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Black Label Cigar Company- Last Rites

Black Label Trading Company: Last Rites


The first thing you’ll notice about this cigar, and all other Black Label Trading Company (BLTC) products, is the label. It appears to model the Last RitesEast Indian Trading Company (EITC) of England logo mixed with a pirate motif in reference to those buccaneers who gave the EITC so much trouble. In the past, cigar companies have tried the pirate label idea, and most of them failed. BLTC, however, pulls it off nicely. The band blends well with the chocolate wrapper of the Last Rites cigar, and having a label at the bottom of the cigar with the name on it is a nice touch.

Last Rites is a Robusto cigar,  5 x 54,  with a nice dark chocolate wrapper that looks a little slick but feels good in your hands. The filler tobacco is Nicaraguan/Honduran and the Wrapper is Ecuadorian Maduro.

Once the Last Rites has been lit, the smoker gets a taste of chocolate with a hint of coffee, but soon a great taste of spice and pepper come to the front. This taste will last throughout the smoke and it’s one that taste buds around the Spanish Main, and in Texas, will enjoy.  The draw of the cigar was even and pleasurable. I didn’t have to do any touch=ups as the cigar burned evenly throughout. The smoke produced on each puff was a good amount, just above average.

This cigar is a tough one to find. The only place that I’ve found it is at the Cigar Humidor in San Antonio, TX. The price is on the high side, around $10 dollars a stick. Since this company is new we’re going to cut them some slack on pricing, but it should be a bit lower than $10. But don’t let the price scare anyone away from smoking these cigars. They are a great smoke and its worth it to indulge every once an while.

Final thought: A very pleasurable cigar, great smoke. Should the price come down a bit, worth buying them by the box.


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