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Cigar Butts Week 7

Cigar Butts Week 7

At the beginning of the year most people thought the state of Florida, mainly in the panhandle region, was the epicenter for any seismic event of the college football universe. There was some rumbling in the Pacific Northwest, but it faded early in the season, like, Arizona early. Rumor had it that the state of Mississippi might be triggering temblors. Three weeks of study revealed that, in truth, the Magnolia state is the place to be. Do you believe this?

This past Saturday started off with the Red River Rivalry, Texas vs. Oklahoma. The Sooners needed to regroup after the TCU game and they came roaring out of the gates. They established the lead and never let it go. Texas hung in the game but fell short 31-26. CSF still says, Coach Strong is building a good team, its just going to take a little while before the results appear on the score board. On the Richter scale, this registered only a 1.1.

At the same time that these tectonic events where occurring in Dallas, TX, the ground was quivering in upstate New York. Florida State took down Syracuse 38 to 20 but they weren’t able to set off anything above a 2.3 on the Richter scale.

In the Midwest region of the country, Michigan State, took down Purdue, Illinois lost to Wisconsin, Iowa downed Indiana, Northwestern couldn’t stop Minnesota but the only temblor measured was when Michigan took down Penn State.

Then the monitors started vibrating and the squiggly lines appeared on the paper. The first big quake of the weekend was in Starkville, MS, exactly where wise writers, CSF included, suggested it would be. Mississippi State shook the tectonic plates against Auburn, opening up a 21-0 lead in the first quarter. A few aftershocks followed, but Auburn was never able to pull even. The Bulldogs took down the Number Two team in the nation.

Then another quake happened in the state of Arkansas, must have been associated with the New Madrid Fault, but it wasn’t the usual tremor. It was mainly a quake that exposed a state of confusion. Alabama beat Arkansas, 14-13, but all that game did was show that the Crimson Tide offense has huge problems. No one else is willing to state the obvious, but Blake Sims is the principle problem with the Bama offense. 5 of 9 for 72 yards against a team that hasn’t won an SEC game in almost two years! CSF is begging, pleading Coach St. Saban to make a change, something has to be done to get the offense back on track. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!

There were a couple of other quakes, Georgia stomped Missouri 34-0, creating a major shaking in the East. Florida came real close to upsetting LSU, that would have been a REAL one, might have saved Muschamp’s job, but it wasn’t and it wouldn’t have, anyway.

Then another rumbling shock the College Football world when Ole Miss jumped off to a 21-0 lead over Texas A&M! There is something about these Mississippi schools and the number 21. The Rebel defense was shut ‘em down, flat out, dominant! Everything the Aggies tried failed, when they completed a pass, there was a Rebel defender smacking down the receiver. Yards after the catch wasn’t even a consideration, and running, on this defense? You gotta be kidding me! CSF will say that Mississippi seemed to let up against A&M after the 21 points, it could have been much worse.

Out west, where tectonic movements along the San Andreas fault are more frequent than along the New Madrid fault, Oregon ran all over UCLA, Washington is silently building an impressive record, as they overturned California. But the biggest shock was what didn’t happen. Arizona didn’t down USC. Now, thanks to another wide right, there is no undefeated team in the PAC-12. Ah, nuts. Tommy Trojan’s (Pat Haden’s) job, as a member of the Committee, just got harder.

Now all eyes are on the state of Mississippi. Ole Miss and Mississippi State have produced the biggest upsets, they’ve shaken the foundations of College Football, and shown the best games of the first half-season. Now the question is, who’s Number One, MSU or Ole Miss? In the opinion of CSF there’s no question, the Rebels of Ole Miss are the Top Dogs! Defense wins Championships and they have the best in the country. Mississippi State might be second, though.

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