU was crashing their ends on every play to take away the outside. Listening to the talking heads, they are praising QB Jalen Hurts like he’s the best QB in the nation, and the only reason Bama won was because of him. In truth, he should have been benched! That’s right, you heard me, he should have been Benched! He needs to go to one of these quarterback camps and learn to throw the ball. He had one good pass all night, the rest were pathetic. On the run that he scored a touchdown, it was a called pass play and his execution of the play was horrible! Let’s at least be truthful when we talk about this freshman phenom. Read the Cigarsmokinfootball article I wrote before the game. He made me look like a prophet, or guru, or something. 10-0. Remind me, why was Les Miles fired?

Mississippi State vs Texas A&M– A few years ago Georgia played Florida and the Bulldogs entered the game as the heavy favorite only t210o be spanked by the Gators. It was bizarre . MSU did the same thing against A&M. They outplayed the Aggies in every phase of the game. After being voted number 4 in the nation by The Committee, they blew themselves out of the water. The Bulldogs outplayed, out fought, out everythinged the Aggies. It was shocking. MSU won 35-28.

Florida vs Arkansas– All Florida had to do was win and the SEC East was theirs. They’d get to play Alabama again. Whoopee! Maybe the Gators felt the same way. The Hogs grabbed the Gators by the tail and whipped them something good, 31-10. At no time did UF mount a threat. The teams of the SEC-East are far behind the SEC-West teams.

IMG_7801TCU vs Baylor– The Bears received the opening kickoff, and in less than seven seconds they had scored a touchdown. First play from scrimmage, score. TCU got the ball, two plays later, they scored a touchdown. In the first 20 seconds both teams had scored. From then on, it was a matter of Baylor being unable to stop TCU under any circumstances. The Horn Frogs ran, passed, and, at times, hop-scotched along the way. The Daughter was at this game and she’s used to SEC defenses. Quite a revelation.

Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State– this was one of the best games of the day. The teams traded touchdowns all afternoon. At first, the Wildcats IMG_7790took control and the momentum was purple. OSU came storming back in the second quarter and Changed the momentum to orange. At halftime, it was 21-16, Cowboys. Third quarter, here comes K-State, regaining the lead. Purple momentum. In the fourth quarter the Pokes took control, fickle momentum changed back to orange, OSU won, 43-37. I really thought K-State was going to pull it out.

Nebraska vs Ohio State, AND, Maryland vs Michigan– Going to cover both games at the same time. Both Michigan and Ohio State played teams that were grossly over-matched. Michigan is undefeated and ranked 3rd, good for them, but their schedule is a joke. Ohio State is ranked 6th after losing to a non-ranked Penn State. Let’s see how far Texas A&M falls for losing to an unranked foe.

Oklahoma had their hands full against Iowa State. Enjoy it while you can, for next year I look for ISU to show impressive improvement.

Colorado quietly beat UCLA:- quietly, because everyone on the east coast was asleep. Does everyone see what the Buffaloes are doing?

Clemson walked all over Syracuse, not a big shock, but may have lost Deshaun Watson to an injury.

Washington destroyed California, but may be leaped-frog in the rankings by Ohio State’s demolition of Nebraska. The Huskies are very good

Louisville ran up the score against Boston College. Has anyone else noticed that Louisville has beaten only one team with a winning record? Anyone? Or, am I pointing something out that everyone wants to ignore?

Wisconsin and Northwestern played an old time Big Ten smash-mouth, slow developing game. Badgers won 21-7.

Vanderbilt came very close to beating Auburn, but didn’t. Tigers won 23-16, dang it.

Penn State embarrassed Iowa, 41-14

Virginia Tech had their hands full with Duke and darn near gave it away, but held on for a 24-21 win.

West “By Golly” Virginia enjoyed playing Kansas, 48-21. Everyone, except Massachusetts, enjoys playing Kansas

North Carolina swatted the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 48-20

NC State came close to upsetting Florida State, 24-20. Pesky Wolfpack

Washington State burned Arizona, 69-7.

Air Force beat Army, 31-12. ‘Nuff said.

Navy upset Notre Dame, 28-27. I’m not so sure it was an upset.

Texas outgunned Texas Tech, 45-37.

Ole Miss won against Georgia Southern, 37-27, but the Rebels don’t want to play the Eagles anymore.

Miami blew Pitt out of the stadium, 51-28. Disappointing, for the Panthers.

Wake Forest out-played Virginia, deserved to win, and did, 27-20

Minnesota over Purdue, no problem. 44-31

Stanford methodically overcame Oregon State, 26-15.

South Carolina beat Missouri 31-21. That’s two in a row for the Gamecocks. Watch out, Bama!

Oregon did not play well against USC, lost again, 45-20.

Georgia ruined Kentucky’s chances of winning the East, 27-24. What is Kentucky’s aversion to playing in a bowl game?

North Alabama scored on their first play from scrimmage, then scored 34 points in the first quarter against West Florida. The game ended, 51-3, Lions wrapped up the Gulf South Conference title. West Florida is not the Lions. ROAR LIONS!!


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