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Week 5 Preview

Week 5 Preview

Week 5 is here already, we are rushing through this football season at Warp speed after waiting the better part of a pregnancy for the season to get here. Before we know it, we’re going to be at the halfway point. The separation of teams is more evident with every passing week, and, would you believe it, Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Georgia are at the top of most power polls. Don’t forget Wisconsin, maybe Utah, of course the writers will fawn over Notre Dame, and USC might be lurking in the shadows. Maryland, Washington State, Ohio State – if they ever play someone with the breath of life in them – top  our list of possible for the Final Four. It’s almost like they, the writers and TV commentators, are cramming the Irish down our throats so that they get back into the Playoff. Does this remind you of Democrats voting tactics?

Arizona State vs California –  ASU was on a roll, they whipped Kent State, but then struggled to win against Sacramento State. The very next week they upset Michigan State in East Lansing. For a moment, the Sun Devils appeared to be for real. That illusion was smashed this past weekend when they lost to Colorado in Sun Devil stadium. They are playing a bunch of young’uns and have a true Freshman at QB, but that excuse rings hollow because Auburn has a freshman, as well, and those darn Tigers are doing pretty well. Friday night Arizona State bumps into undefeated California , that’s right, the Golden Bears are undefeated. Head Coach Edwards will have to get his Sun Devils to put that loss to Colorado behind them and get back to playing solid football. The defense will need to step up, big-time. Cal is good, especially on offense, and especially with that PAC-12 officiating crew they had at Oxford, Mississippi. Ole Miss didn’t really have what one would call a “stellar defense,” but, don’t forget, the Blue and Gold Bears also beat the Washington Huskies in Seattle. If the Sun Devils can keep the Bears out of the end zone, like they did against the Spartans of Michigan State, things could break ASU’s way. Cal has an offense and they’ve been relying upon that offense to get them through these early games. The defense has allowed other team to score, and if the refs hadn’t blown the call in the Ole Miss game, the defense would have basically let the team down. More likely than not, this game is going to come down to who makes the least mistakes. Turnovers will be lethal. Since Arizona State has more young’uns than Cal, CSF is picking the Golden Bears.

Kansas vs TCU –  We are entering uncharted territory here, so bear with me. The Jayhawks have become interesting, did not ever think that would happen in my lifetime. Thankfully, Tennessee is still terrible so at least they verify that we have not entered an alternate universe. KU lost to Coastal Carolina, who, let’s be honest, would not be classified as a powerhouse. All was right in the world when this happened, but then the Jayhawks pulled the rug from under the football world and whipped up on Boston College, in Boston, and KU didn’t just slip by the Eagles, they doubled up the score on them, 48 to 24! Then the Hawks hosted West Virginia and they lost, but KU was moving the ball when time ran out. Anyway, what the devil is going on with J-Hawks? No one is sure, and, trust me, there are nerds in back rooms working out mathematical equations trying to figure it out. Does Les Miles’ presence on the sidelines make that much difference? The Horn Frogs were doing well when they entered their game last week against SMU. There were some rough edges, but the tally was two wins and no losses. However, the Mustangs used a Texas ex-QB and outscored the Froggies, 41-38. Now Southern Methodist is undefeated and playing very well, which is causing the NCAA to send investigators down to take a look, you know, just in case. Here is something that everyone needs to brace themselves for, Kansas might win. The math nerds are giving them a very small chance at this victory, but it still might happen. KU has been running the ball effectively, which has allowed the passing game to open up. Kansas is suffering from the Michigan complex of turning over the ball. If they can cut out the turnovers, expect the Horned Frogs to be in a second consecutive battle for their lives or scales or skin or whatever.

USC vs Washington –  Just as everyone was ready to throw the Trojans in front of the bus because of that horrible loss to BYU, the Men of Troy played a solid game against favored Utah, utilizing their third string quarterback, no less. I guess the Utes hadn’t seen any film on the third string Trojan QB. Utah has a stellar defense, and in the second play of the game, they knocked USC’s promising second string QB out of the game. In comes Matt Fink. Somehow, I have it in my mind that Fink was singing the Mighty Mouse theme, “Here I come to save the day!” as he entered the game. Save the day he did. He threw for over 300 yards, leading USC to an upset of the Utes that few saw coming. Who’s going to start this weekend against the Huskies? The erstwhile second string Quarterback, or the former third string QB? Don’t know, but it’s obvious that both of them can sling the ball. In the second half of the Utah game, the Trojan defense came up big, putting unrelenting pressure on the Utes’ “dual-threat quarterback”, keeping him from setting his feet. They had sacks and hurries a’plenty. Washington is one of those team that is supposed to be good, but, are they really? They have Georgia QB transfer Jacob Eason, who appears to have come into his own. He has already thrown for over a thousand yards this year, averaging 8.9 yard per pass, along with 10 touchdowns and only 4 INT’s. The Huskies are a pass heavy team. If their passing game slips a gear, the Huskies stumble. Against California, the Bears stifled the pass resulting in a stunning victory on the road. It could boil down to the Huskies attacking versus the USC defensive line. Or it could be the pass blocking of the Huskies offensive line. IF Eason is allowed to go through his checks, he’ll pick the defense apart. The odds favor Washington by 10, and it’s very tempting to go along with that, but the Trojans just might have turned the corner with their win over Utah and this contest is playing out at Memorial Coliseum Stadium, in Los Angeles. CSF is picking USC.

Short Smokes

Memphis battles Navy Thursday night. The Tennessee Tigers have their work cut out for them to produce a better game than we had last week. Stopping the rejuvenated triple option of the Midshipmen could be a problem. Memphis wins.

Duke beats the odds and beats Virginia Tech, too

Penn State vs Maryland is a chance for both schools to prove they are for real. Nittany Lions are for real. Terrapins ain’t.

Look for a lot of points in the Texas Tech vs Oklahoma game. Jaylen leads the Sooners to victory

Wisconsin looks to roll all over Northwestern, doubt it will be pretty

It would be hilarious if Rutgers upset Michigan, not saying it will happen, but it would be hilarious. If I had a secret play, I’d send it to the Scarlet Knights.

If Texas A&M can’t beat Arkansas, then what’s the point, honestly.

North Carolina will need another come from behind miracle against Clemson. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, ain’t gonna happen this year.

Alabama will crush Ole Miss, Tua will not even play the second half.

IF Virginia can beat Notre Dame, in South Bend, then Katy bar the door, the Cavs are for real.

Indiana falls upon the Phalanx of Michigan State

Temple beats Georgia Tech. Yellow Jackets are not having a good year as they transition away from the triple option of Paul Johnson.

If Kansas can beat Boston College, then Wake Forest can, too. Since when is Boston College the measuring stick?

Iowa State hands Baylor their first loss

Minnesota rows their boat into another close win against Purdue

Pulling for Mississippi State, picking Auburn, don’t want to pick the War Eagles, but they are playing better than the Bulldogs. Especially at Jordan Hare.

Kansas State always has problems when they play in Stillwater against Oklahoma State

Stanford and Oregon State are both looking for their second win, Cardinals get it

Ohio State will more than likely embarrass Nebraska

NC State shuts down Florida State’s run

Kentucky continues Coach Boom’s downfall at South Carolina

It would have been easy to pick Washington State over Utah but they lost to UCLA so going with the Utes.

Can UCLA win two in a row against Arizona? Yes, they can, and they will.

North Alabama has got to win against Presbyterian College, they’ve just got to! Roar Lions!

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